• Following concerns with neutrality, the quest Neutrality Ticket has been reset for all players. It is again possible to become neutral for free.
  • It is again possible again to join the Riktus Clan, whether a player is neutral or part of a Nation, by speaking to the Riktus Clan Master.
  • Neutral aligned players now have proper access to environmental quests.
  • A player with the rank of Governor no longer loses rank whenever an action is done that changes his or her Citizenship Points while in another nation. In the same manner, it is now possible to vote for an election candidate.
  • While waiting for a future re-implementation of the quest to become a Guard of your Nation, it will no longer be necessary to be a Guard to be named Head Guard.
  • Added an icon for the two new nation laws Rampart and Conquest in the Laws of the Nations interface.

Mineral Tower

  • After a defeat, the cutscene is now played only after the "fade to black" scene. This should prevent it from being played too early and blocks the player in rare cases such as a server lag.
  • The weekly quests and points earned will be correctly added to the second and third characters of a group.
  • The weekly quest objective that all characters must have gained the Crystalline Overkill state now  specifies that three characters must have gained the Crystalline Overkill state.
  • The objective "Finish off 8 Monsters using damage from behind" now provides 400 points instead of 300.
  • It is no longer possible to complete the second objective of the quest How Now, Drowned Tower? before completing the first objective.


  • The achievement Become an Outlaw of your Nation can now be completed.


  • The Ecaflip no longer becomes invisible and untargetable when its Cat Tree is destroyed while on it.

  • Spiritual Tempest no longer exchanges positions with stabilised targets.


  • It is no longer possible to use interface shortcuts in various cinematics. Using them did not open the interfaces, but could generate client lag instead.


Sham Moon
  • Sham Moon no longer becomes invisible and untargetable when his totem is destroyed in phase 3.

Kwismas World

  • Father Kwismas will not be able to transform the same player into a present two rounds in a row.
  • Pushing spells no longer cause AP losses for players and monsters.
  • Players transformed into gifts now have a particle effect to better differentiate them from other gifts. (only visible on the player's turn at the moment).


  • The Mount Zinit Summit Silo has been unlocked correctly for level 194 and above characters.
  • The size of the Grodon pet (DOFUS Pets) has been reduced by 15%.
  • The Factory Worker costume no longer removes a Rogue's head in certain angles.
  • The Twiggy Boots while equipped no longer removes a part of the character's pants.
  • Eternal Tokens have been added to the Compensation Machine.