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Moon: New area open on Moon!

It includes:

  • 2 new monster families Nyl Crocodyls and Kannivores
  • 2 dungeons (minimum level 176 and 178)
  • 1 new zone, including 5 harvesting resources (one of each type)
  • 5 mercenaries available “above ground”
  • More than 60 new items
  • More than 15 new very high-level recipes
  • 5 new Exquisite Runes


Monk Island: Visuals updated

The monks have got a face-lift! Go visit your favorite little old men and gamble in the new ruins of Monk Island... AMEN TO THAT!



The following classes will receive a global restat: Ecaflip, Eliotrope and Feca.
The following classes will receive a spell restat on the following spells: Enutrof (Hot Magma), Masqueraider (Classtanet), Osamodas (Bwork Sneakiness).



  • Retreat Arrow will continue to apply Reach even if Reach is already level 50, meaning players will be able to keep it.


  • The resistance penalty applied by the Battle spell will be visible from now on in the profile page of the character in combat.
  • The “God Ouginak” card will now be shown on the profile page of the character in combat after it has been drawn from the Tarot.
  • The Final Damage bonus/penalty applied by the “Hairy Moon” Tarot card will now be displayed on the profile page of all the characters who receive the bonus/penalty.
  • The Final Damage bonus conferred by the Paws Off passive when the Black Bow Meow is killed will from now on be displayed on the profile page of the character in combat.
  • The Final Damage bonus applied to allies by the Dice Roulette spell will from now on be displayed on the profile page of all the characters who receive the bonus.
  • The Final Damage bonus conferred by the Ecaflip’s Tarot passive will be displayed on the profile page of the character in combat.
  • The Fleahopper spell will now indicate that it only deals damage to enemies.
  • The Black Bow Meow spell will now stipulate in its conditions that there must be no Black Bow Meows in play already. (The information was already included in the tooltip).
  • The Positive Fleeflees from the Fleahopper spell can now jump onto a target that already has Positive Fleeflees of level 50 or over.
  • The Final Damage bonus conferred by the Ecaflip’s Tarot passive when the Ecaflip draws a Positive Card will be higher at level 2 of the passive: 10% level 1 and 20% level 2.
  • Players will no longer be able to cast Double or Quits on a dead body.
  • The Up to Scratch spell will now apply 3 AP of Water Armor to the Ecaflip, as well as being able to be cast twice per turn (instead of three times). The spell can also still be cast if the Ecaflip is Stabilized, but they won’t move and won’t inflict damage.
  • The Three Cards spell will no longer removes Armor. The spell will removes 60 Elemental Resistance (1 turn, max. 120) from targets in the AoE and will now cost 5 AP (instead of 5 AP and 1 WP), and damage has been balanced accordingly.
  • The Battle spell will no longer cast -40 Elemental Resistance but instead the potential to maximize or minimize the next spell's damage.
  • The Hot Potato Spell: Damage and healing has been increased to 30 to 50% (instead of 25 to 40%). the spell will be restored during the Ecaflip’s turn if there are no more in play.
  • The Heads, I win; tails, you lose! Spell: Damage and healing have been increased to 25 to 40% (instead of 15 to 25%).
  • The Black Bow Meow spell: Can now summon several Black Bow Meows. The Black Bow Meow will now attack the last target their master attacked first.
  • Roll Again can now be cast at a Range of 0 to 4 (instead of 0 to 3) and doesn’t have to be cast in a straight line to use its resurrection effect.


  • The Barrier spell will no longer cost 1 extra MP when the Eliotrope has the Transitory passive and is in the Calm state.
  • The Exalted state will now increase the damage from all of a spell's HP losses instead of just the first. The way this works technically has also been streamlined, but the change will be transparent to players.
  • A fix was applied for the animations of several spells that go through portals where the Eliotrope didn’t turn toward the portal to cast the spell, with an attack coming out of the destination portal.
  • A fix was applied for several spells that didn’t always deal long-distance and localized damage when they passed through portals.
  • Calm: Regenerates 2 WP at the end of the turn.
  • Portal: Can no longer teleport an ally to the closest portal. Now costs 2 AP in all cases. Portal placement is no longer limited by the Charges mechanic. The spell can only be cast twice per turn. It can now be cast through portals, which means it’s possible to summon a portal far away from the Eliotrope but close to a distant portal. Portals can now be placed directly under the Eliotrope or an ally. They can also be placed side by side. Portals will no longer disappear when the Eliotrope who summoned them is in a KO state. They will disappear only when the Eliotrope who summoned them dies and there are no other Eliotropes in the fight. The AI is no longer prompted to end its turn on portals to obstruct them.
  • Time Breach: Cooldown time has been reduced to two turns. This spell no longer requires line of sight. The cost has been reduced to 2 AP and 1 WP. When cast on an ally, the spell will teleport the ally through the closest portal (maximum 6 squares).
  • Prevention: Can now pass through portals.
  • Incandescence: Now Stabilizes the target. The “Stabilized” effect applied by the players compensates for no longer being able to use portals. The spell has a Critical Hit and can now pass through portals.
  • Pulsation: The cost has been reduced to 2 AP. When cast on an empty cell, the spell will move the closest portal to the targeted cell.
  • Flood: The cost has been reduced to 3 AP. Range has been increased to 1 to 5. The spell can no longer pass through portals. Calm state: the Eliotrope will switch places with the target and heal themself. Exalted state: will inflict damage on the target.
  • Barrier: The way this spell works has changed: it will now create a defensive area that lasts for 1 turn. On the next turn, the Eliotrope will teleport to the middle of the defensive area, gain 1 Armor, and inflict AoE damage. The Eliotrope’s allies will take reduced damage while they are in the defensive area. The cost has been increased to 7 AP. Cooldown time is 2 turns. Range has been increased to 0 to 4. The spell can no longer pass through portals.
  • Ardent Aegis: The way this spell works has changed: it no longer deals damage. It can be placed on the Eliotrope to reduce AND reflect long-distance damage for two turns. The cost has been reduced to 1 WP. Cooldown time is 3 turns.
  • Deafening Target: Range has been increased to 1 to 2 in a straight line. The “hit” graphic will now play on the three cells.
  • Siphon: The duration of Siphoning and Inverse Siphoning has been increased to two turns.
  • Unleashed Blade: The cast limit per turn and per target has been removed. Damage has been revised accordingly. If the target is on a portal, additional effects will be triggered. Calm state: -4 Range. Exalted state: extra damage.

