Here is the detail of the content that will be implemented with the September 9th game update:


Respec for all: Following the heavy modifications on the game itself, a restat of the spells and abilities will be offered to all classes via the "A Classy Restat!" system. Please note: This respec will last for 7 days. To all characters that already have a respect quest running (the level 30 quest or the collect resource , if you are at the last step with the Jonk (I’m ready to see Master Kano to redistribute my experience!), completing the new restat quest will also complete your current one. If you want to benefit from your current quest, we invite you to visit the instance before the September update. This way, you will stay in the instance and therefore will be able to operate a new restat.

Ecosystems, Governments, Nationality, Guard / Soldier Statuses: Following the major changes to the game for this update, the ecosystems will be reset, as well as governments (and elections restarted). Also, all players will lose their nationality and will have to redo the Astrub quest to belong to the nation of their choice (their CP will not be lost unless they change their nation of course). The ranks of Guard and Soldier will be lost (remember that apart via the new Guard quest, these statutes will no longer have any use in-game).

[New] Ability System: A whole new ability system will replace the old one and here is how:
  • At each level, you will be able to add 1 point to the corresponding ability and alternately to Intelligence, Strength, Agility or Chance. For each of them you will have a list of abilities to which you can assign your point. For example, at level 2, you can attribute your point to one of the abilities that are of Intelligence: % of HP, Resistances, received Heals, % of Health Steal and Regeneration. At Level 3, you can attribute a point from the list of abilities linked to Strength, etc.
  • In addition, at predefined levels (25, 75, 125 and 175), you will be able to choose an additional “major” ability to assign to you: 1 AP, 1 Range or 1 MP, among others.
  • At level 200 you will have split 50 points in each characteristics, and 4 points in major abilities.
  • Some abilities will be limited to a maximum of points (for example: 20% maximum CH).
  • The interface of the attribution of points will always be at the same place in the character sheet.
Therefore, the scrolls and achievements that provided ability points will no longer give any. Instead, here are the new rewards:
  • Vampyro dungeon final achievement: 2,000,000 XP and 10,000 Kamas.
  • Tofu dungeon final achievement: 20,000 XP.
  • Consumption of a "Golden Api " (Royal Puddly Dungeon challenge): 670,000 XP and 10,000 Kamas.
  • End of the main Bilbiza quest: 20,000 Kamas.
  • End of the main Frgost quest: 25,000 Kamas.
  • End of the main Wabbit quest: 40,000 Kamas.


[New] Sram: Revamp of the class. The Sram will now have a more dynamic gameplay with an overhaul of its traps (more tactical levers), his invisibility (made simpler), as well as the addition of a new system of "Weak Points", "Loot" and improving his Double. Full details can be found here on our dedicated news.

Critical Hits: The CH of all classes will be changed from 1.5 to 1.25. 

[New] The modifications related to Lock / Dodge are bringing the following changes:

  • Drhellzerker: The AP cost of disengaging will be transformed into an MP cost.
  • Treasure Hunter: The maximum level will increase to 150 (compared to 100 previously).
  • Treasure Tracker: Limitation of Art of Prospecting maximum’s damage % to 120% (compared to 150% previously).
  • Mines and Prospecting: Prospecting gain from attacks made from a mine will be 3, 6, 9, 15 compared to 5, 10, 15, 25 previously.

  • Fusillade: The Rogue cannot be locked while under the effect of the spell.
  • Bombs: The base damage of bombs will be increased by 10% and they will now benefit from the Rogue’s secondary damage % (single target, berserk, range, etc.). 

  • Coward Mask: The bonus provided by Coward Mask will be earned for each dodge, having losses or not.
  • Charade: The gain in renewal will be obtained for every dodge, having losses or not.

  • Stasis: Instead of using the average of the 4 basic damage masteries, Stasis will now use the average of the 3 best.
  • Glyphs: The base damage of glyphs will be increased by 10% and the damage caused by the glyphs will now benefit from the Feca’s secondary damage % (single target, Berserk, range, etc.).
  • Feca Shield: It will only absorb 50% of damage taken.
  • Crashing Wave Armor: If cast on the Feca or an ally, it will reduce 50% of damage taken (compared to 100% before).
  • Stunned: This state now take away 4 Dodgable AP and will be applicable on bosses.
  • Charge, Rocknoceros & Flatten: The chance to apply the Stunned state will be doubled. 

