We made the decision to retire the Riktus Clan for several reasons:

  • Originally, the Riktus Clan was created during a revamp of the PVP system in order to bring a form of "opposition" to the nations. This is a mechanic that is no longer relevant since the PVP system is now based on the Battlefields.
  • We believe that the Battlefields system works better with 4 nations instead of 5.
  • The Riktus Nation was introduced to add a "neutral" alternative to the other 4 nations, but since then we have added the possibility of being truly neutral.
  • The popularity of this nation is significantly lower than that of the other nations.
  • We preferred to focus our efforts on 4 "strong" nations, with rich cities, territories, and stories rather than scattering in trying to bring the Riktus nation to the level of the other nations.

What happens next?

  • Members of the Riktus Clan becomes neutral.
  • Merit points earned are automatically converted into merit points of their next chosen nation.
  • Riktus Clan Prims are removed.
  • Riktus costumes become linked to the account and can be equipped without conditions.
  • Riktus teleportation scrolls become linked to the account, can no longer be obtained from the Shop, and when used, will teleport you to your next chosen nation ( you will be teleported to Astrub if no nation has been chosen).



The four main nations (Amakna, Sufokia, Bonta, and Brakmar) have been fully updated to improve exploration and character progression.

Monster families, dungeons, quests, and equipment have been improved. A devblog detailing these changes can be found here.


Items now have an average price, indicated in their information sheet (accessible from any interface that displays items). This price is to be calculated using sales completed in markets, and will be updated regularly.

We're adding this information to the game to help players assess the value of their possessions, as well as to make trade more accessible.


  • The durations for which items are listed has increased from 24/72/168 hours to 7/14/28 days. We have significantly increased these durations (without imposing any conditions) to make items more available in the markets.
  • For accounts with an active Booster, the number of slots for selling items is now equal to the character's level. For example, a level 65 character will have 65 sale slots. Accounts without an active Booster will have a maximum of 20 slots.
  • The menu now displays the number of available slots.

We implemented this change to make trade easier, to increase the availability of items in the markets, and to provide an additional reward for leveling up.

The market interface has been improved:

  • The field "Price" is now in focus when an item is being listed for sale, allowing the item's price to be entered when selected.
  • Pressing "Enter" will confirm an item listing.
  • The duration of a listing is saved for the current session, instead of being reset every time you list a new item.



We've made several changes in order to make moving around in the world more enjoyable and reactive:

  • Scrolling (the camera movement that occurs when a character moves around) now works differently; the camera is now fixed on the character's position by default.
    The camera movement is no longer delayed relative to the character's position.
    There is an option to switch to the old camera system (but there may be a delay between the character's movements and the camera position).
  • Running is now the default movement speed. Pressing ":" enables you to move around by walking instead of running.
  • There is no longer visual feedback when moving around by clicking and holding down, but it remains present when the click is released.
  • Moving around by clicking and holding down is now performed right away instead of after a slight delay. The delay when registering changes in direction is also shorter.



  • Releasing the right click while in combat no longer recenters the camera. This change makes it easier to move the camera in combat.
    A new combat turn repositions the camera on the character being controlled.
    Pressing "," recenters the camera on the character being controlled.
  • Reconnecting to combat is better managed; the timeline correctly displays and the menu is no longer erroneously locked.
  • It is now possible to ignore the selection of a timeline bonus with the same shortcut as the one used to skip a turn.
  • The option to enable/disable unit transparency in combat no longer activates cell targeting in combat.
  • A new setting allows you to choose the type of targeting used in combat (targeting the unit or the cell). Cell-centered targeting is the default setting.
  • The first turn now lasts for 40 seconds instead of 30. We specifically increased the duration of the first turn to give the player time to interpret the significant amount of information to be analyzed at the start of combat (challenges, unit characteristics, etc.).





  • The Masqueraider's Masked Spirit is properly able to remove AP from an enemy Masqueraider.



  • The Boombot's Reconversion spell is correctly displayed in the spell bar when there are Heroes in the group.



  • The effect of the Transgression passive is no longer triggered on Health Steal abilities (Invigorating Word).
    We modified how this passive works because its effects would become unusually powerful over several turns.



  • The active spell "Defensive Stance" now unlocks at level 15 and "Hour of Glory" at level 60.

We reversed the level at which these two spells are obtained so as to offer more defensive abilities to the Iop class earlier in their progression.


  • The Stasified state will no longer remove Elemental Resistance.

The ability to cause damage in the weakest elemental resistance of his opponent seems very powerful and sufficient. Moreover, this resistance removal exceeded the resistance removal cap (-200).

  • The Stasis damage bonus from Fogginator has been increased: 25% → 35%.
  • The ranged damage bonus from the passive "Fire and Oil" has been increased: 15% → 25% at level 2.



  • In a character's inventory, a tooltip appears when hovering over Heroes' icons to explain how to open their inventories at the same time as the main character's inventory.
  • Heroes' characteristics are now correctly applied when a character uses a custom build with an automatic characteristic page. This change fixes the problem of Heroes occasionally starting combat in a competitive dungeon with unusually low HP and damage.
  • In the Dungeon Ranking interface, the last entry of a page is no longer displayed again at the top of the next page.



