1. Demonic Pacts

  • The end-of-fight interface now allows you to use the ellipsis symbol (...) to display all stolen items (instead of using the scroll wheel when hovering over items).
  • The end-of-fight interface will display multiple items separately when some are obtained through the Cautious Pact.
  • Loot from the Pact inventory is now sorted.
  • Demonic Pact no longer blocks players from collecting items when in prison.
  • Items collected from the Enutrof's Pouch are no longer added to the Pact inventory in case of defeat.
  • The Booster loot bonus is correctly applied when a Demonic Pact is active.

2. Dimensional Rifts

  • Wave 25 applies the correct bonuses to monsters.
  • The Rift's leaderboard correctly takes into account the number of defeated monsters.
  • Hagen Daz and Badgwitch the Furiox are removed from their respective rifts.
  • The drop rate of rare items (pets, sublimations) has been slightly increased.
  • Rift's rules are updated to clarify the rewards.
  • Mount Zinit Ultimate Rift has the sublimation "Raw Power" and the Frigost Ultimate Rift has the sublimation "Courage".
  • It is no longer possible to start an Ultimate Rift without a key. The key must be in the character's inventory.
  • Several monster and boss mechanics have been corrected to better fit the rift design.

3. Items

  • Cyclical Ruin has the correct bonus value and max limit (2). Cyclical Ruin II, therefore, gives 20% Indirect Damage in even-numbered rounds.

4. Combat

  • The boss Bulbrute's Sudden Death state no longer abnormally kills players with high indirect damage.

5. Interface

  • When in a rift, the dungeon leaderboard correctly displays the corresponding rift ranking.
  • Opening the dungeon leaderboard interface while inside a rift will display the leaderboard of the rift you're in.