After Iop, Xelor, and Cra, all eyes are now on the most divine of all the moggies! From January 16 to 22, the Feisty Kitty Costume will be on sale in the Shop for $5.00 or 4,500 Ogrines. There's one small particularity: It's a lively outfit that adapts to the color of your hair!

What do the start of the year and the end of your next fights have in common? Ecaflip! More precisely, the Ecaflip Finisher, which comes with 30 day Boosters until January 15. For this first month of the year, those of you who get on like a Bow Wow and Bow Meow will have a great time!

One year to the day after we announced the arrival of the Gradon, we proudly present a new harness in honor of the great Nogord Wungleezared, prismatic dragon and master of the 4 elements: the Prismatic Harness! Giddy-up! To the shop!


Wakfu MMORPG 30% Off on Consumables! Shop - January 12, 2018

From January 12 to 15, enjoy 30% off on all consumables! Now's the time to boost your character or simply discover certain items you haven't yet had the chance to try out. Don't miss out!

That's it, the Clockwork Ball is over. Your brand new calendar is already full of New Year's resolutions, starting with emptying out your overflowing closets. How convenient: We've got just what you need to fill them up again! Until January 8, the Karnaval Costume is yours as a bonus gift. Don't miss out!

Saying goodbye to one year and hello to the next in the in the World of Twelve – what a splendid idea! With the 3-Day God Booster, on sale from December 29 to January 1, the last weekend of 2017 will be unforgettable!

Wakfu MMORPG Three Gods in One Mega Pack! Shop - December 27, 2017

We've all heard of the Three Tenors, the Three Little Pigs, the Thwee Kings, and so on. To end the month of Descendre in style, the three gods that fought for the limelight in recent packs have decided to join forces for an exceptional tour! Find them in the Mega Pack until January 8!

Wakfu MMORPG Boost Your Ogrines! Shop - December 22, 2017

Enutrof was so insistent on playing the role of Father Kwismas this year that the other gods, tired of fighting, ended up granting him his wish. But they did impose one condition: that he be generous, just this once. He did lose his voice for a moment, but made a good effort: 10% discount on all Ogrine prices in the Shop!