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  • Kannilooni’s "Collapse" spell now costs 0 AP, which allows it to be used correctly at the end of its turn.

Ambassador's Wing

  • The Necropsic Energy invoked by Kya, Missiz Freezz will now apply 400 Armor to the dead.
  • The Northern Tracker rarely disappeared into the shadows. We changed its function to be similar to that of the Longblade Trainer.

Dungeon Ladder

  • It happened that one or two lines were empty at the end of certain ranking pages, it has been corrected.
  • The Exquisite End of Season Chest now offers epic and relic runes as part of the reward.


Chapter 2 of Mount Zinit

  • The various issues experienced have been corrected.

The Life of a Hunter II

  • The objective of bringing 1 TsarTsar Horn to Otomai’s Disciple has been corrected.


Deluxe Mental Amulet

  • The Deluxe Elemental Amulet can now be upgraded to obtain a relic rune slot.


Archmonster Ethernal

  • Its frozen state has been modified making the fight easier.

Reconnecting in Combat

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the correct display of spell cooldowns on combatants other than the main character after reconnecting.


Wisdom and Prospecting Cap

  • The description has been corrected. It now states a cap of 200%.