A fix was applied for the animations of several spells that go through portals where the Eliotrope didn’t turn toward the portal to cast the spell, with an attack coming out of the destination portal. A fix was applied for several spells that didn’t always deal long-distance and localized damage when they passed through portals.
  • Transitory: This passive has been revamped. When the Flood spell is cast, if there is a portal between the Eliotrope and the target: (when Calm) +2 AP to allies; (when Exalted) the spell will inflict 30/50% extra damage. On each turn where the Eliotrope or an ally uses a portal (1 per turn): heals 3/6/12% HP max. and gains 3/6/12% CH. The amount will increase depending on the consecutive number of turns when the Eliotrope has used a portal and maxes out at 12% after three turns. The effect will be lost if the Eliotrope doesn’t use a portal for one turn.
  • Enthusiasm: This passive has been revamped. It has been increased by 1/2 WP max. When attacking a target from the front, the target will be filled with Wakfu. Several targets can be affected simultaneously. After using a portal, the Eliotrope will inflict 20/30% extra damage on targets behind them.
  • Resilience: Resistance drain has been increased to -100 (levels 1 and 2 of the passive) no matter which way the target is facing.
    The amount of Ardent Aegis applied has been increased by 50/200% for a maximum of 189 reduced and reflected damage at level 200.
    The spell’s Range has been increased by 5, allowing it to be cast on allies. The spell can now pass through portals. On the first enemy attacked in close combat on the Eliotrope’s turn: 2/3 levels of Incurable, which will reduce heals by 20/30%.
  • Sublimation: No longer increases the Range of the Time Breach spell. No longer lets the caster remove 1 Range with the Pulsation spell.
    At level 1, the passive will now require only 2 Range Bonus (instead of 3) to give MP. The % of damage inflicted by spells that pass through a portal will now be the % of long-distance damage inflicted. The amount has been increased to 10/20%.
  • Celestial Portal: Regenerates 2 WP (instead of 1) when the Eliotrope targets themself with a spell that goes through a portal. This effect will now work when the Eliotrope is in the Exalted state as well as the Calm state. The spell’s cost will no longer be restored when the Eliotrope targets themself with Pulsation. The Celestial Gift state will now last 3 turns (instead of 1). The % of damage inflicted has been increased to 25/35%.


  • The damage from the Enutrof’s Hot Magma spell can no longer be triggered several times in combination with the Trade Secrets passive (level 2) when the spell finishes off one or more targets.
  • When collecting a Pouch, the player will now see the bag collected without knowing what is inside. The item obtained in the Pouch will be indicated in the end of fight interface. If the same item is obtained from both a usual loot drop and a Pouch, it will be listed twice in the loot list.


  • Fecas will no longer lose their “No longer blocks line of sight” attribute from the Untouchable passive when they receive the “No longer blocks line of sight” attribute a second time.
  • Fecas will no longer encounter any issues when laying down their glyphs in specific game modes (for example, the Castuc Dungeon).
  • If Fecas have the Temporal Flux passive enabled, they can from now on use Teleportation even if Stabilized; they will get the MP but won’t be teleported.

We decided to remove the Feca’s ability to drain resistance and to increase damage on a target. The reason is that Fecas had accumulated too many different abilities in relation to the other classes, and in accumulated amounts that proved to be enormous. As Fecas became indispensable in team combat, other more subtle classes were having too much trouble playing effectively in teams.
  • Inversion: Costs 1 WP (instead of 2 MP and 1 WP). The effects will now be applied to the Feca only and no longer to allies and opponents.
    The Resistance penalty and Damage bonus have not changed, but will now last two turns.
  • Magmatic Armor: No longer removes Resistance; will inflict 3 AP in Fire Damage instead.
  • Leather Plating: This spell will now be applied permanently around the Feca and not around their position at the end of the turn. The effects on targets will therefore be lost when they leave the AoE. The area of effect will now be reduced to a two-cell circle instead of a three-cell circle. Opponents will no longer take increased damage from allies. The cost of movement will be doubled for opponents in the area of effect. This is designed to keep opponents close to the Feca. The value of reduced damage to allies has changed to 10/20% instead of 15/20% at levels 1 and 2.
  • Natural Attack: Can now be cast 3 times per target (instead of twice per target).
  • Fecabo: Can now be cast 3 times per target (instead of twice per turn).
  • Provocation can no longer Stabilize a Destabilized opponent.


  • The Huppermage’s Visio Imperum will no longer wrongly switch to 2 AP (instead of 3 AP) when the Huppermage has the Earth Rune active (without having the Water Rune).
  • Provocation can no longer Stabilize a Destabilized opponent.
  • Twilight Beam will now use up the Huppermage’s entire Quadramental Breeze, instead of sometimes leaving 1 QB.


  • Players can no longer teleport into the standard zone using a single AP.


  • The Osamodas’ Bwork Sneakiness spell no longer allows them to knock over a Stabilized target, as was already the case for the Masqueraider’s Whipkick, for example. Also, the description of the Stabilized state will from now on explain that the state makes the bearer immune to the effects of being knocked over.
  • When summoned by an Osamodas, the Wabbit Shawpshootew’s Cawwot Fwag spell can now be cast more than once per turn.


