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Mount Zinit – Part 3's opening its doors! A new area, the Summit, is finally in view.

And it comes complete with two new families of monsters: the Dreggons and the Ethernels.

This is also where the quest continues, with two new characters to meet.




We're reworking all of the recipes to change them over to the "Astrub model".

  • Addition of Improvement Recipes
  • The characteristics of most of the game equipment have been revised to better adhere to the equipment improvement system.
  • All of the game's resources have a rare stage.

The families concerned by this update are as follows:

Imperfect Group (36-50)

  • Bandit (Riktus)
  • Booskito
  • Chafer
  • Crackler
  • Snapper
  • Field Plant


Fragile Group (51-65)

  • Treechnid
  • Wild Gobball
  • Bwork
  • Dark Hurl Crew
  • Elite Riktus


Rustic Group (66-80)

  • Arachnoshima
  • Crobak
  • Puddly
  • Raskaw
  • Boowolf
  • Rat


Raw Group (81-95)

  • Zoogeyman
  • Bilbibeach Monsters
  • Brrrbli
  • Ghoul
  • Monk
  • Trool
  • Wild Tofu


Solid Group (96-110)

  • Bilbiboy
  • Whisperer
  • Whispered Crackler
  • Jelly
  • Boohemoth

Durable Group (111-125)

  • Castuc
  • Northern Chafer
  • Polar Crackler
  • Meka


Refined Group (126-140)

  • Black Wabbit
  • Lenald
  • Blackspore
  • Wabbit


Precious Group (141-155)

  • Enutreasure
  • Guawd
  • Srambadian
  • Viticultist
  • Zwombbit




  • Rebalancing of the value of health points obtained from breads.
  • Vitality consumables have now switched to the "stackable" model, meaning each consumable now lasts 5 fights and this duration can be added to when the same consumable is used several times.




  • Crafting Essences now only requires Living Trapper resources.


Leather Dealer


  • Leather crafting now only requires commonly dropped resources.




  • The legendary version of the Honeyjumble weapon will be making an appearance in the crafting workshops, and the recipe will therefore be doable.



All of the following resources now have one use:

  • Flamboyant Kroomium
  • Buttfish
  • Meteorite Eel
  • White Perch
  • Hallowed Pooplar Wood
  • Raging Hornbeam Wood
  • Blood-Drenched Nettle
  • Honey Melon


Environmental Quests


In order to get Souper-Glou at all levels, we're adding environmental quests to most of the game areas, following the implementation of the "Astrub model". They replace the former quests for these areas.

The areas included in this update are:

  • The Nations (receive some of the Astrub quests and the Amakna quests)
  • Wild Estate
  • Sadida Kingdom
  • Kelba Island
  • Forfut
  • Shhhudoku Kingdom
  • Ohwymi
  • Srambad
  • Enurado


As a result, some of the dominant monsters can no longer be found and will be reintroduced at a later date in new quests.



  • It is no longer possible to get rewards from "Solo" and "Dash" quests if you haven't reached the minimum level required.
  • The quest tracker no longer shows the quest to players who have not reached the minimum level required to obtain the rewards.
  • The information provided in the quest tracker has been improved.
  • The heroes' score is correctly updated when they are added during a quest.
  • Quests that require you to fight monsters are correctly validated at the end of the fight, even when one of the team members doesn't meet the conditions.
  • "Competitive" quests end if one of the participants achieves a score equivalent to 20% of the total monsters/resources available in the area.
  • "Collaborative" quests end when the global score is equivalent to 80% of the total monsters/resources available in the area (instead of 100%, as was previously the case).





Poisoned Wind

  • Poisoned Wind will remove Intoxicated before reapplying it. This means that it will now be possible to prolong the duration of the state with a normal hit even if the Sadida has dealt a critical hit in the previous turn.



  • When the Osamodas is KO, his/her creatures are killed, even if s/he is then resuscitated by his/her passive.



Wall of Fire

  • The Wall of Fire can now be launched correctly when the Rogue is carried (by a Pandawa, by a Sham Moon totem, by a Dionatrap, etc.).




  • The spell will no longer have a shooting effect (from zero) on the Sacrier, who could activate Transport Sickness and cause problems in certain fights, such as the one against Nyl King.


Bloodthirsty Punishment

  • The spell will correctly inflict its counter-attack damage on the Sacrier in the fight against Dandy Mos Croc.



