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Adjustable Levels and Rapid Builds

The Adjustable Levels (also called downscaling) are the ability of a player to virtually reduce the level of their character in order to take part in certain activities, all while gaining rewards adapted to the character's real level.

This possibility will be incorporated into the Rapid Build system. As the name suggests, Rapid Builds allow you to change Builds with a single click, without opening any interface whatsoever.

This is the post-referral phase: guiding new players as they get started in the game.

The guide accompanies their protégé in-game to help them progress, but by switching to the same level as them, so as not to ruin their game experience.

In general, we will also reward all players who spend time playing with beginners


Al Howin

  • The maximum stacks of items for the Al Howin event have been increased from 99 to 9999.
  • The number of monsters that appears in Al Howin have been greatly increased
    • Every 3 minutes (from 5 minutes), the system verifies if there are enough monsters in the area.
    • If there are less than 60 monsters (instead of 40), the system will spawn more monsters.
    • The system will spawn 40 monsters at once (instead of 18).
    • The areas concerned for this increase are the following areas in Astrub - Mountains, Fields, Plains, Cemetery, Forest and Tainela.


  • The night ambiance has been completely reworked, adding many sources of light, and making the city more vibrant.


Story of the Nyl Quest

  • Players who had collected Entry 1 of the Nyl Arena Logbook without having the level required to start the associated quest can correctly start the quest by collecting the item again.
  • The 4 Nations Mercenary Quests regarding the Tofuhouse can be validated again.
  • A map marker has been added to the Moon Island quest – Moon Surface – Depths.
  • Monsters appearing in inaccessible areas in the quest "Collaborative: Ogrest's Cult Raiders Invasion" has been corrected.
  • The NPCs N.D. Hammersmith and Missy Amulet will give the right resources to use for crafting components during the Dragoturkey quest.


  • The right click interface for Hazel and Chestnut tress have been corrected.


  • Former "Tropickle Tokens" which haven't been converted into "Moon Island Tokens" will be deleted. We invite you to exchange them at any Moon Island machine before the update.
  • It's now possible to exchange the relic "Monkey King Epaulettes" for another version of the item at the Ultimate Boss machine on Moon Island.
  • The blueprint for Monkey King Epaulettes are now linked to your account instead of linked to your character. In addition, the blueprint can now be thrown or deleted.
  • The recipe for Essence of Blood no longer requires Tofu Blood. The Coonan Cutlass, which required Essences of Blood, now requires 3 Tofu Bloods as well.
  • Gobball Slobber – which can no longer be collected, and has been deleted – has been replaced by the same quantities of Gobball Wool in recipes. The harvest action on Fluffy Gobballs will correctly show harvesting Gobball Wool and not harvesting Gobball Slobber.
  • The Fire of Love and other light objects have been corrected: they can now be used at night OR in the mines, tunnels and sewers.
  • The Orrok's Wings cape is correctly displayed again.
  • Inconsistencies regarding harvesting monster seeds (displayed levels) have been corrected.
  • Intermediate components now all have a description.
  • The recipe for the Tailor's Workshop requires 3 Chaos Tricorns instead of 3 Pandawan Hats. The recipes for the three items of the Pandawan Set have been removed for the moment. The set may one day become available again.
  • The poison "Cursed" placed by the spell "Woodland Stench" will no longer be applied after a target has been knocked out.
  • The recipe for Iop Table doesn't require swords that can't be crafted anymore.
  • The recipe for Fryou's Little Staff now requires 6 Tofu Staff instead of 33.
  • The Wakfu Costume can now be seen in the inventory and will now be linked to your account. Note that it will be renamed in a future update.


  • The archmonster Explosive Larvawork correctly appears in its group when the conditions are valid.


  • The Trool Academy Dungeon is accessible once again.
  • Opaket Dungeon: The Shepherd's Good Hole – Mimi the Marvelous has now stopped attacking her allies.


  • The Tofu and Gobball Dungeons to be placed in the Haven World are working again.
  • Buddy Hully's boat brings the player back to Astrub from Mount Zinit once again.
  • The animation problems with the Boowolf mount have been corrected. A jump animation has been added.
  • Finishers have been introduced via the "Otomai Finisher", which can be obtained for free from Otomai in Incarnam!