  • A fix has been performed for several issues where both the carrier and carried character received the effects of the following spells: leahopper, Fertilizer, Revitalizing Word and Healing Word.
  • The Pandawa’s Refreshment passive now has an RP description. Also, the AoE around the Barrel will now be indicated in the passive’s effects.
  • The Pandawa’s Pandamic passive now has an RP description.


  • The Boomerang Dagger will indeed mention the increase in Critical Hit damage. This increase was already in effect.
  • We have completed several fixes for the Rogue Master passive:
  • The right damage will be displayed by Treacherogue.
  • The Treacherogue state now indicates that its damage is higher at level 2 of the passive.
  • Treacherogue’s damage will no longer trigger Block and will bypass Armor and Barrier.
  • This state will no longer be used up after the damage, which used to result in losing the AP bonus that was still in effect. On the other hand, this state won’t last any longer than the current turn.


  • The minimum range of the Sacrier’s Transposition spell will no longer change to 2 cells when the Sacrier has the Mobility passive in their deck.
  • The Colonnades spell will no longer display a zone when players cast it on themselves or an ally.
  • In some unexplained cases, when a Sacrier’s HP dropped to 0 (probably when they were used as a Hero or they died), teleporting when this characteristic hadn’t been updated to a value greater than 0 caused a black screen. This bug has been fixed.


  • The Foggernaut’s Fogginator will no longer be applied to the Pandawa when they are carrying the Foggernaut.


  • The glyph from the Against the Clock spell will no longer be considered targetable for certain effects. It has also been given new graphics and a mouseover description.
  • The description of the Xelor’s Rollback passive will no longer mention that they can regain AP at the start of the turn when this isn’t the case.
  • The Underhand spell will no longer allow players to target Dials belonging to other Xelors next to Hour Cells.
  • Several changes have been made to the Timekeeper spell:
  • The description has been simplified (text and effects).
  • Teleportation can only take place at a maximum range of 6 7 cells between the target and the Xelor’s Time Rift.
  • The spell no longer turns the target toward the Xelor after a teleport.
  • The Xelor’s Dial will from now on copy the Xelor’s Water, Earth and Air resistance as resistance (and not as damage).
  • The Xelor’s Dial spell can from now on be recast if all its controls have been used already and if the player already had a Dial in play, since the new Dial will replace the old one.
  • When passing through their Dial’s Hour Cells, the Xelor will no longer, graphically speaking, turn to face the cell they land on, which created a difference between what the player would see and the direction the Xelor was facing in actual reality in game.
  • The Hydrandcharge mechanics have been simplified. The number of Hydrandcharges will now update according to the number of Hydrands in play and the number of targets that have been hit by a Hydrand in the following instances: summoning a Hydrand, death of Hydrand, and after a Hydrand spell cast.


  • The Masqueraider’s Revival state from their Charada passive will no longer allow players to permanently get 100% Critical Hits by using weapons. The state will be used up from now on when a weapon is used and will allow the resistance penalty or bonus to be applied.
  • Players will no longer be able to move using Scherzo, Classablanca and Psynapse when Stabilized. Classablanca and Psynapse will be restricted to melee only when the caster is Stabilized.
  • The Charada passive will also increase Renewal during non-critical heals. The description will now explain that this means spells dealing damage or healing.
  • The Masqueraider’s healing spells (Spitfall, Spitbull and Spittoon) will no longer heal carried targets.
  • When the Masqueraider places a Mask on an ally and then dies, the Mask the ally is wearing will be lost.
  • The Mask Master passive will no longer heal several times if the Masqueraider knocks one target into another.
  • Similarly, the Classy Masqueraider passive will no longer apply Elegance to the Masqueraider several times over when their Masked Spirit knocks one target into another.
  • The Masqueraider will now gain Elegance (Mask Master passive), even if they are carried by a Pandawa, whenever their Masked Spirit performs any actions.
  • The Masked Spirit will copy the Masqueraider’s CH at the start of combat and not the CH the Masqueraider has when summoning them. The same change goes for the Range bonus.
  • Revival will no longer be used up on casting the Masked Spirit spell.
  • Several changes have been made in order to simplify the way Classtanet works:
  • The spell can be cast on a target even if they cannot move (obstacle in front of the target/Stabilized target). The Masqueraider will move to the other side of target.
  • The spell can be cast at 1 to 3 Range (instead of 2 to 3 Range).
  • To avoid confusion, Masqueraiders can no longer cast the spell when Stabilized.

Class – Sidekicks:

  • When the caster’s Range has been reduced to the minimum, the following spells can now be cast from 0 to 1 Range (as opposed to 0 to 0 Range): Equilidian Breeze, Mobeius Flow, Gentle Glow, Telescope, Swiftness, Restoration, Radiance and Mass Charm.
  • Treacherose and Krosmoglob attacks will now be marked by an element in order to trigger specific effects in combat. In other cases they will continue to work the same way as before.
  • The Drop Knight’s Setback spell will now be considered an AoE spell.

Class books:

  • All class books have been updated in terms of explanations, pictures and difficulty.


  • We changed the name of most effects for greater clarity and to avoid confusion between certain characteristics, as well as to streamline the descriptions.
  • The mechanic for the Barrier characteristic has been changed and will now be activated at the start of the round of turns instead of the start of the player’s turn. This change means the Barrier will be active before the player begins their first turn.
  • Recent issues where spells allowed players to approach the target/cell or move away from the target/cell when they were Stabilized have been fixed.
  • Passives will no longer be displayed in the character’s status bar.
  • Elemental Armor will now take the caster’s Melee Mastery into account.

