Evolution of (Dungeon) Stasis Levels

In update 1.63, we decided to improve how the dungeon Stasis levels operate to encourage players to use this difficulty management feature and give players more possibilities.

  • The maximum Stasis level in normal mode has been increased from 20 to 50. The bonuses provided by dungeons' Stasis level are different in normal mode and competitive mode. At Stasis level 50:

    • Normal: 200% XP and Loot
    • Competitive: 600% XP and Loot
  • The Stasis level criteria to unlock Epic and Relic equipment in dungeons have been changed:

    • Common (white): 1
    • Rare (green): 1
    • Mythical (orange): 1
    • Legendary (yellow): 21
    • Epic (pink): 1 → 21
    • Relic (purple): 11 → 21
  • You can now choose any Stasis level in the dungeon difficulty selection interface without having to have also completed the dungeon at a high enough Stasis level.
  • The rarity of items unlocked is now displayed in the dungeon difficulty selection interface.
  • The reward interface for competitive dungeons has been improved: New explanatory tooltips have been added and the list of rewards is now displayed by default.

Cosmetic Character Customization

  • 10 new hairdos (5 per gender) have been added to all classes.

  • The color pallet available to characters has been expanded to provide a wider choice of colors.

  • When update 1.63 is released, every character will be able to change their appearance once (the first time the character is played after the release) by modifying the following attributes: colors, hairstyle and gender.



  • The Debt spell no longer lets you target invisible enemies.


  • The Sylvan Awakening spell may now be used once per turn.


  • The visual issues linked to using the Karchamrak spell have been fixed.


  • Damage redirected by Hammle Mark is interpreted as area damage.


  • The Boarthroom Dungeon (Blibli): Obstacles have been added in the fight bubble to provide more options for protection against collisions.

  • Royal Strich:

    • Giganteggs can be teleported and transposed. They cannot be pushed, attracted or carried.

    • Clarification of certain mechanics in states.

  • Lunar Altar Dungeon (Boowolf): The Hairy Full Moon state applies a bonus (MP, damage and resistances) to Boowolves in the boss's room.
  • Morbax Neplopolis Dungeon (Chafer):
    • Reduction of Reincarnated Chafers' HP.
    • The Chaferization spell causes variable damage based on the distance between the boss and the boss's targets.
    • When characters are revived by the Necromancy spell, they get bonuses for the rest of the fight.
  • Magik Riktus Big Top Dungeon: removal of the pole from the fight bubble.
  • Remington Smisse:
    • Drop in Mastery (-500).
    • Drop in Resistances (-100).
    • Now has visuals for all his spells.
    • Casts the "Rogue Strike" spell if he has not moved during his turn.
    • An explanation of mechanics has been added in states.
  • Baddoboss: Increased health points.
  • Queen Schnek: The Wily challenge (KO enemies from behind) is now incompatible with the Queen Schnek.
  • Badgeroxxor: Drop in the Initiative characteristic.
  • Minibulia the Poached Dragon: Increase in range for the Claw Attack spell.
  • Ogrest:
    • Starting at 3 000 000 in damage received, Ogrest increases his damage for the rest of the fight.
    • Addition of new thresholds to get items from Ogrest:
      • Starting at 3 500 000, legendary versions of items can be obtained.
      • Starting at 4 000 000, three new exclusive items can be obtained.
      • The different thresholds are now linked to specific invisible quests: Unlocking the first item obtention thresholds in a first weekly fight does not prevent attempts to obtain items in higher thresholds in a following fight.


  • Jeweler: Reduction in the number of rare fish requested in Jeweler recipes involving rings. The quantities have been reduced by 30%.

  • Weapons Master: The quantities of Astrub weapons needed in certain level-100 legendary weapons have been reduced.

  • Leather Dealer:
    • New recipes to produce leathers using the monster resources from the Nations are now available.
    • A new recipe to produce a mythic version of the Rooted Boots is available.
  • Cap'n Atcha: It's no longer possible to be stuck in combat with Cap'n Atcha by harvesting in the haven bag of another character if the owner closes their bag.


  • New achievements requiring you to kill each Ultimate Boss at Stasis levels 21, 31 and 41 have been added. Validation of these achievements will not be retroactive.

  • A new achievement to collect a class emblem token has been added. This token can be traded for a (level-60) class emblem in the basement of Astrub Inn. The achievement requires you to complete the "Scoreboard" quest.
  • The way the Boss Smasher event works has been changed: There are now 12 achievements per year (1 per month). Completing an achievement earns you a token. These tokens can be spent at the Boss Smasher machine to obtain the rewards from the previous Boss Smashers. The list of bosses and their dates will be known in advance.


  • It is now possible to interact with "combat swords" when their tooltips are hiding them.
  • The most recent sales are now displayed first in the haven bag sale summary.

  • Build icons (default shortcut O) can now be put in the shortcut bars via drag & drop.