  • Summons: The Lock, Dodge and Initiative of the summoned creature will now evolve depending on the level of the spell (from 73% to 100% compared to the set value of 75% previously).
  • Summons: The summoned creature will use 70% of elementary damage and All of the Osamoda (the bonus will be updated in real time). It will also benefit from 50% of secondary damage (single target, berserk, range, etc.) of the Osamoda (converted in All Damage on the creature, the bonus will be updated in real time).
  • Summons: The summoned creature will benefit of 100% of the Osamoda CH (the bonus will be updated in real time).
  • Summons: we will add a limitation to prevent the Osamoda to have more than 2 summons of his level in play simultaneously.
  • Starry Armor: Will be limited to one cast per target and the value of the armor will be increased from 20 to 35 (level 100).

  • Coagulation: It will be reduced to 0.75% of HP per level compared to 1% before. 

  • Lone Sadida: At the start of turn, the Sadida will now gain 30 levels of Lone Sadida if none of his own dolls are at 4 Range or less. Otherwise, he will lose 30 levels of Lone Sadida.
  • Lone Sadida: Summoning a doll will no longer cancel the Lone Sadida state.
  • Dolls: The base damage of the dolls will be increased by 25%.
  • Dolls: the AP cost of the Doll spell will be reduced by 1 at all levels of the spell.
  • The Inflatable: She will now benefit from the All Damage from the Sadida.
  • The Inflatable & Maneater: They will now benefit from 70% of the Sadida secondary damage (converted into All Damage on the dolls (single target, berserk, range, etc.)).
  • The Ultra-Powerful: It will now use 40% of the Sadida secondary damage (converted into All Damage on the dolls (single target, berserk, range, etc.)).
  • Brambly Armor: The value of the shield offered by Brambly Armor will be reduced by 20%.


Rebalancing: Following the major changes to the characters, monsters and equipment, the Sidekicks will be rebalanced accordingly. Their state containing their characteristics will offer more HP but also CH, Block, Lock, Dodge or others depending on the specialty of the Sidekick in question.

Hardcore Dungeons Keys: Hardcore dungeon will properly consume a key for the Sidekicks, and the level cap will be properly taken into account. 


Tuberbulb: The resource will become a level 0 Astrub resource.

Breaded Fish: The resource will become a level 0 Astrub resource.

Consumables: The HP provided by Breads will be increased. 


[New] Astrub Revamp: Revamp of the zone
  • Graphic redesign of the NPCs
  • Revamp of the level design of the zone that will become a true city of mercenaries in reconstruction
  • Improved player progression
  • New quest and tutorials
  • Addition of equipment items as a reward for quests

[New] Dungeon Machines: The Machines are coming back in-game!
  • Addition of a Machine in front of each dungeon.
  • Every Boss combat will give 10 Tokens (not including Sidekicks) for the dungeons in Astrub to all players,
  • The following only applies to the dungeons outside of Astrub and in all dungeon modes (easy, normal and hardcore):
    • Easy mode: Booster Pack Days = 5 Token, Non-Booster Pack Days = 2 Tokens
    • Normal Mode: Booster Pack Days = 10 Tokens, Non-Booster Pack Days = 5 Tokens
    • Hardcore Mode: Booster Pack Days = 10 Hardcore Tokens, Non-Booster Pack Days = 5 Hardcore Tokens
  • The tokens will allow to obtain items from the monsters’ family and the Boss, which will help reduce randomness. 
  • The tokens will be linked to the character.
  • There will be 2 types of tokens (normal and hardcore) depending on the chosen difficulty.

[New] Mercenaries Post: The Mercenaries Posts are arriving!
  • Each region of each nation (Astrub included) will have its own Post.
  • Each Post will be able to give access to 5 unique quests based on the region.
  • These quests will be called "Mercenary Contracts" and will have a rank from 1 to 3.
  • To access these quests, you must purchase a permit (one for each region) in Kamas from the Mercenary of the area.
  • You will have to complete level 1 quests in order to get to the level 2 ones and therefore finish the level 2 quests to get to the level 3 ones.
  • Level 1 quests will be solo quests.
  • Level 2 Quests are quests for groups of 2 to 3 players (or Sidekicks).
  • Level 3 Quests will be group quests.
  • These quests will obviously not replace the main quests, but they will bring a little extra Background on each area.

