Manage your friends

Add a friend

Open the directory in the "Community" menu or press the "C" key directly.
In the "friends" tab, enter the name of the player you want to add to your friends list and press "enter".

Ignore a player

To ignore a player, all you have to do is go to the "Ignored" tab in the directory, and enter the player's name. You won't see their messages any more unless you remove them from your list.

Play in a group

Invite a player

There are two ways to invite a player to join your group. You can right click on a character in-game and select the "invite to group" action, or, if the player is in your friends list, click directly on their name, then on the "Invite to group" button.


Group management

Once you're in a group, you can manage the group members via the tab on the left side of the screen. You can remove someone from the group, or break up the group. 


Group channel

Once you have formed a group, you can speak to one another in a private channel, solely for you and the other members of your group. Select the "Group" channel in the chat, or type /p before your message.

Group combat

The main reason for creating a group is for combat. Once you have created a group, you can fight monsters. You can have a maximum of 6 people in your group. Recruiting for group combat is important, because not all players will fill the same role. 

Player exchanges

How do you exchange something?

The most simple way of trading with other players is to exchange items. Click on a player, then select "Exchange". Drop your merchandise in the exchange window, and wait for the other player to do the same thing. Once you have checked that the other player is offering you the right item, you can accept the exchange.

Exchange rules

Each time you modify an exchange, there are a few seconds of "security" before you can click on the validation button. This allows each player to take their time and check that they both agree to the terms of the exchange.

Player combat

Training duel

The first type of Player versus  Player (PvP) combat is the training duel. If your opponent agrees, you start a one-on-one fight. There is nothing to win or lose in this type of combat, apart from pride and ego, perhaps...
But you can also fight other players to death, to defend your Nation, your guild, for fun, or just to prove that you are the toughest. Two teams of six players can confront one another in a friendly fight. When all the members of one team have been eliminated, the opposing team wins the fight. And the glory, of course!

Attacking other players

You can also "attack" a player (outlaw or not, member of an enemy Nation, etc.) According to the laws in effect in your nation, you will win or lose Citizenship Points by beating them, and you could end up getting your opponent sent to prison or send them back to the border, if they're an outlaw. If your victim is innocent, pay close attention to the laws in effect. You could lose Citizenship Points if you beat them and become an outlaw yourself. Finally, there are some places where you are not allowed to attack others (Nation outposts, for example). There are also other places, such as the Mines, where no rules apply, and it's every fighter for themselves. Of course, nothing is stopping you from breaking these laws, and maybe you'd prefer to form your own group and terrorise the World of Twelve...