Push the limits of the WAKFU series with new items
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After two noteworthy seasons of French animation,
followed by three special episodes with over two more hours of adventure,
the WAKFU series is back for a third season!

We are very proud of the work done up to this point. We're on the right track to thrill you with visual delights and stories that warm your heart, but we still have a long way to go...
The concept
Fully financing an animation project without compromise is a real struggle. We like our freedom and independence. Finding the right partners, discussing with them, trying to convince them and tempering the changes they would like to make takes time. On the other hand, we do have one solid pillar: Our community. You like what we do, the way we do it, and we already have your support. Who better to form a partnership with than you?

We thought about offering you some new items, including physical packs, in-game packs, bonus videos and more! What if we could use this exclusive content to finance our latest ambitions for WAKFU season 3?

You would continue to enjoy our games, just as you do now, but you could also take advantage of original and exclusive packs, with the knowledge that the money we make on these exclusive items will be injected into Ankama Animations to finance the completion of WAKFU season 3!

Every Thursday throughout November, we will be offering you new items and new packs. The money we receive from these exclusive items will be injected into Ankama Animations to finance the completion of WAKFU season 3! Treat yourself and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you're contributing to the creation of your favorite animated series! And that's not all! Everyone who contributes to Wakfunding will get digital bonuses from the series at the end of the campaign.

As you may have already figured out, in addition to the creative freedom we require, we also have a strong passion for exploring unchartered territories, paths that have not yet been beaten...

This is why, if you enjoy this campaign and it proves beneficial for everyone involved, in a not too distant future, we would like to approach our fans directly so we can shake off the shackles of coproduction, opening a path for our artistic ambitions so we can tell the stories of the adventures that we want to tell, as we want to tell them, working alongside YOU!

But that's another story... and only time will tell if it can come to fruition!


As an expression of our gratitude, all those who contribute to Wakfunding through DOFUS and WAKFU game offers (not including Ankama Shop offers) will receive a digital bonus pack in December:

Kim Etinoff's presentation: Creating season 3's characters (French language, with English subtitles)

Vincent Lamassonne's presentation: Season 3's backgrounds (French language, with English subtitles)

Season 3 concept art collection

Background pack

Treat yourself while contributing to the financing of the 3rd season of your favorite animated series!