The Mineral Tower

How the Mineral Tower works, its content and rewards have been modified and improved:

  • A new floor is available (levels 201–215).
  • The daily access restriction to the tower has been removed.
  • Entry tickets are no longer sold at the store.
  • Incantations can be crafted with a handyman recipe (one boss resource + a cost in powder).
  • The score system has been replaced by the stele system.
  • Changing the Stasis level no longer affects the available rewards, except for epic and relic items.

Learn more with the devblog.




  • Fecas have new animations and spell icons.
  • You can visit the temple in Bonta to disable the visual for Peace Armor.
  • The Master of Shields passive can no longer be used to trigger another Feca's shield.


  • Grants 20% Critical Hit and 20% Block in addition to the stabilization effect.
  • The % Critical Hit bonus of the Meteorite Shield can be applied several turns in a row.

Defensive Orb

  • Grants 1 WP in addition to Armor.


  • Shield damage increased to 40%.


The Rage passive can no longer be triggered during the placement phase (when it was triggered, it was disabled for the rest of the fight).


The Bravery passive correctly grants 1% Critical Hit for 2% Block as stated in the description.



  • Increased damage.


  • Pushes 2 cells (previously 1 cell).

Hammer Claw

  • Is cast at 1–4 Range (previously 1–3).

Stasis Flux

  • Is cast at 0–3 Range (previously 0–1).

  • Increased damage



  • Now limited to 2 uses per turn.
  • Incurable now has 4 levels.

Bow Wow

  • Has 6 AP.
  • Icky Licky and Itchy now cost 2 AP.

  • Can be cast from 0 to 2 RA (0 RA previously).

Fang in the Works
  • Can be cast from 0 to 1 RA (0 RA previously).

  • Push one cell away around the spell's target



Firedamp Explosion

  • Now limited to 2 uses per turn.


Enutrofs' passives now have only one level (the level-2 bonus is kept except for the changes below).

Not Dead Yet

  • Melee Mastery bonus is now equivalent to 100% of level.

Credit Interest

  • No longer limits Debt to 2 uses per turn
  • Grants a 10% damage inflicted bonus instead


Complete Revamp

This class was one of our top priorities for 2020.

The goal is to add more depth and choice of specialization to Masqueraiders' roles. We also wanted to rework Masqueraiders' masks, which are sometimes inflexible but could be turned into a deeper, richer mechanic.

Overview of Changes and General Information

  • Modified the mask system: Masks are now spells that are unlocked at the start of the fight. They offer the Masqueraider and nearby allies a significant bonus when they are worn. Masks last 2 turns.
  • Wakfu Point regeneration: Masqueraiders regain 1 WP at the end of their turn if they don't have a mask.

Psychopath Mask (Close-Combat Offensive)

  • 1 WP / 0 RA.
  • Ally (within 4 cells when the spell is cast): +20% Critical Hit (2 turns).
  • Wearer: +50% damage inflicted in close combat (2 turns) and -50 Elemental Resistance (2 turns).

Coward Mask (Runaway Positioner)

  • 1 WP / 0 RA.
  • Ally (within 4 cells when the spell is cast): 1 Range (2 turns).
  • Wearer: All spells that inflict damage push back targets in a line by 1 cell.

Classic Mask (Protector)

  • 1 WP / 0 RA.
  • Ally (within 4 cells when the spell is cast): 50 Elemental Resistance (2 turns).
  • Wearer: reduces damages inflicted by enemies adjacent to the wearer.

Fire Spells


  • 3 AP / 1 to 3 RA in a line / non-modifiable.
  • Fire Damage
  • Places target behind
  • 2 uses per turn


  • 3 AP / 1 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Fire damage in a 1-cell cone
  • Reduces armor and healing received by targets
  • 3 uses per turn


  • 4 AP / 0 RA / non-modifiable.
  • Fire damage in a square around the caster
  • Allies in the area of effect receive a damage bonus for 1 turn
  • 2 uses per turn


  • 4 AP / 1 WP / 0 to 4 RA
  • Cast on an ally:
    • Applies Flaming
    • Attracts fighters aligned with the target by 3 cells (max. 4 range)
  • Cast on an enemy:
    • Fire Damage
    • Applies Scalded
  • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • 6 AP / 3 to 5 RA / straight-line casting / non-modifiable / no line of sight
  • Teleports to the targeted empty cell
  • Along the path:
    • Enemies: Fire damage (close combat)
    • Allies: Grants Armor