Here are the main changes:

  • We are using the term “Mastery” from now on for all the characteristics that are additive and act at the same time. Here is the list: x/-x Elemental Mastery / Fire / Water / Earth / Air / Stasis / Rear / Critical / Healing / Monotarget / AoE / Melee / Distance / Berserk
  • We have simplified the names of the final multipliers. For example: x%/-x% Combat damage dealt, x%/-x% Healing performed, x%/-x% Healing received
  • We will no longer display the “+” in front of bonuses, there will just be a “-” in front of the penalties.
  • Summoner classes (Osamodas, Sadida, etc.): Summons will no longer benefit from double the “Damage dealt” and “Resistance” major characteristics because of their characteristics being based on their summoner’s characteristics.



  • A fix has been performed for a server error when a fight ended due to certain specific conditions, for example, the explosion of a series of bombs from the Boombot when there were more bombs than necessary to finish the fight.
  • The way some AoEs displayed has been reviewed:
  • The Enutrof’s mines will be displayed for everybody during their turn in order to clarify their actions.
  • The mines summoned by the Drheller will be on immediate display during the Drheller’s turn.
  • The Enutrof’s mines will be visible when clicking on the Drheller.
  • A Xelor’s hours will be visible when you click on their dial.
  • Clicking on another person (to hit them for example) will no longer make the current character’s AoEs disappear.
  • From now on, when players hover over a character in combat, the areas where any targeted character will become locked will show up red. The areas that are inaccessible due to MP loss when unlocking will also show up in red. However, the green cells representing MP will take pathfinding into account (players are not taken into account in pathfinding for the moment).
  • A locked level 200 spell will from now correctly transfer part of its experience at the end of a fight.
  • Resuscitating Chafers will no longer end up blocking the turn of the player who killed them.
  • Players can now hover over spells and see their AoE display when it isn’t their turn.
  • Spells that need to be cast on an empty cell will no longer show an untargetable cell if this cell has somebody that has turned invisible on it.
  • Monsters and players who do not have the “Can no longer lock” attribute when they are invisible will no longer appear locked for their entire turn to players who have been locked by these monsters or players.
  • The red arrow that appears when hovering over a monster will now disappear when the latter becomes invisible.
  • The time displayed at the end of combat will from now on work correctly in spectator mode and any time players log back in during combat. The other instances where combat lasted 60 years for no apparent reason will also be fixed.
  • The resistance loss cap (-200 max) will now work in every instance.
  • A fix has been performed for instances where the client was blocked during combat.
  • The pop-up triggered by hovering over the life heart (state display) will no longer block timeline bonuses when they appear while the pop-up is still being displayed.
  • Since the turn counters could be skewed by lag, they’ve been changed to work correctly if there is a latency at the start of a turn. Previously, these counters made it seem like there was time left in the turn; from now on they will display the "real" time left in the turn.



Players can no longer attack in the Astrub Sewers. This area will be safer for new players from now on.



Tropike Dungeon

  • The Koko the Nutt boss spell, When it's too much, has been fixed so that it now drains CC from the target during a turn instead of throughout the entire fight. This penalty will be visible from now on in the fighting character’s details.
  • Koko the Nutt cannot be killed as easily in a single turn from now on. His Kokobust armor will now need to be disabled several times in order to finish him off.

The Miseryeum

  • Viktoria-Franka Enstein, the Miseryeum boss will drop level 90 Transmutations.

Archmonsters and Moon Island Fonts

  • Players no longer have to pay kamas for offerings to Moon Island’s archmonsters and for fonts in Moon Island’s dungeons. Paying in kamas didn’t really do what it was meant to do, as it didn’t have enough of an impact and wasn’t balanced in terms of the average player’s budget at this level according to different game servers’ economies.

Ultimate Boss: Magmog

  • The Cataclysm spell will once again cast 10-14 successive Meteors, instead of just one.

Crab Dungeon

  • The Noble Crab Stick (lvl. 71 legendary) can once more be obtained when digging with Crab Shovels in the Crab Dungeon.

Plant Dungeon “Sureberry Fields”

  • Players are once again able to plant the Tasteless Seed, dropped by the dungeon boss, in the cell specially designed for this in the second room, in order to make the dungeon’s Archmonster appear.
  • Spiny Glutton has been added to certain groups in order to make it easier to get the Pokemob Achievement, which requires killing these.


  • The Mimikibble cost for chests has been standardized in relation to the level and rarity of the item received.
  • Mimikibbles and Mimik Slobber can now be stored in piles of 9999.
  • Mimikibbles will now be account bound and Mimik Slobber will be Mimi exchangeable.
  • The Burrower Shield, which can be found in the Drheller Dungeon chest, will have a drop rate of 10% (instead of 0.05%).
  • The items to be found in Mimik chests and items obtained by digging up Cap’n chests have been updated.

Srambad Dungeon (and Hardcore version)

  • On winning a boss fight, healing is now applied as soon as the end of battle interface appears instead of several seconds afterwards, which should prevent instances where some players aren’t healed.

Kannilooni (Kanniball Dungeon)

  • Players will no longer be able to move Totems summoned using Masqueraiders’ and Sadidas’ link effect when fighting the boss, Kannilooni.

Old Bonta Gobbowl Stadium

  • Sidekicks will no longer wrongly receive tokens when they battle Khan Karkass in the Old Bonta Gobbowl Stadium Adventure Dungeon.

Three Pistes

  • (Easy mode) The Eniripsa Brewer will no longer heal players.
  • (All modes) Thirstin Hunga will no longer use Triple Whammy on his allies.
  • (All modes) The Sadida Brewer will no longer attack her allies.
  • (All modes) The Sacrier Brewer will use his Motion Sickness properly.


The four dungeons on Moon Island will use the same token from now on. It is the Kanniball Token, which has been renamed the Moon Island Token for the occasion. The old Tropickle Tokens can be exchanged for the new tokens in any of the four machines.

