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Region and Territory Control Bonuses

  • When none of the Clan Master's wishes have been fulfilled, the "Region Penalty" state is now applied properly.
  • The way that Territory Control Bonuses function has been revised: A single state is now applied based on territories controlled and the Clan Master's wishes that have been fulfilled in these territories.
    • Fulfilling all wishes in a controlled territory provides 2 state levels.
    • Fulfilling at least one wish in a controlled territory provides 1 state level.
    • If no wishes are fulfilled in a controlled territory, 2 state levels are lost.
    • The state cannot be negative. Therefore, the minimum possible is "no bonus".
    • The state provides 1 HP per level. At level 20, the state provides 5% of damage inflicted. At level 30, the state provides 10 Wisdom. At level 40, the state provides 10 Prospecting.

Combat Swords

  • Combat swords now avoid appearing in the same position as much as possible.
  • Combat swords no longer show summons when hovered over.
  • The Combat Sword icon is no longer a monster when there are players on the team.


  • Territories now display a color on the map based on the nation that possesses them when the corresponding filter is activated (before, territories were green, red, or white depending on whether they were allied, enemy, or neutral).
  • Zones showing a "strange blue zone" have been fixed (e.g. Mount Zinit Summit).
  • Zones not showing their territory have been fixed (e.g. Frigost Ice Floe).

Outlaws and Prison

  • Nearby Outlaws now trigger a notification for nearby players from the nation.
  • The Citizenship Points for the relevant nation will now be shown when a player is in prison.
  • In prison, Outlaws now regain 1 Citizenship Point every 6 seconds (instead of every 7.2 seconds).


  • The list of Battlefields now displays the scores and population when a Battlefield is in progress.
  • The Battlefield tracking menu now displays the remaining time (15 minutes) before it closes, whether the Battlefield ends by score or duration.
  • The end-of-Battlefield menu will now appear even if a player has not earned a high enough score to obtain the rewards.
  • Opening hours are now displayed in the proper format in clients whose languages require specific formatting.
  • The Clan Member interface on Battlefields now displays properly.

Adjustable Level

  • When players leave a battlefield or dungeon, they will automatically recover the Build they had before entering if that Build had been modified automatically on entry.
  • When a player's Build is modified by something other than the player's actions, a notification now alerts the player to the change: "Your build has been changed. Enio is now using the page "Automatic Build" (lvl. 50)."
  • It will now be possible to modify the spell page automatically. 

Eniripsa Battlefield

  • It will now be possible to attack characters on cells that were until now inaccessible (e.g. between two floors with Paws of Ecaflip). The fight bubble is then created on the position of one of the two fighters, the one with the most space available around themself.

Iop Battlefield

  • It is no longer necessary to wait after unlocking a Supply Crate before unlocking it again.
  • Fewer points are obtained from supplies.
  • The time between two movements of a Militia Chief has been shortened, but they make shorter moves.
  • Militia Chiefs now move properly on their checkpoint when leaving fights.
  • An alert containing a compass pointing toward the fight now appears when a Militia Chief is attacked.

Spectator Mode

  • Merit and Rank are displayed in the end-of-combat interface in spectator mode.
  • Many "server -> client messages" will no longer be sent to players who are near a fight but not in spectator mode, which should improve performance.
  • The case where characters who were near a fight in which a monster is summoned did not see the summoned monster when they joined spectator mode has been fixed.
  • Position synchronization issues have been fixed for spectators.
  • Characteristic display issues have been fixed for spectators.


  • The entire Guild Nation Choice mechanic has been removed. It is no longer possible to choose a nation for one's guild, nor to have a guild with the same nation as you for PvP.


  • Fight bubbles are now bigger on average.
  • It is no longer possible to attack a dead character by clicking very quickly at the end of their fight.
  • The use of secondary running animations and transformations is not allowed in battlefields. The effects are deactivated when entering a battlefield.
  • BaddoBiskoto's description has been changed to only show the lines corresponding to the battlefield in progress.
  • It is no longer possible to join an enemy in a fight against Militiamen.
  • In battlefields, every few minutes, the Clan Master of the territory reports on the situation. For example, "The attacking team is getting away. Let's see some effort, defenders!"


