Dungeon: The Miseryeum, in Forfut

They’ve inspired many a nursery rhyme to frighten children with. When you have to face them, you’ll want to call your mommy too. Meet the Zoogeymen, a new family of monsters in the most frightening of dungeons! Level: 77

Dungeon: The Stalagmotel, in the Sidimote Moors of Brakmar

  • Four new members of the Stalagmote family and a new Boss are waiting for you in this dungeon exclusively
  • Five Achievements and a Meta-Achievement
  • Twelve new equipment items, ranging from rare to mythical
  • Level: 52

Nation Quests: Chapter 1/5

These new quests will guide you from one nation to the next. You’ll discover the philosophy, way of life, and specialties of each, with a new divine artifact at the end of Chapter 5 to boot! Plus, each chapter will give you access to an Adventure Dungeon and its own special equipment!

Spell System Revamp

The spell system has undergone a revamp that will spice up your fights and allow you to use some real strategy. By establishing a “deck” principle for active and passive spells, choice once again becomes a central element in combat, making it possible to select weapons depending on the opponent! So, are you happy now? Whoops, let’s try that again. Are you scared?