Water Spells

Dry Cough

  • 2 AP / 1 to 4 RA / no line of sight
  • Ally: Healing
  • Enemy: Water Damage
  • 2 uses per target


  • 4 AP / 0 to 5 RA
  • Ally: grants Armor and Lock
  • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • 3 AP / 0 to 5 RA
  • Cast on an ally: Healing and Dodge Bonus in the area of effect
  • Cast on an enemy: Water damage in a 1-cell square
  • 2 uses per turn


  • 5 AP / 1 to 5 RA / non-modifiable
  • Switches places with the target
    • Ally: Healing
    • Enemy: Water Damage
  • 2 uses per turn, 1 use per target


  • 5 AP / 1 WP / 0 to 3 RA / straight-line casting
  • Enemy: Water damage and -1 WP
  • Ally: Healing and +1 MP (1 turn)
  • 1 use per target

Air Spells


  • 4 AP / 1 to 3 RA in a line / non-modifiable.
  • Air damage in a 4-cell line (enemies only)
  • Pushes the caster back 2 cells
  • 2 casts per turn


  • 2 MP / 1 RA / non-modifiable
  • Air Damage
  • Pushes 2 cells, then follows
  • 2 uses per target


  • 2 AP / 1 to 4 RA / straight-line casting / no line of sight / non-modifiable
  • Attracts 1 cell then moves to the other side of target
  • Air Damage
  • 2 uses per turn


  • 3 AP / 1 to 3 RA in a line / non-modifiable.
  • Air Damage
  • Pushes the target 5 cells away from the Masqueraider
  • 2 uses per target


  • 3 AP / 1 WP / 1 to 3 RA / straight-line casting / non-modifiable
  • Moves 2 cells closer
  • Air Damage
  • Pushes 2 cells
  • 2 uses per target

Non-Elemental Spells

Masked Spirit

  • 4 AP / 1 WP / 1 RA / non-modifiable
  • Summons a Masked Spirit
    • Copies the Masqueraider's characteristics
    • Has 6 AP + the Masqueraider's unused AP
    • The Masqueraider also receives any Damage received by its Spirit
  • 5 turns to recharge

Something new: The Masked Spirit now also has the Masqueraider's passives.

Inspiring Dance

  • 3 AP / 0 to 3 RA
  • 2 MP (2 turns)
  • Grants Armor at the start of turn (for 2 turns)
  • 4 turns to recharge.

Dance of Death

  • 2 AP / 1 WP / 1 to 5 RA / straight-line casting / non-modifiable
  • Cast on a dead ally:
    • The ally is revived with 10% HP
    • +2 AP (1 turn)
  • 3 turns to recharge


  • 3 AP / 6 RA / straight-line casting / no line of sight / non-modifiable
  • There must be a target next to the targeted cell.
  • Teleports to the cell.
  • Connection: 100 Elemental Resistance at end of turn
  • 2 turns to recharge

Brutality Aura

  • 2 AP / 1 WP / 0 RA / non-modifiable
  • Deploys an aura on the target (1 turn)
  • Adjacent allies gain 20% damage inflicted
  • 3 turns to recharge


  • 1 AP / 1 WP / 0 to 5 RA / straight-line casting
  • Stabilizes the target (1 turn).
  • 2 turns to recharge


Passive 1: Fancy Footwork

  • The Masqueraider's Dodge is doubled and they gain 1 MP, but they lose 50 Elemental Resistance.

Passive 2: Masks Off

  • Whenever the Masqueraider wears a different mask from his current mask, he gains 2 AP.

Passive 3: Violent Pushes

  • Collisions with pushed fighters do not remove AP but inflict damage.

Passive 4: Artful Locker

  • Lock is converted into close-combat damage.

Passive 5: Health Mask

  • Converts damage from the front into health steal but reduces healing and armor received.

Passive 6: Carnival

  • Masks do not consume WP but they have a shared recast time of 4 turns.

Passive 7: Unique Armor

  • Targets that do not have any armor receive 100% more armor, and those that have armor receive 50% less.

Passive 8: Anchor

  • The Masqueraider's Dodge is doubled and they gain 1 MP, but they lose 10% damage inflicted.