Two new quests will now appear for Moon Island’s Otomai’s Disciple:

  • A daily quest where players must defeat one of Moon Island’s bosses. The reward is 10 tokens.
  • A weekly quest where players must defeat all four of Moon Island’s bosses. The reward is 40 tokens.

The aim of these changes is to let players vary the activities they do in order to get their items while giving them satisfying progression over time, even for more casual players.

Eventually, if this change yields positive results, we will extend this feature to all the machines in game, for every level.

The following items can now only be obtained by activating Fonts: Kokorset, Koka Collar, Beach Bandage, Sabatontons, Fortified Fist, Kanniveyor Belt. These items are no longer available from dungeon machines.

Similarly, the Nyl and Kannivore dungeon bosses will now have three items that can only be obtained by activating one of the Fonts.


  • The Wisdom bonus (+20) has been removed from all of the dungeons in game.
  • The following dungeons will no longer produce “invalid occupation” error messages when players use the group search icon in the dynamic interface when right-clicking on their spell lock:
    • The Stalagmotel
    • Ogrest’s Cult’s Blast Hole
    • Opaket - The Shepherd’s Good Hole
    • Old Bonta - Gobbowl Stadium
    • Temple of the Grand Orrok
    • The Miseryeum
    • The Wodent Dungeon (Incarnam)
    • Abandoned Workshop
    • Dirty Trouffe Estate
    • Treechnid Dungeon - Bonta
    • Mollusky Dungeon - Sufokia

We wanted to change the way Shushu Dungeons worked to make daily visits more interesting for all character levels (starting with the level where these dungeons are unlocked), and no longer an XP farming spot, where players are always fighting the same battles in a loop. In this sense, the XP gained in Shushu Dungeons has been reduced to 25% of the XP for a standard monster of this level in favor of a daily quest that brings in 50 times the XP of a standard monster of the character’s level, which corresponds to 2 to 5 times the XP gained from a standard boss of the same level, according to Wisdom and Challenges achieved.



Present Xelorium

  • At the end of the “Prisoner of Time” quest, the cutscene will finish 1.6 seconds later, leaving the Gray Eminence time to disappear completely so that the player is no longer able to interact with them again.
  • Players will no longer be able to trigger the “Beyond Time” quest for Heroes who aren’t this level and/or aren’t at the right stage of the quest.
  • A fix has been performed for instances where players got stuck and couldn’t get into the Temple of Present Xelorium.


  • Players will no longer survive after being revealed by the Castuc guards’ vision glyph in the Castuc Cemetery infiltration quest.
  • During the Castuc Village “The Poink in Question” quest, gear that alters the player’s max AP value (for example, the Trool Warrior Spikes) should no longer prevent completion of the final battle.
  • Errors and typos have been corrected in the dialogs for Ahabar Bar’Habi.
  • The thought bubble now appears at the right height when players attempt to open the Castuc Cemetery door before they’ve progressed enough in the island’s main quest.
  • The text alignment for the Castuc Translation Notes has been fixed.


  • The Secondary Quests, “National Treasures: Amakna,” “National Treasures: Brakmar” and “National Treasures: Bonta” now ask the player to bring back 10 units of Breaded Fish instead of 10 units of Sturgeon.

Otomai’s Disciple “Breastplate” quest

  • Players can no longer get the Relic multiple times using Heroes when they haven’t completed the quest.


  • If players delete the Program of Activities, they can now get another one from the welcome kiosk.
  • Jellix Show: During the first test (Bilbydeck), the jellies in the game will make the appropriate sound when they are supposed to and their animation will play correctly. The jellies in the game and in the audience will now be different colors.

Adventure Dungeon: Opaket - The Shepherd’s Good Hole, Bovis’s Lair

  • Mimi the Marvelous will no longer count as a summon in fights and stop Osamodas from summoning their creatures. The Drowsy Geodoom from the Bovis fight will not cause issues any more either.


  • The Bonta quest “Cania Plains - Level 3 Contract - Flight of the Gobballs” will appear in the quest book once it’s been activated and completed.

Present Xelorium

  • A fix has been performed for instances where players got stuck and couldn’t get into the Temple of Present Xelorium.

Wild Estate

  • Hovering over the Bwork Cook will label them as an NPC and not a monster.
  • The name “Bwork Chief's Quarters” will now be standardized across all elements that used a different name for this area.
  • The Bwork Chief will now correctly display an NPC tooltip instead of a monster tooltip.
  • The Gobball War Chief Skeletal Gobball name has been fixed.
  • Players can once again complete the “Scheduled Obsolescence” quest, as the Defective Prototype monster is now clearly visible in the world.
  • The height of the text bubbles has been adjusted when the player is looking at the national flags of Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia.
  • The doors to the Quarantine Zone (entrance and paddock) will now have a Bwork-ish appearance.
  • The “Artifact Hunter” environmental quest now has 15 items to destroy instead of 10.
  • The items and text for the “Otomai’s Hunters—Names from the Forgotten Lair” quest (Wild Gobball Dungeon) have been standardized for improved comprehension.
  • A compass has been added to the main quests in the Wild Estate.
  • The clues in the “A Deserted Camp” quest now correspond to the correct objectives.
  • Worn Wild Gobball Wool can no longer be collected when the “Bwork No. 5” quest is not in progress.
  • The graphics of the Bwork Temple’s Boss Door opening have been improved.
  • The Explanatory Bwork Sign will now look the same in the present and the past.
  • The character will maintain their position after reading Lebbocq’s Journal.
  • Wild Estate: Players only need The Excarnal Scepter to open the Stashed Treasure from now on.
  • The environmental quest “The Spectral Gobball” will now last five minutes instead of eight.

