Blibli Dungeon
  • The door of the secret room will open once the container has been filled.

Rogue Dungeon
  • The first two rooms will have the correct battle bubble.

Elite Riktus Dungeon
  • It will be possible to start the fight against the group in room 3 (right side of the dungeon).

Mollusky Dungeon
  • Room 3 will be easily accessible after defeating the monsters in Room 2.


  • The Conquered Raziel can be improved in its mythical version.
  • The Black Zorboots and the Izugg Boots will require many resources from the Snapper family.
  • The Spite Dagger can be improved in its legendary version.
  • The Treestplate can be improved in its rare version.

Items of the Magik Riktus family (level 96 - 110)
  • Items will have consistent characteristics.

Magik Riktus machine
  • Grazor fragments will require a lot of Solid Tokens.

Swords of Bonta and Brakmar
  • The condition "wear the ring of the nation" has been added.

Ancient Resources
  • Resources which have become obsolete after the update have been converted to powders (and tokens for old bosses). The powders will be placed in a small blue box.


Charles-Henri of Vileardent
  • Turning in the resources requested will complete the quest.
  • Note that there is no need to report monster resources to complete the quest.

The Case of the Angry Cracklers
  • A black screen will no longer appear during the quest cinematics.

A Pirate's Retreat
  • Synosore's cellar door can now be opened.

It's Kwismas
  • Event quests, including "It's Kwismas", no longer requires the completion of the first quest with Pappy Pal to gain access to Kwismas Island.


  • The objective "Defeat archmonster Rictus the Expressive" can be completed for the achievement "Amakna Archmonstres".


Rogue Rob Ludgeon
  • The rogue's animation has been corrected.

Dominant Rogue 
  • He will have correct characteristics for his level.

  • Dew the Early Riser now has a skin and a timeline image.

Elite Riktus 
  • Elite Riktus seeds can be planted in Amakna Mine - Depths.

  • Many monsters have been removed after the update, the automatic Gobgob has been rebalanced with other monsters accordingly.


  • Following a burglary, the "Mysterious House" has been sealed, and the loots confiscated from the thieves and their accomplices.


  • The ship's destinations to the Nations will no longer display in double.


Bonta Mine - Depths
  • The wishes of the Clan Master has been corrected. 

Thicket of Yorbut
  • It will be possible to cross the excarnam barrier.