1. Dimensionnal Rifts

  • Bulbush's Drowning effect is disabled at the end of the wave.
  • Silmawhirly is no longer blocked at 1 HP when his summon is killed before his turn.
  • Grozepin is no longer blocked at 35% of his HP. Mount Zinit Ultimate Rift is now available.

The way pets and sublimations are obtained has been modified:

  • The probability of looting pets is divided by 2.
    We think that too many pets were being earned via Rifts and it could have too much impact on their value over the long term.
  • Loot bonus for obtaining pets and sublimations every 5 waves defeated is removed.
    This bonus was used to obtain excessive amounts of pets and sublimations when a large number of waves were defeated. The base bonus of 6% per wave is still applied.
  • From now on, each character makes his own attempt to obtain pets, sublimations, and resources for each defeated monster (previously, only 1 attempt was made per monster at the team level).
    This change will make it easier for teams of several characters to obtain pets, sublimations and resources. The previous system penalized teams and favored single characters. For example, this change multiplies by 4 the probability of obtaining pets, sublimations, and resources for a team of 4 characters.