Spring Has Sprung

  • Powder Monkey II: Players who already have the ingredients (Larval Powder and a Hollow Tube, possibly obtained during the event from a previous year) will now be able to correctly complete the objectives.


  • Players can once again complete the “Scheduled Obsolescence” quest. The Defective Prototype monster is now clearly visible in the world.



The bonuses from the daily Almanax have been overhauled.

The aim of overhauling these bonuses was to make bonuses that were outdated and no longer of interest compelling again. We also wanted to swap bonuses that directly affect combat for bonuses that will reward players throughout various in-game activities.

The player will now randomly receive one of the following five bonuses after logging in and playing for two hours:

  • Combat Experience: +40 Wisdom (at the end of battle)
  • Combat Acumen: +40 Prospecting (at the end of battle)
  • Harvest Experience: +30% Harvesting XP and +30% Planting XP
  • Harvest Acumen: +20% Chance of Planting and +20% Harvest Quantity
  • Craft Experience: +20% Crafting XP and +20% Crafting Speed

The player will receive one of these bonuses and the other the following day and so on in a continuous cycle.

The names of the states that give bonuses have been changed for greater clarity. The names of the different bonuses linked to the professions have been standardized for the same reason.

The price of Haven-Gems has been reduced.

  • Deco / Merchant / Craft Haven-Gems: 5 tokens.
  • Garden Haven-Gem: 15 tokens.



Universal update of item links

Items that were non-exchangeable but are now account bound are listed below

  • Emote Scrolls
  • Titles
  • Costumes
  • Seal of Companionship. This has also lost its equipment criteria, which allows players to use it when leveling professions on an alt char.
  • Small Ikiakit
  • Enutrof Prospecting Candy
  • Wisdom and Lucky Candy
  • Nation Change Scrolls
  • Class Change Scrolls
  • Treasure Maps For example: Cap’n LeChouque’s Map
  • Pet Colorings
  • Gemlin Face Gems and Skin Gems
  • Consumables linked to certain events: Al Howin, Fleaster, etc.
  • Candy of Fortune (compensation), consumables from subscriptions, as well as Phoenix Scrolls
  • Osamodas Powders of Fortune, Growth Kibbles, First Choice Kibbles, Super Growth Kibbles
  • Set Cases Set Cases can also be stored in piles of 99 now.
  • Mystery Boxes
  • Bags
  • A few instances of Rare resources
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • Equipment, such as weapons, armor of all types, etc. This also includes very old rewards (Pioneer, Bandage, Zinit, NetBwork, Disciple, Explorer, IGN) or any others, except specific quest equipment.

List of items that are now exchangeable

  • Sow-n-Sow
  • Wodent Dungeon Key
  • Master Seals for Crafting professions
  • Guild Halls and Beach Tavern
  • Frigost and Bilbiza Haven Bag Kits, just like all the other Haven Bag Kits
  • Krospeed and Krolevel items and other level 10 and level 50 items from the Krosmaster shop


  • The Display Case, which used to be non-exchangeable, is now character bound.
  • Mounts and Harnesses that were character bound are now account bound.

Pets and Mounts

  • Petsmounts (Gobballs, Dragoturkeys, Boowolves) can now eat Kibibbles and Kibibbles of Fortune as meals. The Kibibble and Kibibble of Fortune descriptions have been updated accordingly.
  • Boowolf Petsmounts can no longer eat Wheat Grain. They can eat Gobball Legs, Tofu Gizzards, Moogrrudders and Oafish Toad Thighs from now on.
  • The Aboon Pet can eat Kokonuts, Apis, Golden Apis, Koko Leaves and Babbage.
  • Golden Bow Meow and Golden Bow Wow Pets can from now on be given Bow Meow and Bow Wow equipment.
  • Boowolf Mount: the Pack Leader Harness can now be seen by everybody, not just by its user.
  • The Royal Vitality Kibble is now consumed after use and will work properly on all Pets and Mounts.


  • After harvesting Cashew Nuts from Mahogany, the latter will go back to the “Large Tree” stage and not the “Small Tree” stage.


  • The cost of the following blueprints from Moon Island machines has been reduced:
    • “Fright Saber” blueprint: 400 tokens (instead of 800) OR 20 million kamas (instead of 70 million).
    • “Maskarena” Blueprint: 110 tokens (instead of 800) OR 5.7 million kamas (instead of 20 million).
    • “Ring Utan” Blueprint: 290 tokens (instead of 800) OR 14.3 million kamas (instead of 50 million).
    • “Kokoncord” Blueprint: 90 tokens (instead of 800) OR 4.3 million kamas (instead of 15 million).
    • “Ti Tunic” Blueprint: 230 tokens (instead of 800) OR 11.4 million kamas (instead of 40 million).
    • “Soul Dagger” Blueprint: 300 tokens (instead of 800).
    • “Ferocious Fangs” Blueprint: 300 tokens (instead of 800) OR 5.7 million kamas (instead of 20 million).
  • Reduction of Moon Island boss resource cost for certain recipes:
  • “Sitton Defense” Blueprint: Reduction of Eye of the Drum number to 25 (instead of 40).
  • Soul Dagger: Reduction of Eye of the Drum number to 30 (instead of 55).
  • Epaupeyes: Reduction of Eye of the Drum number to 18 (instead of 38).
  • Nomad Max: Reduction of Koko Nutt Essence number to 15 (instead of 25).
  • Smolder Pads: Reduction of Koko Nutt Essence number to 8 (instead of 13).
  • “Lily Hammer” Blueprint: Reduction of Kokastraw number to 20 (instead of 30).
  • Nomad Cape: Reduction of Kokastraw number to 27 (instead of 40).

Drop rate:

Increase in drop rate for the following items:

  • Herr Peece’s Gloves
  • Lou Bricante’s Jacket
  • Mayor Cantile’s Medal

Compensation Tokens

  • Kama reductions can be obtained using a compensation token from 15,000 to 5,000 kamas.