Sadist Mark

  • The Sadist Mark spell now correctly reduces resistance to heals as indicated.



  • Aging, Underhand and Tempus Fugit damage will be correctly located.




Tofu Dungeon


Royal Tofu Balancing:


  • Chance of Critical Hit reduced from 35% to 20%.
  • Base damage for "Piercing Cry" reduced to 12 instead of 16.
  • Base damage for its Critical Hit spells increased to +50% instead of +25%. Indicated by a passive state on the monster.
  • Its speed bonus becomes "+3 MP" instead of "+20% Critical Hit and +50% damage inflicted as Critical Hit"
  • The Royal Tofu no longer heals when using a WP. Additionally, instead of gaining 20% Damage inflicted (max 100%) for the rest of the fight, it gains 10% Critical Hit (max 50%)
  • These changes also apply to the archmonster Claud Sharpe.


Snaptrap & Sureberry Fields


  • The minimum level to enter these two dungeons has been raised from 21 to 36. As a result, the item levels have increased.



  • The Bosses Flaxhid and Spectrex will now have a maximum level of 170 (instead of 175), which corresponds with the level brackets.


Stalagmotes Dungeon

Dungeon Mechanism

  • The transmission of the "Stalastraw" state will no longer be confined to a 2-cell circle around a Stalagmonarch when it dies.



  • Its health points are reduced from 2,100 to 1,500.
  • Elemental resistances are reduced from 150 to 100.
  • Elemental damage is reduced from 280 to 250.
  • The battlefield will have fewer bordering cells.
  • When the Stalagant dies, it will now only summon a single Stalagster.
  • When the Stalagster dies, it will now only summon a single Stalababy.
  • The "Collapse" spell could be used to summon up to 5 rocks. Now, it can only summon 3.


The Badgeroxes' Lair

  • The Mimics will no longer set off the edge of the "Rage" bubble, causing all of the Badgeroxes to become enraged.
  • Monsters will no longer be static and will move freely in their dungeon room.

Sanctuary of Oktapodas


  • The "Sanctuary of Oktapodas II" achievement will now require you to successfully complete the Gankr room in under 10 minutes.


Kali's Lair

  • Monsters will no longer be static and will move freely in their dungeon room.


Three Pistes' Cave

  • It will no longer be possible to be moved to a cell off the field, such as water cells, for example.


Or'Hodruin Volcano

  • The battlefield in room 3 of the Or'Hodruin Volcano dungeon has been modified. The aim of these changes is to remove a cell that is normally inaccessible.
  • Achievements have been added.
  • Dying because of the Wall of Fire will correctly KO the players' characters and summons.


  • The group leader can now enter the dungeon even if they weren't the one to have invited all of the group's members.





  • Ratical's "Foul Breath" spell increases to 2AP (instead of 1) and is now limited to 2 casts per target.


Kanniball Lymi

  • Kanniball Lymi can longer absorb heals during the positioning phase.



  • The resistance weaknesses that Nogord applies to himself will no longer affect the max. cap of the resistance penalties applied by the players.


Nyl Crocodyls

  • The experience obtained from Nyl Shaman and Nyl Hunter is reduced to comply with the experience obtained from the other monsters on Moon Island.


Mount Zinit, Part 2

  • Experience from the Badgerox and Dor'Mor monster families has been increased by around 30%.
  • The Converting Bees state will be removed correctly when the Beardger who applied it is KO.


Gwandpa Wabbit

  • When Gwandpa Wabbit is killed, the Cawwotene state applied by the Cawwot he summoned is then reduced by 1 level for all players.


Lunar Priestess

  • The Moon summoned by the Lunar Priestess will now be visible during a fight.



  • The description of the "Eternal Chilblains" effect applied by the Crobamoth has been changed.



  • Killing a War'hg will make the Cloud of Ashes disappear in all cases.



  • There will now only be 2 droppable resources available from each monster, at respective rates of 25% and 1%.
  • There will now only be one resource available from the dungeon bosses, at a rate of 10%.


Ultimate Bosses


Changes have been made to the Ultimate Bosses Excarnus, Milkar the Moowolf, Black Crow, Magmog the Gobbalrog and the Dragon Pig in accordance with the new model.

