Find the contents of the 9th of December Patch below: 


Restat for the Pandawa Class: Given the changes to the class with the upcoming update, a restat for spells and abilities will now be available to the Pandawa class through the previously used quest: “Restat quest system that has the class.”

Warning: for all players who already have an in process restat quest (the level 30/80 or collecting resources quests), if you are in the last stage of the quest (“I’m ready to go and see Master Kano for redistribution of my experience!”) validate this quest restat because it has the opportunity to overwrite your current quest restat quest.

If you want to enjoy your personal restat quests, we recommend that you visit the restat instance before the update. On the big day, you will have 48 hours access to a free restate spells and abilities quest. 

New Class

Eliotrope: A new class teleports into Wakfu! On the 9th of Decemeber, you can now play as the sixteenth class of the World of Twelve!



Your plentiful feedback helped sculpture the class on Beta. The revamped version of the Pandawa is now on the official servers. Prepare the party and pour the bamboo milk! 

The core objectives of the revamp are:


  • Earth spells can now be cast while carrying the barrel. This will help to make the game fluid and facilitate bi-element or tri-element builds with Earth, Fire and Water.
  • Merriment and Worn-out are more dynamic with less severe penalties for Dizzy and added specialties and bonuses.
  • Resistance removal is now faster. The stack of resistance penalties for X amount of turns was too strong so has now been reworked to be better balanced.
  • Some spells are now easier to use with a higher focus on utility. Some spells had strong constraints not compensated by their effects, this has now changed to be better balanced.
  • Some of the random effects of the previous Pandawa class has now been removed. For example: the 20% chance of redirecting damage to the barrel. 
  • The Pandawa’s ability to move the location of players (via Karchamrak/Barrel Hop) has now been balanced for greater versatility.
  • The Pandawa has better integration of its role as a secondary tank.
You can find all the details of this redesign in this Devblog and the class page.
  • When in combat, a pushed Barrel will no longer appear to players in the vicinity.

  • Bombardment: When the Foggernaut launches this spell on a target located on the Foggernaut rail, the damage will no longer be applied repeatedly. 
All Classes:
  • Diagonal Spell: Spells that have a diagonal range will now function properly again.
Divine Dimension:
  • Enurado: This zone is now accessible for all players. Xelorium will now be the new early access zone.
  • Xelorium: The first zone of the new Divine Dimension will be unlocked during December. You will find more information on our website shortly.

Kwismas World: 
  • Kwismas is coming! Check our website in a few days for all of the information! 

Mercenary Guild: 
  • Bonta - Mercenary Kara: A quest marker has been added for the Rank 1 contract - Collector Fund. .

Haven World

  • Remington and Nox: 6 Haven Worlds will put on auction starting Monday the 15th of December at 6 PM GMT /10 AM PST / 1 PM EST. We will give you a complete list of Haven Worlds soon.

Sidekick / Pet / Mounts

  • Disappearance: Different errors causing the disappearance or loss of a Sidekick, Pet or Mount are now corrected. Unlink a Sidekick: When unlinking a Sidekick, other Sidekicks will no longer be temporarily unavailable.


  • Bucket of Water: The collection of water will now increase from 10 to 100 on general wells and from 1 to 10 in Incarnam wells to help facilitate the creation of bread.  


  • Runic Recycler: This interface will now close properly when accepting an exchange request.