How does smithmagic work?

Most items feature an empty slot where you can attach a rune. The color of this slot indicates what kind of bonus it will grant: offensive (red), defensive (blue) or support (green).
Simply drag and drop a rune onto an item to obtain its bonuses. The rarer the rune, the more powerful its bonus. However, the rune’s level must always be equal to or higher than the level of the item.
You cannot remove a rune from an item, but you can replace it with a new rune, which will destroy the old one.
You can also improve your runes, which will make them more powerful in exchange for a certain number of runes and/or a Smithmagic Hammer, plus a price in kamas. Please note that there is a limit to how much you can improve a rune.

Acquiring runes

To obtain runes, go to the Runic Recycler located near the marketplace on your Nation’s trade bridge.
Runic Recyclers allow you to destroy items to obtain powders, whose level and rarity will depend on the item destroyed. With 100 matching powders, you can create a rune of the same level and rarity.
You can also fuse two runes or two powders to obtain an end product that is either higher in level or higher in rarity.