You've been waiting for them and now our furry friends are in the game for your pleasure! Come meet this new class with a big bite!

The Ouginaks bring with them a class-related narrative quest.

  • The narrative quest takes place partially in the new zone, the Ouginak Camp located in Ohwymi. It starts at level 56 and lets you earn a spell that gives a temporary combat bonus based on players' actions.

The class will only be available to players with active boosters. Indeed, if you have an active booster, you can select this class when creating a character. When your booster is over, you will keep access to your character. Important: If you had access to Ouginaks in the beta but you do not have an active booster on the game servers, you will not have access to the class.

The Ouginak Camp
A few of the Ouginak's spells
Hairstyles created by the community! Well done, —Ty— and Im-Torkhal!
See the Devblog for more information:


Enutrof Class Revamp

Our Enutrof friends have had a little sip from the fountain of youth. For them, it's way too early for a retirement home. Out of the question! Quite the opposite, in fact. These treasure hunters have found stable and innovative mechanics and have long, very long adventure-filled lives ahead of them!

Rolling in wealth!
Drhellzerker form
See the Devblog for more information:

New Combat Mechanics

We have totally changed the AP and MP removal system. Now, the chances of removing AP and MP will be less random and will depend on a single characteristic: Willpower.

We have also modified:

  • Class healing values
  • The collision system
A new charactersitic: Willpower (here Volonté)
AP removal from push spells
See the Devblog for more information:

Elite Riktus Clan Revamp

We've toiled hard to rehabilitate the Elite Riktus and their lair - and they're looking good! An Elite Riktus can change everything with a smile! But if I were you, I'd avoid crossing in front of them... or beside them... or behind them. Their boss is also easily fired up and his temperament is even more explosive!

New mechanics!

Class Rebalancing

All the game classes have been rebalanced. Read the changelog carefully to learn more!

Note: All Cras and Enutrofs will receive a free restat scroll by the end of the week.

See you in-game on Tuesday, October 24!


Prix : 13,50 USD

  • 1x God Booster 30 Days
  • 1x Exceptional Artipotion
  • 1x Toxine Costume

This offer is only available once per account.