Hunter Camp: Each region (Astrub included) will have an "Otomai Disciples" Hunter Camp with associated quests.

Starting Zones: Starting zones from each nation (Village and Ruins) will now be populated with Gobballs / Tofus instead of Piwis / Googoos. 


[New] Restate of Emergency: A new restat quest will be added at level 80 (and will replace the old one, which was available at level 10). This will allow you have two free restat quests available at "key" moments of the game:
  • Level 30: Allows the player to test everything he has at his disposal by starting the game without being blocked later on.
  • At level 80: The player starts to understand the game and knows what works well, and needs to be effective to continue the adventure.

  • The zones Thicket of Yurbut (Bonta) / Emelka (Amakna) / Steamulating Shore (Sufokia) / Gnashville (Brakmar) change level from 45-55 to 40-50. The environmental quests have been balanced to reflect the change (minimum level + gain). 
  • The zones Sidimote Moors (Brakmar) / Jumpin' Jungle (Sufokia) / Cania Swamps (Bonta) / Holey Forest (Amakna) change level from 40-50 to 30-45. The environmental quests have been balanced to reflect the change (minimum level + gain). 

King of Crafter: Talking to a Jonk will always remain an option to complete the"King of Crafter" quests but we have modified the text of the goal to make it more explicit.
Pledge Your Allegiance: The Quest can be validated by talking to Master Bossowl in Astrub, including those who already have a nation.

Petmounts: Rebalancing the last part of the quest to obtain a Petsmount. It will be much easier to capture one after successfully placing its harness. 


[New] Speed Revamp: Changing how speed works. Now, the bonus will appear every 3 turns. These speed bonuses will be the same for all players and will be in the amount of 6. You will be given more information on this new feature soon on our website. 

[New] Lock/Dodge Revamp:
  • Changing how the Lock / Dodge system works towards a deterministic system. Being Locked will no longer make you miss a turn: You will lose instead a number of AP and MP based on the difference between your Dodge and the Lock of the enemy. You can find more details soon on our website.
  • Following these changes, some classes and monsters will be affected. You can find the complete change list in the "Classes" and "Monsters" parts.

[New] Resistances Revamp: To improve the comprehension of the resistance system, we are simplifying its calculation (modification of the resistance system towards a system of final resistance). You will be able to get more details soon on our website.

[New] PvP
  • Addition of the Riktus Clan.
  • It will be possible to become a Bandit.
  • Addition of a ranking system (10 ranks) for each Nation.
  • Ranking points gain via PvP battles between members of each enemy Nations and against the Bandits.
  • Addition of rewards for each different ranks.
  • More details to come soon on our website.

Flaxhid’s Sanctuary: When a player is K.O. and under the influence of the state "Prisoner", the state will be removed if that player is resurrected.

Cledus 'Onist: During the fight against the Boss, allied monsters will benefit from the final resistance bonus from the start of the fight, even if a player starts before the Boss.

Secondary Damage Bonus: consideration of secondary damage bonus in the calculation of heals, damage with rebound, beacons, bombs and Feca glyphs.
Melee / Range Damage Bonuses: Modification of the consideration of melee / range damage bonuses. This will now be the distance between the target and the attacker that will be taken into account: 2 cells or less = melee damage, 3 cells or more = range damage. 

Reconnection in combat:
  • The spells’ cooldown time  will be correctly taken into account.
  • A player who reconnects while in combat will correctly see the information of a KO character.
  • The Faking It, Defensive Stance, Multi-Arm of the Sacrier and Preparation states will be properly preserved.
  • Spells which are usable once per battle will be properly displayed.
  • Proper operation in the Haven Worlds.

"Invite to Group" Button: It will no longer be visible when clicking on a player in combat and will allow to also invite a player of an enemy nation. 

[New] Beginning of Combat Animation: Addition of an introduction animation at the beginning of combat on some classes. 