  • The Brrrbli Dungeon's level has increased from 81 to 96. Items that may be dropped by the family, as well as associated recipes, have been modified as a result. The level of old items already obtained by characters will stay the same.
  • Empty lines would sometimes unusually appear in the leaderboard; this issue has been fixed. This problem was only visual and did not affect rewards.
  • The permanent dungeon rankings now only include the top 1,000 scores. This is how the feature was originally meant to work when it was added to the game, but a malfunction during its release made it possible to sidestep this restriction. This fix was delayed because the malfunction had no impact on server stability at the time. However, as the permanent rankings have grown in size over the last several months, we finally decided to apply the restriction before the game servers' performance could suffer too much.



  • The number of remaining attempts has been correctly updated for Heroes.
  • An error message is displayed in the chat menu whenever a main character tries to enter while the instance is locked for one of the group members.



ArtificiaI Intelligence

  • The behavior of around a hundred monsters has been changed to improve their AI during combat. These changes allow monsters to perform more appropriate actions and to play more quickly.


  • Reduced Shadofang's MP to 5 in Phase 2.
  • The Shadow damage counter no longer flactuates abnormally after Shadofang suffers damage during her turn.



  • Smithmagic hammers and runes can no longer drop from the monsters on Moon Island. These runes served to compensate for the lack of rare and mythical equipment. This is now outmoded as equipment of all rarities can now be obtained on Moon Island.





  • The addition of characteristics to the main bar is no longer abnormally reset when other interfaces are open at the same time.



  • To make the icons of spells and items more readable, hotkeys are no longer shown on them. These are displayed, however, in the tooltips for spells and items when mousing over their icons.


World Map

  • Map tokens placed will not reset when the character switches to another zone.
  • When hovered over, territories will be highlighted to improve the delineation between territories.
  • Filters for map tokens have been reorganized, and new categories have been added: Hunters, Mercenaries, and Points of Interest.
  • Map tokens indicating the entrance to a tunnel are now clickable and open the map of the zone they lead to.
  • Haven World registries display correctly on the map.
  • It is now possible to zoom in and out on the world map by using the scroll wheel.
  • In some cases, map tokens are displayed in white; this problem has been fixed.
  • When a personal token is placed, the display of the personal tokens are properly activated for the new personal token to be visible.



  • The Shadofang and Mineral Tower machines no longer display a message telling you to visit the Guild of Hunters.


Haven Worlds

  • The Haven World interface displays information correctly, whether or not a Haven World is being auctioned. The "Buy" button is locked if the Haven World is not for sale.



  • Tooltips displayed when mousing over certain in-game elements (trees, in-combat entities, etc.) have been improved:
  • They can no longer appear outside the screen.
  • They are displayed above all interfaces (including the Booster menu).
  • There is no longer a delay before they are displayed.
  • It is now possible to click through tooltips (for example to interact with an element hidden by a tooltip).


Universal Radial Menus (URMs)

  • Their appearance animation has been removed, and they now instantly display after an interactive element in the game is clicked on.



  • Deleting an equipment page no longer unequips items equipped and also no longer renames the other equipment pages.



  • The focus is now applied to search fields within menus that have just been opened (for example when deleting a character).
  • Confirmation requests for actions that do not cost kamas (Dragoturkeys and Zaaps, for example) no longer appear.
  • Hovering over a server in the server list no longer causes its description to be displayed.
  • The environmental quest interface close button is now correctly lined up.



  • En Route for Mount Zinit: The objectives that required one to speak to an NPC are now validated correctly for Heroes.
  • Zone of the Beginners: The objectives that required one to speak to an NPC are now validated correctly for Heroes.
  • The Blasphemer's Crypt: The objective "Explore the Crypt in Astrub Cemetery" is now validated whatever the outcome of the fight. The player character is correctly teleported to the sewers no matter how the fight turns out. The player character is no longer impacted by the death-related penalty and effects if they lose or quit the fight.
  • Follow the Path: An objective has been added to this quest to guide new players toward the boat in Astrub. The only destination available at first is Amakna, the first of the new Nations.




The way Gemlins work has been improved:

  • Dot now has the ability to evolve and change characteristics with the help of an evolution stone. The Gemlevolver found in the Astrub Gambling Joint must be used.
  • The stones are created from fragments that can be obtained from monsters in environmental quests, dungeon chests, and chests hidden throughout the World of Twelve.
  • Dot has 25 levels.





  • The Herbalist resource "Plain Flax" is now called "Iriss."
  • The Herbalist resource "Ditsy Flower" is now called "Plain Flax."


Wakfu and Stasis

  • The Wakfu and Stasis Sources in Astrub have been repositioned.
  • The amount of resources required to access the islands has been lowered.


Ogrest's Chaos

  • Remaining for an extended period in an instance affected by Ogrest's Chaos no longer causes a blue tint to gradually appear over the entire screen.



  • The colors of scenery have an improved appearance (especially lava and Brakmar).
  • Characters would sometimes enter the world without equipment or spells (only visually); this problem should no longer occur.
  • It is no longer possible to interact with objects that are supposed to be inaccessible (when benches are present on an upper floor or behind a wall for example).



  • Characters will no longer be stuck if they are in a building when it is destroyed.
  • It is no longer possible to move a building to a space occupied by a monster or a character.



  • Leaving a cutscene and switching characters no longer causes the camera to behave strangely.
  • The use of brackets, parentheses, and asterisks in NPC dialogue has been standardized to improve readability and coherence.
  • You can now buy up to 13 additional character slots per account (for a total of 18 slots per account maximum).
  • Skipping the tutorial no longer has a negative impact on characters' number of health points.