These changes are as follows:

  • The number of boss tokens obtained during the first weekly victory is 10.
  • Old tokens can be exchanged for new ones at a rate of 1 for 10.
  • Tokens and items can only be picked up from the first victory against the boss, not the first fight. This change will give you a chance to get rewards even if you lost during your first attempt.
  • You need 30 boss tokens for items from the machine.
  • You get 10 boss tokens when you complete the "Apprentice Victory" achievements.
  • You get 20 boss tokens when you complete the "Six Times A Veteran" achievements.
  • You get 10 boss tokens when you complete the "Expert Strategy" achievements.
  • Equipment is changing over to the improvement system. Please note: the level of some items has been revised upwardly (which has resulted in their characteristics being improved).
  • Quitting a fight against an Ultimate Boss no longer applies the "0-Rate" state to players from the fight.
  • The Boss can be reattempted after the first victory of the week (but the player won't get a reward).
  • Changes to the achievements won't be applied retroactively for players who have already completed them.
  • Any equipment that was already of legendary rarity before the update will remain as such.



  • Players will correctly adopt their own class's fight pose.
  • Piles of bones outside of play will no longer summon the Skeletal Gobball regardless.
  • The timeline will now always be synchronized.



The minimum Ultimate Boss level has been lowered by 15 levels. Here are the new entrance levels:

  • Excarnus: 66
  • Milkar the Moowolf: 81
  • Black Crow: 96
  • Magmog the Gobbalrog: 96
  • Dragon Pig: 111






  • The Dorsum and Versum challenges can now only be failed when the player suffers HP loss from a spell.
  • It will therefore no longer be possible to fail this challenge by suffering indirect damage, such as damage from being in an area of effect or a state.
  • The Barbaric, Archer, Fusion and Cowardly challenges will no longer be available in Steel Beak
  • The Tsunami, Drought, Cyclone and Tremblor challenges will no longer be available in Sham Moon.
  • The Separation challenge will no longer be available in Grozepin.
  • The Reprieve, Down and Out and All or Nothing challenges will no longer be available in Sor'Hon.



The effects of heals played on monsters that are dying will no longer result in their being resuscitated. This concerns the following effects and monsters:

  • Eniripsa - Massacuring Mark
  • Pheromaniac
  • Hyphalump
  • Kokoleric




  • Professions boxes have been upwardly revised:
  • 6-place boxes now have 10 places
  • 9-place boxes now have 15 places
  • 12-place boxes now have 20 places
  • 15-place boxes now have 25 places
  • 18-place boxes now have 30 places
  • Their names have also been revised and standardized.



  • Initiate Epaulettes will now correctly give wisdom instead of prospecting.         
  • The Modulox Token description will now state that they can be exchanged in the machine at Astrub Tavern.
  • The Archaic Part and Present Sandglass Sand trapper harvests can now be correctly transferred into the designated Trapper box.
  • It is now possible to correctly use the Haven Bag gem piles: the whole pile is no longer transferred to the slot in the control interface.
  • An item equipped on a sidekick in place of another item will no longer visually disappear in the client.
  • Runes placed on improvable items will now stay on the improved version after crafting.
  • The Coat of Mythwil plastron will give you +1 AP, not +1 MP at all rarity levels.
  • The female visual of the legendary "Mail Har" plastron has been added.
  • The Coat of Chain Scales plastron will give you +1 AP at all rarity levels. The statistics have been revised accordingly.
  • All of the game's bows will now have a single target area of use.
  • Epic and Relic items have changed level. Their characteristics have been adjusted accordingly.
  • To facilitate the item level changes, players will get a Bard emblem when they first log in.
  • The Dragon Helm characteristics have been changed to give resistance in 3 elements.
  • There are no more invisible items in the Kannivore Machine.






  • The marketplace has been reorganized. New categories have been added, and the old ones have been enriched.
  • If a player can't collect all of the kamas from his/her sales, pressing the collect button will give him/her as many as s/he can carry. Any remaining kamas will stay in the marketplace.


Character Selection

  • Character positions will now be correctly displayed.
  • It will no longer be possible to get stuck on the character selection phase, so the game will be able to launch.



  • Health bars are no longer displayed when characters have their maximum number of health points.
  • The group search interface shortcut will correctly close the interface if it is open when the shortcut is used.
  • The fighters' health bar is now displayed in the timeline.
  • Items that can be obtained from several resources (like the Old Pair of Underpants) will no longer be displayed in the Professions interface.


Haven Worlds

  • Bronze minerals to be placed in the Haven Worlds have been added.