Disconnection of a Teammate: The disconnect notification of a team member will now be displayed in red in the chat.

Rejoining a Fight: Decrease of the maximum distance to travel to join the fight without being teleported. The distance will decrease from 15 to 10 cells. This change is intended to accelerate the placement phase, especially when the monsters do not run and / or are slow. 


Following the addition of PVP:
  • The number of possible alliances between Nations will be limited to 1.
  • Resetting alliances/wars: All the Nations will again become neutral.
  • It will now be possible to group with a character of an enemy Nation.

Citizenship Points: rebalancing of the loss and gain (especially a lower % of loss).

Boats: They will be available to be used in wartime.
Zaaps: They will block the enemies of the nation (characters from an enemy nation with their PvP tag on, or foreign characters whose actions are against the laws of the visited nation).


Incurable: The challenge will no longer appear on Enurado monsters.

Divine Dimensions: The challenges will no longer appear in the quest combats giving no experience or loot.


The modifications related to Lock / Dodge are bringing the following changes:

Wa Wabbit: 
  • His basic dodge will be reduced from 625 to 425.
  • To turn off his invulnerability, he will need to undergo a loss linked to Lock by having more Lock than the Wa Wabbit’s Dodge.
  • When the Wa Wabbit disengage (with or without losses) and the player who attempted to Lock will have less Lock than the Wa Wabbit’s Dodge, that player will gain 50 Lock (bonus can be stacked).
  • When the Wa Wabbit disengage with losses and the player who is attempting to Lock him will have more Lock than the Wa Wabbit’s Dodge, the Wa Wabbit will remove all Lock bonuses that he has applied.

Dragon Pig: 
  • His basic Dodge will be reduced from 575 to 475.
  • At the beginning of a turn, he will lose all of his MPs if a close combat player has more Lock than Dodge. He will apply Provocation! To all close combat players.
  • He will no longer have +3 MP in Speed bonus but a bonus of +30% damage.

Master Shhhudoku: 
  • His basic Dodge will be reduced from 275 to 225.
  • His basic amount of MP will be reduced from 6 to 5. 

  • Royal Strich: The basic dodge will be increased from 250 to 400. It will take about 210 of tackle to activate the passive.
  • Strich Guard: The basic dodge will be increased from 175 to 275. It will take about 145 of tackle to activate the passive.
  • Thingamastrich Guard: The basic dodge will be increased from 200 to 325. It will take about 170 of tackle to activate the passive.
  • Celestial Strich: The basic dodge will be increased from 375 to 500. It will take about 260 of tackle to activate the passive.
  • Cloudy Strich: The basic dodge will be increased from 275 to 375. It will take about 195 of tackle to activate the passive.
  • Cloudy Thingamastrich: The basic dodge will be increased from 325 to 425. It will take about 220 of tackle to activate the passive.

Monsters' levels rebalancing:
  • Trunknid increase from 40 to 45.
  • Treechorn increase from 45 to 50.
  • Treechnid increase from 50 to 55.
  • Snailmet increase from 45 to 50.
  • Master Mussel increase from 40 to 45.
  • Darth Mussel increase from 50 to 55.
  • Arachnee increase from 35 to 40.
  • Arachnee Embroiderer increase from 40 to 45.
  • Major Arachnee increase from 45 to 50.
  • Kralove increase from 35 to 40.
  • Kralien increase from 40 to 45.
  • Kralamore increase from 45 to 50.


[New] "Easy" mode: We have implemented in-game the "hardcore" mode a little while ago, now discover the "easy" mode! It will be available on all level 5-30 dungeons (from right-clicking on their door) and will allow you to discover them more easily in solo mode (basically with only 1 or 2 Sidekicks). Here are the rules of the "easy" mode dungeons:
  • They will be balanced to be done by 1 player + 2 Sidekicks, which is to say that the monsters to face will be the same but in smaller numbers.
  • They will not offer a +20 Wisdom bonus as the "normal" dungeons.
  • The boss will offer only 5 tokens for the Machine (instead of 10 in "normal" mode).
  • They will have their own achievement.
  • All other rules are the same as those of "normal" dungeons.


