Here are the list of the changes implemented with the fourth 1.43 hotfix to the game update “Forfut Frenzy” on the 4th of August 2015. 


  • The “Elementary my Dear Lebbocq” quest no longer requires a restat - so it will be possible to finalize it.




  • Players will no longer be blocked when a place is validated in combat mode. 


  • The win rate for rare fish now stands at 10%. The quantity required in a craft will be multiplied by 10 (except for Reincarnated Breaded Fish which will be multiplied by 5). Here is the list of the concerned fishes:
    • Cinder Dragocarp
    • Meteorite Eel
    • Flying Maskerel
    • Royal Grawfish
    • White Perch
    • Orchestral Chehorse
    • Buttfish
    • Ruffled Pirhiana
    • Poisoned Bone
    • Iridiscent Kamasandre
    • Mili Seacod
    • Reincarnated Breaded Fish

Gift Interface

  • The number of gifts displayed has been modified and is no longer limited to 6 tabs. This limit depends on the number of gifts on each tab. It means more gifts can be displayed and the warning message will appear less frequently.