• The following resources are once again available: Hammer Shark, and Sea Boowolf.
  • You can now harvest the fruits of the Citronana tree.  


  • The challenge of the 3rd room can now be completed.
  • The success/failure status for challenges and the opening of doors are now notified to all characters present in the dungeon.

Morbax Neplopolis
  • It is now possible to access the boss room from the mines side of the dungeon.


Sword of Nations
  • Rebalanced the characteristics of the four swords.


A Pirate's Retreat
  • Synosore's cellar door can now be opened.

Minesweep the Mine and Place Mines
  • The third Minesweeper fight now starts correctly and is possible to complete the objective.

Amakna's Sworn Enemy
  • The compass for the objective "Complete the quest: Rail and Derail" points correctly to the Amakna mines.

Survival Training
  • It is now possible to interact with the well and complete the quest. 

Puzzling the Big Sword
  • The quest requires a lot of Korals and not Double Carat Sapphires.

Mount Zinit - Chapter 1 - Lower Slope - Part 2
  • The compass now points to the second thought of Dathura in Frigost.

Hunter Quests
  • Quests asking to defeat Hoodfella and Mamagmote can now be completed.
  • The quest asking to defeat Tsu Tsu Tsar can now be completed.

Miniarch Quests
  • Quests asking to defeat Mushdmallow and Boarnigen the Damasker can now be completed.

A Roaring Trade Cwab Eyes
  • The quest can now be completed when turning in the requested resources.

A Roaring Trade in Cwab Seeds
  • The quest can now be completed when turning in the requested resources.

Riktus or No Riktus?
  • The objective "Speak with Rick Tusse in Amakna Prison" can now be completed.
  • The player is correctly teleported to the prison when defeated.

The Case of the Angry Cracklers
  • In the objective "Stop the enslaved cracklers", you can no longer move freely while in combat.

Uncontrollable Growth
  • The objective "Inspect the ground where the plant is growing" can now be completed when using Heroes.

The Most Beautiful Moogrr
  • The mini-game now works properly. The final cinematics takes into account the choices made during the mini-game.


  • The Tikoko's animation has been corrected. 

Rouflacket the Gentleman
  • Archmonster Rouflacket the Gentleman now appears in Sufokia Mine - Depths.


  • In case of equal resistances, stasis spells will now follow the chromatic order of Fire> Water> Earth> Air. 


  • An option is now available to walk or to run.

  • The Politics chat is once again available for Governors and Vice-Governors.


  • Clan member wishes are once again available in the following areas: Emelka, Gnashville, and Brakmar Mine - Depths.

Bonta Capital
  • Miguel Berger now provides level 126 - 140 Hunter quests.
  • The Jeweler polishers are now available in the capital's workshops.