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  • The Pr'Ogrest bar now updates every 6 hours.
  • Various changes have been made to Ogrest's Chaos following your feedback. Do not hesitate to give us your opinion regarding these changes!
  • The "Competitive Mode" checkbox has been deactivated.
  • The score requirement per server has been balanced to:
    • Aerafal: 25,000,000
    • Dathura: 25,000,000
    • Elbor: 25,000,000
    • Remington: 20,000,000
    • Nox: 15,000,000
    • Efrim: 15,000,000
    • Phaeris: 10,000,000


  • The reflect damage of the Makabrakfire Ring has been limited to -1,000.
  • Osamodas Powders are now working properly.


  • The profession achievements requiring to reach a certain level now validates correctly.
  • The Ultimate Boss achievement "Six Times a Veteran" for Nogord and Sham Moon correctly records the number of times you've defeated them.


  • The "max" button of the crafting interface is now working properly.
  • The amount of the remaining ingredients is displayed correctly.
  • It is now possible to improve the Claymus Shushu through a recipe from the Weapons Master profession.


  • The Castucs and Blackspores leaves a corpse when they die.
  • In the fight against Sor'Hon, Lord of the Flame, targets starting their turn on a lava square will be put out of action.


  • The "Never display health bars in combat" option is now working correctly.
  • Elevated terrains on a map no longer stop actions such as pushing, pulling or charging.


  • When you right click on a pet in the Market, its characteristics are displayed correctly.
  • The description of the End-of-Season chest items has been corrected.
  • Provided a notice at the entrance of Mount Zinit beach indicating the need of an active Booster.
  • Added a status icon for the Polter run.
  • The dungeon interface displays "Competitive Mode" correctly in languages other than French. "Adjust Players' Levels" could be confusing for level 200 dungeons.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented Nox, Phaeries and Efrim players from receiving their ranking rewards for the month.