This new feature will allow you to adjust the difficulty of a dungeon as you like. Has the Gobball Dungeon become too easy for your liking? Correct it by corrupting the monsters with Stasis! And on the other hand: the krazy Kanniballs getting you down? Lower the difficulty and come back later to put them in their place.

With this new feature, you will gain experience and rewards according to the difficulty set!

There are 50 levels of difficulty that await you, divided into 5 levels (of difficulty):

  • Rapid (1-10)
  • Normal (11-20)
  • Difficult (21-30)
  • Expert (31-40)
  • Master (41-50)

By default, dungeons will be set to Rapid or Normal difficulties. By completing the dungeons at these levels, you’ll unlock the harder difficulties! For example, the famous Gobball Dungeon will need to be successfully completed at difficulty 20 to unlock difficulties 21 to 30!

The new dungeon entry interface will allow you to keep an eye on the difficulties you have unlocked. In conjunction with the Adjustable Level System, you can, at the click of a button, set the level of your character and adjust it to the level of the dungeon.

The keys, required to access WAKFU’s dungeons, have been removed to simplify the system and reduce the punishment suffered in the event of defeat! You’ll be free to test the difficulties of the dungeon to your liking and put some spice (or rather, Stasis) in your adventure!  

Find more information about the Stasis Dungeons in this dedicated Devblog!


The fifth and final chapter of the epic Quest of Nations arrives in this new update!

Direct yourselves to Sufokia to complete the last leg of your adventure. Fret not, for you won’t be alone! The well-known arkaeologists, Laura Craft and Jenry Hones Jr. will accompany you on the final chapter.

Chapter 5 in the Quest of Nations includes the following content:

  • A 4-part quest for level 45 (or above) players, continuing on from Chapter 4 in the Quest of Nations (a pre-requisite)
  • A visit to sandy Sufokia and Oktapodas’ Sunken Temple for a whole ton of surprises
  • An epic dungeon adventure
  • A new 9-piece hero set: the Tenacious Hero Set
  • Haven Bag decorations, titles and tons of rewards to unlock or purchase from the dungeon croupier
  • Last but not least, a new artifact, that will open up many new horizons in your exploration of the World of Twelve
  • Not to mention, some extra surprises and twists!

Are you ready for this new adventure?

Find out more about this last chapter of the Quest for Nations in this Devblog!


Bow to the big bad boss of the update, the legendary Nogord Wungleezared! This new Ultimate Boss is for players level 186 and more! He should keep you up and awake for the long winter nights that await.

Nogord is a prismatic dragon who has mastered the four elements and his gameplay reflects these. Let us warn you right away, Nogord is terribly powerful and you and your teammates will have to correctly anticipate every move if you want to avoid devastating attacks and come out unscathed!

Ha? Still not trembling in your boots? Then know that Nogord has a million life points and under those wings of his, all the cards to roast you, pure and simple!

Head to Inglorium to face him in the next update!

Eager to be champion of champions? Then take part in our contest to be the first to defeat Nogord! You can find all the details here.

Comments (17) Comment on the forum...
LuccaPelucca - Member - 12 December 2016 18:00
Nothing relevant about the cloning bug? Have you postponed it again?
TheRogueCat - Member - 12 December 2016 19:08
Flatops|2016-12-12 16:30:00You no longer need dungeon keys to enter dungeons. Keys currently present in inventories will be transformed into an object to be used which will give 10 Glossy Powders of the same level.

The "Quests" and "Achievements" interfaces now open to the "To Do" category by default, rather than the "All" category.

The chat window now shows all chat tabs when the character connects.

Haven Gem Fragments are now stackable up to 100 (instead of 12, as before).

Tofu Eggs, which could no longer be obtained, have been removed from the game, and replaced by Tofu Gizzards in recipes.

It is now possible to directly drop relics at 0.1% on the following Bosses: Emperor/King Jellixes, Hagen Daz, Kya (Missiz Freezz), Lenald Empelol and the Wa Wabbit.

Various bugs have been corrected which could occur during pet data actions on the server.

Item categories have been improved and simplified (Markets and Encyclopedia).

It is no longer possible to obtain Haven Gems, Haven Gem Fragments, or Metamorfrags in Enutrof's Pouch.
[Sabi] - Administrator - 13 December 2016 04:39
Hi everyone,

The following points were added to the changelog:

  • The Fang Ring costs 250 tokens (instead of 110) in the Nyl Crocodyl Croupier.
  • Eniripsa: The spells "Rough Tongue", "Fleahopper", "Fleeflee" and "Incandescence" no longer cause problems with the Eniripsa's Hammle Mark.

LuccaPelucca|2016-12-12 18:00:43Nothing relevant about the cloning bug? Have you postponed it again?

The team is still investigating, therefore we are not postponing the efforts, and will update the Community on where we are as soon as possible, so thank you for still being patient with us. smile 
junkymirnel - Member (+) - 13 December 2016 10:22
" The spells "Rough Tongue", "Fleahopper", "Fleeflee" and "Incandescence" no longer cause problems with the Eniripsa's Hammle Mark." Hahahahaha, no abuse allowed anymore.... 
Sting-Shotter - Member - 13 December 2016 13:08
So erm... for certain dungeons that had special HC methods... like Xelorium dungeons..
Will they be removed?

if not.. at what difficulty level will the xelorium past Death on start tiles appear from the clock? or will they now appear on all difficulty levels or just get removed?
Izuina 13 December 2016 13:23
What about the piwi buff. They are just OP.
strawberrybug - Member (+) - 13 December 2016 13:34
Flatops|2016-12-12 16:30:00Normal modes will take on the Hardcore mode gameplay, but with the characteristics of normal monsters.

Certain Hardcore gameplays have been simplified, such as that of "Xelorium - Present".
Does this mean the death clock will be in normal xelor past? And the flooding death tiles in Sugnuf? Because as much fun as those are, they requires a lot of coordination for an average team...

I know at level 128 I would have died to HC sugnuf, hands down.
robertjuhzz 14 December 2016 04:32
Lot's of items vanished from my inventory and/or changed to blue chests with glossy powder, whats that about?
strawberrybug - Member (+) - 14 December 2016 18:55
robertjuhzz|2016-12-14 04:32:27Lot's of items vanished from my inventory and/or changed to blue chests with glossy powder, whats that about?
All your keys turned to powder. No more keys in the game.
EarthyMadness - Member - 14 December 2016 20:18
I'm just sad Blimprat won't be able to give gangrene anymore. Even if it wasn't super powerful and/or useful past about level 120, it was still a fun effect, kind of a troll mechanic.