  • Corrections have been made to "Join the Fight" actions depending on team configurations.
  • Fixed a problem that could occur during certain teleportations and block accounts.
  • Many transparent changes have been made for players: additional stats, optimized battlefield scenarios, cleaning up old ways of doing things.


  • Ogrest's Tears: The drop rate for Ogrest's Tears has been re-balanced in the dungeon with the repeatable quest "Tear Collector".  Doing high level dungeons will give more tears than before.


  • Calamar Shakti De!: The "Calamar Shakti De" achievement now requires completing the main quest on Calamar Island, instead of defeating Captain Calamari.
  • Master Mine: The "Master Mine" no longer requires discovering Soft Oak Cavern.
  • Riktus: The achievements "Micro Gnashville" (Brakmar), "Steam Fortress" (Sofukia), and "Holo 2 (Thicket of Yurbut)" (Bonta) no longer require visiting the Riktus Den. The achievement "Alibert Odyssey (Emelka)" for its part still requires visiting the Riktus Den.


  • Vital Energy Cocktail: The cocktail functions properly in the Shushu dungeon.
  • Celestial Brooch: The characteristics of the "Celestial Brooch Souvenir" version, which were too close to those of Dragolyre, have been re-balanced.
  • Feisty Kitty Costume: The Ecaflip and Ouginak classes' ears will no longer appear behind the ears of the Feisty Kitty Costume.


  • Nations – Chapter 5: In the quest "Nations - Chapter 5 - The Legend of the Sunken Temple - The Heart", it will no longer be possible to not complete the objective "Catch Gankr" by disconnecting during the cinematic after having completed the objective "Defeat the Koutoulou creatures".
  • Nations – Chapter 2: In the quest "Like a Blibli in a China Shop", it is now possible to enter the Arkaeologist Dig Site without needing to be from the nation in which one is currently. Entry now works properly as a Neutral or Riktus.
  • Sudden Distortion: The competitive Environmental Quest counter in Xelorium "Sudden Distortion" now increases properly.


Wild Tofu

  • The Toful Trap properly disembodies its target when inflicting a fatal blow.


  • It will no longer be possible to walk on 9-cell monsters that are invisible in combat.
  • Certain "achievements" are now correctly validated if the character is disconnected at the end of the fight (e.g. Boss Smasher).



  • The spell "Whip" of the Osamodas no longer deals additional damage to some creatures and elements that were added during the fight and shouldn't have been tagged as invocations. (Example: The crystals in the mineral tower.) 

Several fixes have been made to Osamodas's Gobgob's characteristics:

  • He will now have the correct amount of AP and MP.
  • He will no longer improperly gain 2 Resistance per level.
  • Mastery of Berserk, Melee, Distance, Single Target, and Zone has been added.
  • Badgeroxxor's damage has been reduced by 40% when summoned by Osamodas.
We brought some changes to the high level summons of the Osamodas:
  • Badgeroxxor's damage are reduced by 30%.
  • Badgerage, Dreggon Warrior and Dregger's damage are increased by 10%.
  • Kokoleric's heals are increased by 50%.
  • Pheromaniac's Sporcelain spell can only target enemies. 


  • The Foggernaut death animation will no longer play on repeat when on the Motherfogger.


  • Eniripsa can no longer apply two effects of the same mark under Unnatural Remedies.
  • The icon linked to the Revitalizing Word spell's damage bonus appears properly above the target.


  • Ouginak creation will now be available to all players. You can use a Change of Class Scroll to turn your character into an Ouginak.
  • Fits and Starts's damage to a Prey target will no longer be reduced by armor or block.
  • Ouginaks will properly transmit all their secondary masteries to their Bow Wows.


Huppermage School

  • Pandawa NPCs will no longer replace Huppermage NPCs at Huppermagic School.


  • It will no longer be possible to be stuck after saving at a Stoodeep Mine Phoenix after the rocks have reappeared and without a means of teleportation.



  • The wishes of "Loyal Lenald" will be lesser regarding crops in his territory.


Xelorium Seeds

  • The appearance of Unregulated Seeds and Regulated Seeds will be properly associated with the family in which they are harvested.
De Darm
  • The De Darm state is now cumulative on several levels in case the character undergoes another defeat while still under De Darm. The duration of De Darm is reset when the state gains a level.