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  • The Epic Rune of Anatomy will take effect regardless of the bearer's highest mastery.


  • Piercing Shot: 50% damage increase per WP consumed.
  • Bombs will no longer receive increased damage from the side and back. Damage received will be the same from all sides.
  • Balancing of Fire and Earth range spells: Earth spells will be more effective for builds specializing in distance, while maintaining the superiority and flexibility of Fire spells.
    • Barbed Fire's range goes from 3-4 to 3-5.
    • Execution's range goes from 1-3 to 1-4.
    • Piercing Shot's range goes from 2-6 to 2-5 (modifiable).
    • Machine Gun's range can now be modified.
    • Blunderbuss' range goes from 1-4 to 1-2 (modifiable).
    • Boomerang Dagger's range goes from 2-4 to 2-3 (modifiable).


  • Magmog the Gobbalrog's aura will no longer deal double damage to players.


  • 9-cell monsters are now targetable same as normal monsters. You can properly use spells such as Double or Quits, Mirage, Prey and The Voodoll.