Fight the Wodent

No sooner have you arrived than Grandmaster Kano puts you on the spot by asking you to fight a Wodent all alone! Right-click on the Wodent to start the fight.

Master Wolfram's mission

Question Master Wolfram to discover all the secrets of WAKFU’s fragile ecosystem. Fighting monsters and harvesting seeds will be your first activities as a hero-to-be on a quest for the 16 Soul Shards.

The training continues

Next, pay a visit to Grandmaster Kano’s disciples, who’ll teach you about the subtleties of battle. Step into the different Dojos to perfect your basic fighting skills.


Face-off at the summit

Complete your training by confronting the Lumberjane and the Wodent Queen. Use everything you’ve learned to defeat these enemies and unleash your spells on the enraged forester!

The final test

After finding the key, head to the dungeon to face the Wodent King. Get ready to fight!


Once you’ve defeated the Wodent King, it’s time to be reincarnated and choose your class. Go and see Sokay, the giant Ecaflip. Tell him that you’d like to leave Incarnam and head to Astrub, where you’ll be asked to choose your class, and, a little later on, your Nation…

Developing your character

As you win more fights and make your way through the game, your character will become more powerful. You will be able to choose how you would like to specialize.
To do so, you will regularly receive ability and specialty points to allocate.
In WAKFU, your character has various characteristics that you can develop to become stronger: Health Points, Action Points, Dodge, Wisdom, Lock, Strength… These are just a few of the elements that make your character unique and determine how efficient they are in battle!

You start at level zero, and the highest level you can reach is level 150. You will earn experience after each fight, and this is what allows you to gain levels. 
Each time you level up, you will receive new ability and specialty points to allocate. This means there is an infinite number of ways to customize your character and define your strategy!