Scoreboard (Modulox)

  • The level to unlock these quests has been lowered:
  • Quest 126-185 can be unlocked at level 141 (instead of 186)
  • Quest 66-125 can be unlocked at level 81 (instead of 126)
  • Quest 6-65 can be unlocked at level 51 (instead of 66) for new players
  • Quest 6-65 can be unlocked at level 21 (instead of 66) for players who already have a >= 51 character on their account


Environmental Quests

  • Now the "Prowling Spirit" monster (in false form) will be called "Scythescraper". When we talk about the player's Double, we will talk about the Prowling Spirit in the descriptions.
  • The number of Scythescrapers to defeat to successfully complete the EQ has been lowered to 3 (instead of 5).
  • The Scythescraper has the same health points and resistances of a traditional monster and is no longer invulnerable. It gains a resistance bonus for each Prowling Spirit in play. It has 1 to 3 MP depending on its level.
  • Each turn, the Scythe tries to summon a Prowling Spirit but can't summon the same player twice, unless it is no longer able to summon. In this case, it restarts its cycle in the following turn.
  • The Prowling Spirit has 20% of the player's max HP and 50% of their Mastery.
  • When a player hits the Scythe, all Prowling Spirits gain 6 AP (1 turn)(cannot be stacked). When a player hits a Prowling Spirit, the Scythe gains 2 MP (1 turn)(cannot be stacked). When a player kills a Prowling Spirit, the Scythe's Rez bonus that was linked to the Prowling Spirit is removed.
  • Prowling Spirits and Scythescrapers cannot be healed, so problems that could be caused to heal-based characters are avoided.
  • Environmental Quests that make groups of monsters appear will now last 30 minutes instead of 15.


Bosses Hunt

  • The "Bosses Hunt" quests have been given a makeover. Now, instead of asking you to defeat a whole list of specific Bosses for the level bracket (four bosses, on average), you can now defeat four different bosses of your choice within that level bracket.
  • At very low levels, and for level brackets where there are only three different bosses, you will only need to defeat three to complete the quest.


Huppermage Quest

  • The NPC, Thomass Edwindu, asks for the correct resources for the "Puzzling the Big Sword" quest, regardless of the situation.



  • Certain characters who have already completed a lot of quests and achievements will no longer get stuck on the loading page.
  • Growth speed will no longer be influenced by the temperature.
  • The particle indicating a player's outlaw status will now be correctly displayed in all cases.
  • Activating PvP will no longer deactivate the application of laws.
  • Costumes no longer disappear from other players' screens when carrying out various actions.
  • The Tree Fit achievement can now be correctly completed by planting 10 birches and making an Imperfect Plank.


Haven Bag


  • Scoreboard quests can now be picked up in the Haven Bag thanks to a new NPC called "Mod'Ule".
  • A new "Item Recycler" to be placed in Haven Bags is available from the NPC "Mod'Ule".




Experience gained from the following types of recipe has been changed:

  • Refinement: 400 XP -> 300 XP
  • Component: 400 XP -> 300 XP
  • Rare Craft: 600 XP -> 2,400 XP
  • Mythical Craft: 1,800 XP -> 7,200 XP
  • Rare Upgrade: 300 XP -> 1,200 XP
  • Mythical Upgrade: 900 XP -> 3,600 XP
  • Legendary Upgrade: 2,700 XP -> 10,800 XP
  • Profession Item: 2,400 XP

In the specific case of the handyman profession, the changes are as follows:

  • Display Windows: 2,000 XP
  • Bags and Boxes: 2,000 XP
  • Transmutation: 400 XP -> 1,600 XP
  • Crafting Machine: 4,000 XP
  • Metamorfo: 2,000 XP


Rare Resources

  • The last of the rare resources whose visuals hadn't been converted to the new model, such as the Moon Island resources, are now on this new model (different color, sparkling brighter).



  • The hidden "Magic Cawwot Juice" recipe will once again work correctly.
  • Recipes resulting in Metamorfos now have variants that use Mount Zinit resources.



Wabbit Island

  • The black cells on Wabbit Island have been corrected.



  • Minerals have been added at the top of Astrub Mountain and can be accessed by climbing the walls.
  • Minerals have been added on a small island to the right of Astrub and can be accessed by climbing the walls, and swimming.


Monk Island

  • Fish have been added, thereby raising the number of fishing points from 25 to 50.