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Here are the additions and improvements that will be made ​​available online for the game update of June 17.

Level 150 Increase

The arrival of the Divine Dimensions will be an opportunity to increase the level of your character to level 150. The principle of progression remains the same: you will earn 5 points for your abilities and 5 points for your specialty spell per level. You will also be able to increase your spells and your sidekicks up to level 150.

New Challenges

New challenges will be available, for example:
  • Aligned: Finish your turn in line with an ally.
  • Manhunt: Defeat the designated enemy first.
  • Reprieve: Defeat the designated enemy last.
And much more!

Divine Dimensions: Chapter 1

Pandora walks along the walls... The mysterious engineer who tinkers day and night is about to make her machine operational. But the more she progresses,  the more she realizes the dangers ahead... Especially when Sram is part of the game! Thanks to her (or because of her ...), you can explore every corner of the first WAKFU Divine Dimension! But beware! We are talking about Srambad there... Are you sure you want to know what is hidden? Or rather "what is crawling" there... ?

"Epic" Items

A new class of items will be created: "Epic" items. The power of these items will be between the Legendary items and the Relics. Only one Epic item can be equipped at a time. Find out all the details in the complete game update changelog...