[New] Items rebalancing: Solid Rebalancing of the items. When you will drop an item after combat, it will appear as "unidentified". When double clicking on it, the elements related to damage bonuses and / or resistances will be randomly generated. Important: For the items that you already have in your posession and the ones you have crafted, you will be able to chose the bonus that you would like! You will be able to find more details on this new functionality soon on our website. 

[New] Transmutation: Transmutation allow you to "reroll" elementary rolls randomly among other possible rolls. In each dungeon, you will get a Transmutation of the same level of items to collect in the dungeon (rounded to the nearest ten). For example, doing a level 125 dungeon, you will get a level 130 Transmutation to reroll a level 130 or less item. Obtained Transmutation will be non-tradable. In addition, the following crafts will be added to the Handyman: Level 40, 80, 120 and 160 Transmutations, these can be made at level 25, 50, 75 and 100 and each will be split into 6 crafts requesting resources from 6 different harvest professions. The crafted Transmutation will be tradable, which will boost the Handyman and harvest professions.

[New] Drop Rate, Drop Thresholds and Relic Fragments: All the items drop rate will depend on the level of the items themselves, and no longer (almost) only on their rarity. The rarity of an item doubles in 50 levels. The old rates are almost the same as the new ones at level 175 and those items will be more accessible than prior to this cap.

All drop thresholds will be removed from the game. This will include fragments of ancient relics.
  • All the drop rates on bosses will be "-1" on items: This means that each player on the team will do a roll in order to retrieve each item dropped by the boss. (The only exception is the relic directly looted from a hardcore boss.)
  • All the drop rates of the monsters’ families will be "1" on items: This means that only one player on the team (chosen randomly, does not depend on the PP) will attempt to roll to retrieve each item. This was already the case before but the rule will now be clearer. This system has the advantage of allowing the players who XP / loot in solo or in small group not to be disproportionately disadvantaged compared to other players in groups. The removal of the PP thresholds is also going in this direction.
  • The elite monsters of environmental quests (Troolgodyte, Raval Disciple, etc.) will have the same rules and drop rates as the bosses.

The relics’ fragments will have the same rates outside for the ancient relics and the new ones. The monsters and bosses will have simply a better drop rate in hardcore version.

Daggers: It will no longer be possible to equipe a dagger to the main hand (Azael's First Twin Dagger will become a sword and the Azael's Second Twin Dagger will stay a dagger).

Key to the Three Pistes' Cave: The key will no longer be obtained on the Bow Meows but on the Gobballs instead.

Shushu items: The States of the Shushu objects will now be stackable.

Harvesting Resources: All resources of "Rare" and "Mythic" harvesting type will have a spawning rate of 1%.

Crozolily: In Incarnam, the Crozolily will be replaced by the Disembodied Crozolily.

Kit Skill: It will now be possible to carry an item thanks to the Kit Skill it gives. The level shown will remain the same but the item will not be shown in red (not equippable) in inventory.  Also note that due to the abilities' and items revamp, Kit Skill will be limited to 10 points.

Sets: Following the modification on the random generation of elements on items, it will not be possible to merge a set for now.
Set Bonuses: following the massive balancing of items, all set bonuses will be removed from the game (excluding low level sets).

Rune Slots: The increments of extra rune slots will increase from 50, 100 and 150 to 40, 80 and 120. 

Haven Bag

Astrub: Following the overhaul of the zone, some of the Haven Bags will be moved. 

Basic Display Window: Removal of the basic display window in the Haven Bags to reintroduce it via tutorial. Players who already had one gets to keep it.
Krosmaster Arena Table: It will be very possible to repack it from your Haven Bag or Haven World. 


Markets: Addition of information in the "Unsold" category at the markets. It is now possible to see in the column how much time is left before removing the items.

"Ignore" Function: It will work properly. 

Forming a Group From the Guild Interface: You will be able to group from the guild interface without being a leader.
Cinematics: Addition of a button to switch some cinematics.

Inviting a Disconnected Character: You will receive an error message when inviting an offline character to a group.
Menu and Citizenship Points: Corrections on all menus regarding earnings / loss of citizenship points in order to properly display them. 

*Updated 9/9/14