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Be Vewy Vewy Quiet...
  • The objective "Complete the repeatable quest: Boss Hunt" involving the Lenald Empelol will now be validated correctly.


  • Ultimate Boss resources will no longer drop in multiple quantities per fight.
  • The amount of Shadow Fragments required in crafting legendary Shadow items has been halved to be in par with other Ultimate Boss item crafting requirements.
  • Crafting the mythical version of Tryplit will only give a single quantity.


  • Defeating Team Missile completes the quest "The Return of Team Missile".
  • Completing the quest "Passing Time" will launch the quest "Deactivation of the Dimensional System" on the player's Heroes. For characters who have completed the first quest but did not receive the second quest, you would need to talk to the Sage to get it.


  • It will no longer be possible to apply the Revival effect on multiple targets at the same time.


  • Krosmic Wind will apply the bonus range even when elemental masteries have the same value


Sham Moon
  • Sham Moon's speed bonus will no longer provide MPs in phase 2, and will no longer destroy Carrier Totems in phase 3. 


  • Various reconnecting issues while in combat have been fixed.

If you are still expericing issues after reconnecting, please contact our Support team by filing a ticket with your logs attached. 

Haven Worlds

  • When reconnecting in combat, the area will be correctly visible and combat resumed.


  • Separation: the description has been corrected and now indicates that summons count as allies.
  • Fusion and Separation: Rogue's Bombs, Xelor's Dial, Foggernaut's Blockade, and Ecaflip's Cat Tree will no longer count as summons.