Patch Note MAJ 1.53



Mount Zinit - Part 2!


Have you already wandered through the first part of Mount Zinit and arrived at the mysterious ship embedded in the mountain’s lower slope? Do you spend your evenings pondering what’s behind the silo? There’s a whole new adventure awaiting you in part two of Mount Zinit! On the program:

  • 3 new zones to explore.
  • 1 quest to discover.
  • 3 new monster families to fight.
  • 3 dungeons to get through.
  • New objects to retrieve and to make.

The new content is for players of level 150 to 200!

"Mount Zinit -  Part 2 Devblog"

The maximum levels for professions unlocked

Increase your professional skills beyond level 100 thanks to modifications in this new update. The highest resources are now at level 125 and the highest recipes at level 130. It’s still possible to gain experience points over level 130.

The experience required at each professional level has been reduced. Players keep all their experience from before the update, which allows you to gain a few professional levels.

Transition to Zinit: Xelorium and Moon Island

The "Astrub Model” applies in the Xelorium and Moon Island zones. To summarize, this means that in these zones:

  • Environmental Quests (EQ) are divided into 4 categories: solo, dash, competitive and collaborative. Collaborative quests let you trigger hordes and invasions. An archmonster has just appeared in the zone too. EQ allow you to obtain the Souper-Glou, a crucial resource for all the equipment recipes!
  • The dungeons are more dynamic. The level of monsters varies, which influences their characteristics and Initiative.
  • Obtaining items based on their rarity has been modified.
  • Equipment can be improved through the professions.

To learn about all the details of the “Astrub Model” changes, click on this link: here.

Character creation interface

The character creation interface has been slightly modified to add more information for new players. Stars indicate the level of difficulty to master a character class and pictograms with descriptions tell players about the class’s roles (damage, support, tank, etc.).

These changes are mainly for new players arriving in The World of Twelve for the first time.

The Mount Zinit Part 2 update will be available on Thursday, May 4th

Note that Mount Zinit Part 1 and 2 will only be accessible for players with an active Booster Pack. 

Comments (91) Comment on the forum...
cody5 - Member - 28 April 2017 18:25
Wait, hang on
It says "zinit part 1 and 2 will only be accessible with a booster pack"
But I thought when you guys do a content patch the previous content is released for non-booster players?
Shouldn't that mean that zinit part 1 will be now avalabile for non-booster players?
auizoo - Member - 28 April 2017 19:25
What's that osa wearing? I want it ohmy
Gimonfu - Member - 28 April 2017 20:09
You said you keep new contetnt only locked for non-boosters until the next content/major patch...
Not cool guys, not cool.

Also it is sad to see that you, apparently, once again, have confused "more difficult" monsters with simply "harder hitting" monsters ...... 9k hits??? seriously???
grougaloragrande - Member - 28 April 2017 20:51
Part 1 not free ? You kidding right!!!?
Darkest07 - Member - 28 April 2017 21:03
This will pass by many players...
luallenn - Member - 28 April 2017 21:07
what a pathetic idea to not let people at least drop legendary gear from dungeons. craft gear for alts now? rip
Azumite - Member - 28 April 2017 21:28
May 4th is a Tuesday, not a Thursday. Since all the updates have been in Tuesdays
H3rushingu - Member - 28 April 2017 21:53
why Part 1 not free ? Part 2 that is the new content.... just give us part 1.....
SSBKewkky - Member - 28 April 2017 22:06
Part 1 should be free, I agree with everyone else. The newest content should be booster-exclusive, and Part 1 will not be the newest content anymore.
blaze342 - Member - 28 April 2017 22:16
i agree part 1 should be free so make it free