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Dungeon Ladder Rewards
  • A bug that prevented the rewards related to dungeon rankings from being sent has been fixed. Rewards have been recalculated, and you'll now find the rewards in the associated interface.


Kokokobana Dungeon​​​​​​
  • The Complete the Kokokobana Dungeon (at level and Stasis >= 21, 31 and 41) achievements validate properly on killing the dungeon boss.


Universal Equilibrium Costume
  • The Universal Equilibrium Costume can be unlinked in the Astrub Inn basement via the Dangerous Delinking Machine.
  • The drop rate for Gemlin skin and face gems has been lowered.
  • It is no longer possible to obtain a Gemlin cosmetic already learned on a character as loot.
  • It is no longer possible to obtain legendary versions of equipment linked to steles without having activated the steles in question. This concerns loot from the Moon Island and Mount Zinit bosses.


Shadofang – An Old Belt
  • The objectives for the An Old Belt quest ask players to adapt to the dungeon level to complete them.
The Life of a Hunter III
  • The Kill a Royal Cwab objective validates properly.
  • A correction has been made to the description of an objective that asked for Treechnid resources; the objective now asks for Royal Moogrr mimilk.


  • The camera will no longer be stationary when exiting spectator mode.


  • Quote marks have been removed from the start and end of spell descriptions.
  • The "cancel" button in the customization interface is now hidden when it cannot be used (for example, when using a class, sex or appearance change scroll). Note: Customization is no longer lost if disconnected.


  • In the event of a connection error while logging in, players will no longer be blocked in an infinite loop; there will now be an error message.