A living ecosystem

For the first time in an MMORPG, WAKFU’s flora and fauna make up an ecosystem that really is alive! Kill too many Gobballs without giving them time to repopulate or planting some of their seeds, and they’ll disappear forever. Reap too much wheat without replanting, and it’ll soon be your last harvest… It’s your choice: will you protect the world’s natural resources… or exploit them to the point of extinction? 

You're in charge

Each territory has its own ecosystem, made up of the species families that live there. It’s up to you to manage how many monsters and plants are found in each area. To do so, certain professions, such as trapper and lumberjack, allow you to collect plant and animal seeds in order to reintroduce species when their population dips dangerously low. Will you be a destroyer or a creator? You choose the future of your ecosystem!

Clan Member wishes

The Clan Member of each territory will inform you of their wishes regarding the direction the ecosystem should take. You are free to choose whether to respect them or to rebel, and your deeds will define what kind of adventurer you are! Just bear in mind that fulfilling the Clan Members’ wishes will grant permanent bonuses for the citizens of your Nation (an XP boost for a certain profession, for example).