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  • Matches will now last 45 minutes (instead of 2 hours) and will not end when a team reaches 5,000 points. The team with the highest score after 45 minutes wins.
  • Combat will no longer be interrupted when the time limit expires. Instead, the fighting will after the closing of the battlefield, which is 15 minutes later.

These changes allow us to ensure that the matches will have a correct duration that no longer depends on the number of players, and better control of the score that can be achieved within the time limit. In addition, we allow players to finish their ongoing bouts to reduce unwanted playing behavior.
  • Merit gain has been decreased at the end of the battlefield depending on the outcome:
    • Victory: 100/300/500/700 (instead of 250/500/750/1,000)
    • Defeat: 50/150/250/350 (instead of 125/250/375/500)
  • Merit loss has been decreased for 3v3 to 6v6 combat, and increased in 1v1 to 2v2 combat. 

These changes allow us to reduce the Merit generated by Battlefields, especially when players get a poor score. It also aims to soften the blows of defeat in multiplayer combat, as well as making less untouchable the best players in 1v1.
  • Performing combat actions (PvP) in the battlefield will increase the player's turnout (determining the end of battle score), based on the number of participants in the battle and the balance between the two teams.

This change allows us to better reward players who do PvP actions, even when they lose, as well as being in a weaker nation. This change also aims to encourage balanced PvP fights by rewarding them further.

The Great Escort
  • It is no longer possible to close the fight against the Militia Chief, preventing other players from joining, either in attack or in defense.
  • The Militia Chief characteristics have been increased:
    • He now has a permanent bonus of 30% Damage inflicted.
    • His health points have been increased by 50%.
    • The health steal of his Cyclone attack has been increased by up to 100% of the damage he inflicts (instead of 50%).
  • Once defeated, Militiamen will not respawn until 2 minutes later (instead of 1 minute).

These changes are intended to increase the chances of successfully defending a Militia Chief, and to reduce the farming of Militia. 

Flower Capture
  • After having picked up a flower in the opposite area, it will now be necessary to wait for it to bloom (3 minutes), symbolized by a state, before being able to deposit it in your flowerpot.

This modification allows us to reduce the number of flowers brought back over time, as well as to allow more time for the opposing team to attack the Flower Bearers.

  • It is no longer possible to retrieve the end-of-battlefield rewards from another character.
  • The "Territory Control" state will no longer be counted twice, which could generate a loss of HP at the end of the match.
  • There will no longer be two battlefields at the same time, even after a server restart as this was not intended.
  • Level 140 Battlefield boxes will no longer provide level 80 items.
  • Harvest Quantity bonuses will no longer work in the battlefield.
  • When the fighting has ended by the forceclosing of the battlefield, BaddoBiskoto's penalty is no longer applied.
  • It will now be possible to improve the PvP item Sayl to Mythical rarity.
  • The PvP item Constable in its rare version will have normal characteristics for an object of its level.


  • Added a cooldown on the use of emotes.
    • Emotes that involve only a simple animation on the player who launches it do not have a cooldown.
    • Emotes that use particles have a cooldown equivalent to the duration of its animations or a little longer for some (ex: Blizzard Aura).
    • Emotes that are triggered (I am Yugo, Goultard, etc.) have a cooldown equivalent to the duration of its animations.
    • Emotes that target other players have a cooldown equivalent to the duration of its animation.

These changes have been applied to prevent the spamming of emotes in order to increase the client latency of other players.
  • It will no longer be possible to benefit from the effects of a level 2 passive while the level of the spell page is not sufficient to unlock level 2.
  • The golden lava in Enurado will no longer appear in green on the map.
  • The Kannilooni Haven Bag is animated.
  • The Goddess Eniripsa Finisher will have an icon in the status bar.


  • The Ultra-Powerful spell can no longer be casted in the battlefield if the Sadida already has a doll in play, limiting the number of dolls to one by a Sadida.

This modification aims to reduce unwanted playing behaviour in the battlefield.
  • The Insanity spell of the Sacrier will no longer unusually attracts the targets. 

This fix avoids triggering the effects of Motion Sickness in a situation where there is no real movement, hence no longer generating abnormally high damage. It is not a rebalancing.