  • The shortcuts to equipment are now usable again.
  • The costume interface now has a search field. The zone displaying the costume name is now an editable text field.
  • It is now possible to double-click on the items present in the inventory to move them to the account chest when it is open.
  • The "Recover All" button now only moves a number of rewards that is compatible with the available space in the inventory.
  • In the Zaap interface, focus is now on the search bar when opening the interface, letting you search for your destination more quickly. When there's only one search result left, tapping the "Enter" key lets you move directly to that destination. In addition, the search is no longer accent-sensitive.
  • Batteries and the "Shift" key are taken into account correctly in the Rune Crusher interface.
  • The zone banners that appear when entering certain zones (e.g. Astrub) no longer prevent clicking.
  • The interface displaying a pet's data can be closed properly after having interacted with another pet of the same type, and the interface of the second pet opens properly.
  • Items that disappeared in updates are now correctly removed from Marketplaces. They will still appear in the sale history under the name "obsolete item".
  • A case where the "Enter" and "Buy" buttons were visible simultaneously when opening the Haven World interface has been fixed.
  • The interactive element menus are now displayed over the tooltips. In addition, the hover tooltip for Zaaps displays properly over the clickable zone.
  • The menu button functions properly on the server and character selection screens if the game is launched from the Ankama Launcher.
  • Tokens are now displayed correctly on the world map when it is first opened.
  • It is now possible to use the "Cancel" button in the customization interface (class, sex or appearance change) to go back to the list of characters and modify the character later.


  • Environmental Quests:

    • The level group required to obtain rewards is now displayed in the quest tracking interface.

    • Characters outside the level group do not receive rewards and cannot validate the associated quests and achievements.
    • The interface displayed on expiry, victory or defeat only takes into account the results of the main character (in cases where one of the Heroes did not have the required level or minimum score, the interface displayed a defeat whereas the main character had correctly validated the quest).
    • The quests and achievements that require one to complete environmental quests are validated correctly for the main character and their Heroes. In addition, certain environmental quests are no longer considered completed when they end naturally when the character has not attained the minimum objectives to earn the reward.
    • In some types of quests (Race and Solo), the actions are correctly recorded if the character that performs them has already completed the quest.
  • Xelorium Past & Present Collaborative Quest: The Bellalice invasion is launched correctly for the Xelorium.
  • Astrub Prologue:
    • The Astrub prologue quests have been optimized to make the start of the game more fluid.
    • Addition of a quest objective linked to the Drago-Express in the following quests: "Second Choice Mission" and "Business Pal".

    • The following quests have been removed:
      • Donalangelo
      • Balance, Balanced
      • Crusts Are for Losers!
      • The Pal Key?
      • The Pal Key!
      • Temple: Ogrest's Cult!
    • A new quest has been added to introduce the Gemlin: "A Lovely Gemlin".
  • Nation Quest (A League Under the Sea):
    • Nekark's tentacles can be targeted correctly.
    • The Nautilor's health points have increased from 10 to 15.
  • Mercenary Quests:
    • Interacting with the Mercenary Posts no longer requires one to have a license. All the licenses have been removed.
    • The quest levels have been harmonized with the level groups in which the Posts are situated.
  • More Robust Dimensional System:
    • It is no longer possible to interact with the beacons in the Security System without being in the context of the quest.
    • It is no longer possible to interact with the temple's Time Rifts without having the artifact associated with the quest.
    • In some cases, the lasers were visible even thought the passageway was free, and inversely. This is no longer the case.
  • Shhhudoku Kingdom: The "Command and Whisper" quest now has new objectives explaining the various steps necessary to pursue the quest.
  • The Lost Flame: The appearance rate for the Macawker's flame on Calamar Island has been increased.


  • The improved Wekyn Bekyn Sword can be used in combat to attack.

  • The blueprint for the Broken Sword gives the right recipe.

  • The Epic Surgical Precision Rune gives a bonus of 20% Armor in addition to its previous Healing bonus.
  • The characteristics of the "Black Cawwot Poniawd", "Two-Bladed Dagger", and "Karne Dagger" have been rebalanced. They were too similar to those of other daggers of the same level.
  • Addition of the probability of obtaining items in the descriptions of all the end-of-season chests.
  • The Justice Key can be obtained from the Archmonster Boarnigen the Damasker.
  • Remington Fragment: Several copies of the Remington Smisse boss resource may be dropped depending on the Stasis level.


The musical emotes can no longer be obtained as loot in the Nation territories. These emotes can, however, be obtained another way. More details are forthcoming.


The skin and face gems for the Gemlin have been returned to the game with different ways of obtaining them (Gemlin machine, overall loot, achievements, dungeon chests).


You can now add a character awaiting modification (name, class, gender, or appearance change) as a hero.

Performance and Optimization

New caches have been added in some of the client data to improve performance.


The music played in the capitals of the Nations has been improved (closer to that which was available in Beta 1.62).


  • Notifications may now appear in-game to invite players to take part in polls.

  • The descriptions of the Guildalogem, Guild Name Change, and Guild Emblem Change items have been updated.

  • A problem that could prevent linking an Ankama account to a Steam account has been fixed. An error message indicating that the Steam account must be certified has been added.
  • Game settings load correctly if several game clients are launched.
EDIT 27/03/2019
  • The fix related to the display issue in market history has been implemented and is now available in the game. "Obsolete items" are now displayed properly.