Mimik Slobber

  • Mimik Slobber can from now on be used to craft new profession tools, which will give bonuses when equipping them in a character’s Accessory slot.

Crafting and Resources

  • The recipe for the Bworcine Pedalian Cincture item now has the correct name.
  • Wild Estate: the Staff of Great Wisdom will now be linked to the correct profession (AoE Weapons Master instead of Close-Combat Weapons Master).
  • Wild Estate: Wild Gobball and Bwork Seeds can now be planted at the same profession level as the harvesting level (45 and 50 respectively).  


  • Items in the equipment category have been reorganized into clearer, more distinct categories. For example, a “Customization” category was created that contains the “Costumes,” “Titles,” and “Emotes” categories. The “Insignia” and “Tools” categories were also created within the “Accessories” category, which contains all Accessory slot items in the inventory.
  • A fix was applied for an issue where an equipped weapon disappeared, which was related to use of the Heroes’ floating inventory.
  • The drop rate for Crazy Shepherdess Helmet loot dropped by Wild Gobbettes and Impetuous Gobbettes has increased to 4% (instead of 1.6%).
  • The Prosperous Sweetie consumable will now only confer 30 PP instead of 60.
  • Reduction in the number of ingredients in the Single-Use Shovel recipe.
  • Crozolily Flowers can now be planted in Haven World.
  • Players can no longer use the Mea Culpa Potion if the character is under the influence of the Turbo Craft potion. The opposite also applies; players can no longer use the Turbo Craft Potion if the character is under the influence of the Mea Culpa Potion.
  • A mistake in the Great Wild Gobball Miniature description has also been fixed.
  • The Thing Thongs item will now confer 250 HP instead of 200.
  • Costumes will no longer be displayed in characters’ status bars.
  • Exquisite Runes can now be socketed on items that are level 150 and over instead of level 170 and over, to give players greater flexibility.
  • We have updated the Transmutation 200 recipes to include the new Moon Island resources, which means changing to 4 resources per recipe instead of 3. The quantities of ingredients required have been reduced as a result.



Wild Estate:

  • The Wild Gobbly’s Horrible Face state will now take away 100% of AP (instead of just 5). Both AP losses will take place one after the other so that Hyperaction has more effect.
  • The Wild Gobball’s “Vital Fluid Absorption” state will now be correctly reapplied after the Astral Charge spell is used.
  • Excarnate: Damage inflicted on the player when summoning a double will now display correctly in the chat.


  • The amount of armor applied by Sylargh the boss’ Extra Plate spell has been increased to 30% (instead of 20%) and will be visible in the monster’s status bar from now on. The way the armor works has changed so that it corresponds to a true 30%.


The Longblade Trainer can no longer lock when invisible.


The Standard-Bearing Whisperer’s aura is now removed when it dies (but not when it is revived by the Osamodas).

Speed Bonus:

The speed bonuses for all the monsters in game have been updated. Monsters will now be more competitive, and players will need to watch out more for the turns where the monsters get their bonuses.

Jellies (Environmental Quests):

Plain Jelly and Licorice Jelly will now have their respective correct colors again.

Googoo Family:

  • These monsters will now use their ally boost spell properly.
  • Their AI has been improved.

Treechnids and Arachnees:

  • The Silk and Sap passive will apply the right debuff depending on the monster family.


  • Errors and typos have been corrected in the “spoken” text for Troolgodyte (EQ monster).


  • Scaraleaves using the Scarapace spell will no longer cast it on their opponents.

Moon Island:

  • The effects of the Tropikokos monster family’s natural states will now be displayed and explained.


  • There has been a fix for an AI bug that stopped some monsters from seeing their own traps.
  • Dragon Pig: A minimum HP has been added to the thresholds at which the boss changes phase to prevent bugs resulting from a boss losing HP too quickly.


There has been a fix for an issue where characters fell out of sync if a player logged back in during combat and it didn’t work properly.




  • A fix has been performed for an issue where a Hero could end up wearing the emblem of another guild.

Guild chest:

  • A fix has been performed for a bug that could result in the guild chest getting blocked.



Hardcore Dungeon Achievements:

  • We have got rid of the minimum level requirements for the following dungeon Achievements:
    • Hardcore Castuc Dungeon
    • Hardcore Blackspore Dungeon
    • Hardcore Tormentor Pit
    • Hardcore Flaxhid’s Sanctuary
    • Hardcore Srambad Dungeon
    • Hardcore Enurado Dungeon

The minimum level requirement for these Achievements was put in place at a time when there wasn't yet a minimum level requirement for dungeons and because these Achievements allowed players to get relic fragments. Now that there is a minimum level requirement for dungeons and relic fragments are more in use, we are getting rid of this limitation.

Achievements that require discovering a Zaap

  • Change in the way it works: Players will now be asked to use the given Zaap instead of having to find the given Zaap.

The Achievements affected are as follows:

  • Craft Star (Amakna’s Trade Bridges)
  • Holo 2 (Thicket of Yurbut)
  • Pine Craft (Bonta’s Trade Bridges)
  • Alibert Odyssey (Emelka)
  • Craft of War (Brakmar’s Trade Bridges)
  • Shore Craft (Sufokia’s Trade Bridges)
  • Micro Gnashville
  • Steam Fortress

Achievement: Chestmaster

  • A chest of kamas has been moved so that players can access Cap’n LeChouque's chest.
  • The Achievement now gives players a level 120 legendary belt, the Chouquish Belt.

