The Night of the Were-Ouginak October 20, 2017 - [Flatops]
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Get ready for a hard-hitting event, the Boss Smasher! Complete the Stasis version of Wa Wabbit's Castle between October 26 and 31 to get exclusive rewards! 

Wakfu MMORPG Al Howin Is Back Info - October 23, 2017

Another year, another haunted festival: Al Howin! What would the event be without its tricks… and its treats! Defend the World of Twelve from the tricksters spreading curses and stealing your treats. Come to Astrub starting on Tuesday, October 24!

Wakfu MMORPG Free Dauge Pet! Shop - October 20, 2017

It'd already shown the tip of its nose in the Wow! Pack in early June, and now it's back! It has traveled kilokameters on its tiny papaws all the way to the Shop in the hopes of finding a welcoming home. Don't disappoint it: Adopt Dauge! Free when you purchase a Super Growth Kibble, or available in the Shop for 6,000 Ogrines.

A new class is sniffing around the World of Twelve. Their name – Ouginaks – might throw you off the scent and their puppy-dog eyes might send you barking up the wrong tree. But don't be fooled, they are from a ferocious pedigree and the definition of carnivorous!

Coming second place in the class survey, Enutrofs were also shown to be one of the emblematic classes affected by our MP reduction changes. That's why we've decided to tackle their revamp, in order to place their class at the heart of these new mechanics and teach our old dogs some new tricks!

In keeping with class balancing, we have decided to review certain primary combat mechanics in WAKFU. And as per usual, that means a lot of changes. AP and MP removal, collisions, healing… In this devblog, we're going to explain the ins and outs of this global redesign, which required great force of will. But wait! What force of will are we talking about?

Wakfu MMORPG Mount Zinit 2017 and You Info - October 06, 2017

At the beginning of 2017 we launched Mount Zinit, kicking off an epic campaign for the rest of the year. The arrival of Ogrest marked the end of this long journey, and to celebrate, we made a souvenir video to highlight your adventure to the summit!