Passive 9: Brute

  • Increases damage but reduces armor received and given.

Passive 10: Cautious Protector

  • The Masqueraider gains 30% heals performed if they didn't heal during the previous turn and loses 20% heals performed if they did heal during the previous turn.

Passive 11: Support Collisions

  • Collisions with non-pushed fighters do not remove AP but grant it (maximum 1 per fighter and per turn).

Passive 12: Erosion

  • Spells which cost WP to the Masqueraider remove resistances to the enemies. However, the Masqueraider looses max WP and damage inflicted.

Passive 13: Pirouette

  • Increases damage from the side but reduces damage from the front.

Passive 14: Regenerating Collisions

  • Collisions with non-pushed fighters do not remove AP but heal.

Passive 15: Mirrors

  • The Masqueraider switches places with the direct target of each spell cast in close combat.

Passive 16: Keep in Contact

  • Ending your turn adjacent to at least 1 enemy grants an Elemental Resistance and damage inflicted bonus.

Otherwise, grants an Elemental Resistance and damage inflicted penalty.

Passive 17: Artful Dodger

  • Dodge is converted into ranged damage.

Passive 18: Masked Gaze

  • +1 MP but sets the minimum range for elemental spells to 2.

Passive 19: Debuff Pushes

  • Collisions with pushed fighters do not remove AP but remove MP.



Changes to Rogue Spells

We decided to give this class new opportunities. The goal of these adjustments is to make the class work smoother by giving Rogues more tools to react to many different situations.

An overview of the changes

  • Abilities for controlling fighters have been added. Rogues now have tools to place allies or enemies. Not having these tools made Rogues overly dependent on grouping up.
  • Adjustments have been made to casting conditions for the three bombs in order to differentiate them. One issue with this class was that the uneven costs of different elements made the air bomb not so viable, for example. Varied conditions will also add strategic value to bomb placement.
  • Values for a number of spells have been adjusted. We think that making certain abilities more viable will add variety to decks and play styles.
  • "Combo bonus" effects have been removed from bombs. We decided to remove them because bombs were too dependent on this mechanic. Removing these effects will add more value to the Rogue's other options. In exchange, bombs gain 5 combo levels per turn every turn (until their maximum is reached).
  • The requirement to have control to place bombs has been removed. Bombs are now limited to 3 per element and 7 in total. The Boombot no longer requires control either.
  • Bomb resistance has been increased. Bombs gain 50 Elemental Resistance.

Elemental Spells

Barbed Fire

  • No longer has any effect on bombs
  • Range is now 1-5 (previously 3-5)
  • Increased damage

Blinding Bomb → Paralyzing Bomb

  • Range is now 1-5 unmodifiable (previously 1-6)
  • Deals slightly less damage
  • Removes MP instead of Range


  • Now limited to 3 uses per turn
  • Fire damage and applies level-3 Incurable
  • If a bomb was destroyed by an enemy on the previous turn: increased damage (50%) and increased Incurable (level 6)

Cross Fire

  • Damage has been increased.

Piercing Shot

  • Fire damage no longer increases based on the amount of WP
  • Fire damage has been increased accordingly
  • Minimum spell range is now 1

Machine Gun

  • Range is now 2–4 and is no longer necessarily in a straight line
  • The spell requires a target
  • Earth damage is now single-target and has been increased
  • The Rogue moves back 2 cells
  • Connection is now: +3 Range


  • The spell no longer increases bomb combos
  • Earth damage has been increased
  • Connection: The damage of next area-of-effect spell is increased

Paralyzing Bomb → Blinding Bomb

  • Range is now 1–5 modifiable (previously 1–6 non-modifiable)
  • Straight-line casting, no line of sight
  • Removes Range instead of MP


  • Increased Earth damage
  • The Rogue loses all their MP
  • No longer has an alternative effect if cast at the start of turn

Claw → Carbine

  • 5 AP / 1 to 5 RA / non-modifiable
  • 105 Air damage (level 200)
  • 2 rebounds of 3 cells (+20% damage per rebound)
  • Allied bombs no longer suffer rebound damage

Suffocating Bomb

  • Range is now 1–3 non-modifiable (previously 1–6 non-modifiable)
  • Increased damage

Non-Elemental Spells

The maximum range for the spells Detonation, Badabang, and Powder Wall has been increased by 1.


