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The Great Escort
  • Fights involving a Militia Chief will not be stopped at the end of the 45 minutes, but 15 minutes later, when the battlefield closes.

This will no longer cause irregular Merit losses for defenders.
  • A visual effect has been added on Combat Swords in order to better distinguish Militia Chief combat.

Flower Capture
  • When a character leaves the battlefield to join his camp, he will lose the Flower Bearer and Flowering status.

This prevents player camping in the safe zone in order to pass the time before being able to bring back a flower.
  • Wodents will not be able to appear unusually on the map after winning a fight.
  • When a character leaves a battlefield and enters it again, he will recover the Artifacts he possessed before leaving the battlefield.

This avoids the technique of entering and exiting the battlefield to earn points by fighting the first Wodent.

  • Fixed a case where a player winning a fight may find himself in a blocked state after being attacked too quickly at the end of the fight.
  • Neutral characters now correctly lose citizenship points in nation territories for non-compliance of their laws.
  • Characters from an enemy nation can now correctly gain citizenship points by following the laws of the nation territory they are in.
  • The experience gained at the end of the Battlefield match is now affected by the modifiers from: Booster Pack, second character bonus, server bonus (ex: double XP weekend).

Note that before this hotfix, all players received the Booster Pack bonus experience. Players without a Booster Pack will see a reduction in experience gained.
  • When generating the battlefields for the day, the level ranges will be in a less predictable order. In addition, the system takes into account the history of the zones that have been contested in the last 30 days to increase the chances of activating a battlefield that has not been used for a long time.
  • It will no longer be possible to break out of prison using a nation teleportation scroll.


  • The Sacrier will no longer apply the effects of Motion Sickness if the target is not actually moved (obstacle, stabilized, etc.).

This was applied in the previous hotfix but it did not correct all cases.


  • Fixed a problem affecting AI character movements. 

This problem could, among other things, prevent monsters from casting Karchamrak in certain specific cases.
  • The text format of the /time command will now be correct in all languages.
  • The modulated level of other characters will be correctly displayed in the right-click interface of a character.
  • Katrina Slevastam from the Guild of Hunters in Astrub will let you know if you have not met the required level.