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  • A restat is offered to all Cras and Enutrofs. You will be able to redistribute your statistics upon log-in.


  • Spells will no longer disappear everytime a player reconnects.
  • Spells with spell-level effects will no longer cause the client to slow down.


  • The K'mir spell no longer inflicts damage on allies.

  • The Scherzo spell no longer deals damage to allies.

  • The passive Anticipation correctly shows the bonus damage caused by each MP removed.
  • The passive The Way of the Bow shows the exact area of the Burning Arrow. In addition, it will no longer mention that this spell loses its push effect.

  • The passive Greed correctly shows the maximum WP loss. 
  • The teleport effect of the Drheller will not occur after casting the active spell Movement. In addition, after killing a target, the Drheller no longer teleports to the square occupied by the target.
  • The description of the Purge spell now mentions the loss of the Treasures state when using the spell.
  • Enemies who are under the active spell Prime of Life with 3 Gold Mines in the area will be able to maintain and receive the Broke state correctly. 


  • The transition to the Ocher phase is now successful.
  • Vital Shock damage correctly raises the score against Ogrest.
  • Ogrest will no longer be destabilized for the duration of the fight when the Woyal Bow of Pwodding is used on him.

Minibulia the Poached Dragon
  • The shells will appear in the correct place in Phase 2.


  • The Forgotten Helmet will no longer be linked to account.


  • I've Got A Feeling - DJ Bilbiboy correctly performs his tricks, he no longer blocks the battle.

Boss Smasher #8

  • Players who have completed Boss Smasher #8 before this hotfix will receive the Les Wabbits se Bat' title upon log-in.
  • The Wa Wabbit Haven Bag Kit is now correctly linked. 

Al Howin

  • The animation of the Bad Smell spell is now displayed correctly.
  • In a dungeon, the Al Howin Gobball will only be able to cast Gobball Bite per player, and the Al Howin Gobball Chief twice per player, per turn.
  • The Al Howin Gobball no longer has the Wild Gobball Family state.
  • The recommended number of players for the Al Howin Dungeon has been increased to 2.