  • Switches places with a fighter (not necessarily a bomb)
  • Maximum range increased to 7


  • The spell no longer increases bomb combos
  • Connection is now:
    • Regains 1 MP after movement


  • Boombots have the Reconversion spell by default
  • Reconversion can no longer extend the Boombot's bomb limit (3 bombs per type)


  • Is now a passive

New active – Magnet

  • 2 WP / 1 to 4 RA
  • Must target a bomb
    • Attracts aligned targets to the bomb by 3 cells (not limited by distance)
  • 1 use per turn

Smoke Bombs

  • Range is now 0–3
  • Removes current effects
  • Applies a barrier to ranged damage (1 turn)
  • Immunizes against the effects of allied bombs (1 turn)
  • 2 turns to recharge



  • No longer unlocks Reconversion
  • Cost of Boombot becomes 1 AP and 1 WP

Evolved Gadgets

  • Range bonus removed from non-elemental spells
  • -2 combo per turn for bombs
  • 30% damage inflicted on critical hit

Bomber Fan

  • No longer increases passive Combo generation
  • Bombs lose 100 Elemental Resistance


  • No longer changes the Range of bomb spells
  • No longer increases the Rogue's Range
  • Converts Melee Mastery to Distance Mastery

Rogue Master

  • Dodge bonus is now 100% of the Rogue's level
  • Armor bonus is now 200% of the Rogue's level


  • Previous effects removed
  • +8 combo per turn for bombs instead of +5
  • The Rogue loses 1 Range


  • +4 combo for bombs placed (instead of +2)

New Passives

Surprise Shot

  • At start of turn:
    • Connection: +50% damage inflicted on aligned targets
    • Connection: -100% damage inflicted by bombs


  • Max Combo: -5
  • Each bomb that explodes gives the Rogue a bonus (10% Critical Hit and 5% damage inflicted on critical hit; 2 turns)
  • (maximum 50% Critical Hit and 25% damage inflicted on critical hit)


  • At end of turn:
  • The Rogue switches places with the last bomb placed
  • Maximum 10 Range


  • Bombs explode when destroyed
  • If a bomb explodes in this way, it gains 10 Combo before exploding

Elemental Bombs

  • Is now maximum 4 bombs per element
  • Rogue: -20% Critical Hit

Wakfu Chaining

  • Performing 5 Connections returns 1 WP
  • Per Connection performed:
    • 5% damage inflicted for the next turn
  • -40% Armor received


  • Detonation and Badabang gain a Connection:
  • The next bomb placed costs 2 AP less and gains 150 Elemental Resistance (infinite)


  • Masqueraider and Sram doubles now take on the appearance of their summoner's costume.


  • It is now possible to activate the two Chad and Pandora sidekicks at the same time.
  • All sidekicks have 20 Force of Will from level 100 in their abilities.


  • Bag of Potatoes: The monster has 1 000 000 HP.
  • Sham Moon: The spell Moon Hammer no longer inflicts irreducible damage on turn 1.


  • The Crabstacean Dungeon works correctly at Stasis 41 and up.


  • Handyman: added level-135 recipes using brackets and divine planks.


  • Corrected a repetition in the description for Easepaulettes.


  • Added portals (Dragoturkeys) in Osamosa for fast travel.
  • Region banners have been added to the areas of Amakna, Sufokia, Bonta, and Brakmar.
  • Removed Nation villager NPCs.
  • Fixed Bonta's music.

Ankama Chat

  • The Ankama Chat is now available in the game. You can send and receive messages with your Ankama friends via a new discussion channel (/c).
  • Your friends will receive your messages in the Ankama Launcher and in games where you are logged in (limited to DOFUS, WAKFU, KROSMAGA, and WAVEN).
  • You can't yet view or manage your Ankama friend list in-game.


  • The system for managing achievements and quests has been significantly optimized to improve performance on the game servers.
  • Items and consumables that modify character colors apply correctly.
  • Characters' limb joints have been fixed when using the Dragoturkey Run.
  • The effect of the epic sublimation Brutality is now "If the bearer has more area mastery than melee mastery: +25% melee and area damage inflicted".
  • +20% respawn time for minerals and fishes.
  • Stasis ladder tiers have been increased to 200 spots.
  • Fixed issues that could cause an infinite loading screen.