Achievement: Icy Bookworm

  • Players can now get the “Memoirs of a Hothead - Volume II” book from the same place as Volume I, but only if the character has already got Volume I. This means the Achievement can now be marked as completed.
  • This Achievement will now give players the Hazieff’s Helmet Recipe, which really enables them to learn the recipe for the helmet.
  • Hazieff’s Helmet has been upgraded accordingly and has now become a level 105 Epic Item. It is an exchangeable item.
  • The “Journal of Enjeering” book can now be obtained even if the “Read the Manuscript Accompanied by a Letter” objective has already been completed.

Achievement: Plants vs. Jellies: Jellosynthesis

  • This Achievement will be marked as completed once the player finishes their turn with at least 50 energy and no longer requires players to hit the 50 energy mark exactly.

Achievement: One Year of Almanax 

  • This Achievement has been changed so it can be completed when getting the Meridia Insignia. Players no longer need to complete this Achievement by September 18, 2013. The change is retroactive; players just need to go to Astrub to get the Achievement marked as complete.
  •  The reason for this is that the principle of Achievements that can’t be achieved by a new player is neither very sound nor fair. This limitation has therefore been lifted.

Achievement: Soul Crocobur

  • It was no longer possible for players to get this Achievement because in one stage of the quest they needed to talk to Master Bossowl the Archivist. From now on, players need to talk to Clan Master Jonk Lees for this stage of the quest.
  • The stage where the player fights the Chafer version of Crocoburio has been simplified. From now on, he will reappear every 45 minutes and not every 4 hours. Crocobur can only be obtained once per character (while completing the Achievement) and no longer by staying in the instance indefinitely.

Achievement: Holo 2 (Thicket of Yurbut)

  • The “Find the source of all the problems in the forest” objective will now be completed on entering the Grambos’ camp using the Mechanical Insect.

Achievement: Become Governor of your Nation

  • This can now be completed even if the player got logged out at the point they became Governor. From now on, when the player is Governor, they just need to change map to complete the Achievement. This change is not retroactive for players who were Governors in the past.

Achievement: A Piece of the Action

  • The “A Piece of the Action” Achievement (Bilbiza), which asks the player to use the “Confession” emote in front of the Sacred Piece, should now complete successfully when the player has the “Romanticism” emote. The “Confession” emote’s shortcut has changed.

Fight Challenge

  • The Separation Challenge no longer fails when somebody is being carried (by a Cat Tree or a Pandawa), nor when a Pandawa is carrying somebody.
  • The Dorsum Challenge no longer appears in fights with any of these monsters: Crolk, Elite Crolk, Strawberry/Lemon/Mint/Blue Raspberry Jelly, Wabbit Guawd.


  • Dungeon Achievements that require players to kill the boss last and where monsters have a K.O. meter will now have the following explanation: “All monsters must be disembodied.”
  • When a character logs on, all the Achievements whose objectives have been finished will be marked as complete. This will retroactively allow all the Achievements that weren’t completed following input changes to be marked as complete.
  • Achievements where all the objectives were marked complete but the Achievement itself hadn’t completed will now automatically complete on log in (players may need to log out and back in again in order for the display to update). Any instances where a similar issue is encountered must be reported, as Achievements may have hidden objectives.




  • The icon showing that players are in a group has changed color. It is now a greenish white (instead of red).


  • The rune improvement interface will now correctly display the rank needed for items whose level is a multiple of 10.


  • Closing the skills window when adding points no longer breaks this interface, which required the player to log out and back in again.



  • A fix has been performed for an issue where outdated system preferences for screen resolution led to interfaces that were too small. From now on the maximum is set to 1920 x 1080.
  • The messages that still mentioned “subscription” now refer to “premium” status instead.
  • The “Say” option (with assignable text) will now work properly again when the text entered contains certain characters.
  • The Phaeris and Efrim servers will now each have an appropriate background description.
  • We have streamlined NPC instantiations (monsters, protectors, etc.) In areas that are especially populated with monsters, performance should be better.
  • Opening up a machine window with another machine window already open will no longer result in the client getting stuck until the player changes characters (for example, using the machine Z menu + the actual Almanax machine).
  • The chat command /xp has been added, which displays the percentage of experience for the level in progress.
  • A bug was affecting the way Mount animations were loaded, which sometimes caused client performance failures, particularly in populated areas. The fix should improve client performance in extremely populated areas.


  • An issue has been fixed where the client got stuck when making a change during the wait time for PvP interaction.
  • Heroes that have been added during a placement phase will from now on immediately join the fight if they have any chance to do so.
  • A fix has been performed for a black screen issue after a change if the fourth shortcut bar was open.

Haven Bags

  • A bug has been fixed that prevented characters from moving after opening a Haven Bag in PvP mode.
  • Players can now open Haven Bags while they are on the move.
  • A bug has been fixed that prevented characters in PvP mode from visiting other players’ Haven Bags in certain cases.


  • From now on, the main character’s kamas will be used to pay tax, regardless of which character is selling.
  • Selling items in packs for more than approximately 21 million kamas (per pack of 100) or for around 210 million kamas (per pack of 10) will now work properly.
  • For the sake of clarity, any item sale notification during a game session will display the nickname of the character who is logged on from now on.
  • When entering the details needed to sell an item, the price entered will now be localized (spaces for FR thousands separators and commas for EN, etc.). In a more general manner, the way this field works has been improved in order to prevent various instances where the entry in progress is deleted, as well as other minor issues that weren’t very ergonomic.
  • Riktus MKT: This marketplace will be called the “Riktus Marketplace” from now on.
  • From now on, the sale periods available will be as follows:
  • 24 hrs (33% tax, nothing changed)
  • 72 hrs (50% tax, used to be 48 hrs)
  • 1 week (100% tax, used to be 72 hrs)
  • This change makes the tax applied more logical according to the sales period selected. This system also promotes long-term sales.


  • Quest of Nations Chapter 2: A fix was done for some missing text when fighting Team Missile in the Opaket - The Shepherd’s Good Hole Dungeon.