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Atop the summit of Mount Zinit sits the most powerful creature in the World of Twelve: Ogrest. High up on his mountain, Ogrest weeps for his lover. His tears have triggered a terrifying tidal wave, causing unprecedented devastation in the World of Twelve. This is Ogrest's Chaos! Mount Zinit was introduced to the WAKFU MMO throughout the first half of 2017. Each part of this new game area is detailed below. Scroll down to learn more about the major changes introduced with each update.

Alongside his appearance in the series, Ogrest is finally within your reach in WAKFU MMO, and if you're level 200, it's high time to show him what you're made of! The outcome of your battle will affect the entire world. Now more than ever, the fate of the World of Twelve rests in your hands.
The Summit of Ice and Flame
Are you bruised and battered from fighting the creatures of Dor'Mor, but still crave more? Are you a tireless adventurer who's ready to scale new heights? Then you're in luck! This area is for players of level 190 to 200!
Lord of the Upper Slope
Have you already wandered through the first part of Mount Zinit and arrived at the mysterious ship embedded in the mountain's Lower Slope? Do you spend your evenings pondering what's behind the silo? There's a whole new adventure waiting for you in part two of Mount Zinit! This area is for players of level 150 to 200!
Mysterious Beach
Explore unknown lands and face new challenges on the beach and on the Lower Slope of Mount Zinit! The beginning of a formidable quest and a variety of dungeons await. This first area is for players of level 50 to 140!