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Haven Bags

As a result of this hotfix, players affected by the Haven Bag chest bug will find their chests in the state in which it was before Update 1.60. That is to say with its kits and its content! Everything is done automatically during this hotfix nevertheless some special cases will require to be treated gradually by hand by our team.
How does it work?

  1. The backup we have from your pre-patch 1.60 Haven Bag’s chest will replace your current Haven Bag’s chest. Putting it back in its pre-patch state with its original content and kits.
  2. If you added kits and/or items in your chest since the disappearance of its content (post-patch 1.60), these items and/or kits will be sent directly to the inventory of the first character you connect to your account. Prepare a little space in your inventory.
  3. In some specific cases, the erasure of the content of the Haven Bag’s chest has occurred twice: post-patch 1.60 and after the server restart of June 21st. In this case, same as above, all items and kits added to the chest will be sent to the inventory of the first character you connect and the pre-patch 1.60 chest will replace your current chest!

Finally, we wish to apologize for the inconvenience caused by this unexpected loss. That's why we want to offer compensation to all our players affected by the problem, whether you are using a Booster or not. We will get back to you next week for more information. Thank you all for your patience!


  • Nogord Wungleezared now correctly drops a scale after the week’s first victory.


  • The Teeth of Light costume's beastplate now displays correctly.