Here is the content that will be implemented with the September 9th update:

Sram Revamp

The revamp of the class is coming! The Sram will now have a more dynamic gameplay with an overhaul of its traps (more tactical levers), his invisibility (made simpler), as well as the addition of a new system of "Weak Points", "Loot" and improving his Double. Full details can be found here on our dedicated news.

Arrival of PvP

The PvP centered around the war between Guards and Bandits arrives in the World of Twelve! Choose you camp thanks to a quest: Guard of your nation or Riktus? You will have to make a choice before flying with your own wings!

New Ability System

A new ability system will replace the old version to simplify the evolution of characters. You will no longer need to save up your points for 30 levels before deciding how to attribute them, the progression will therefore be by increments to help you create more atypical builds! This new system will guide you better while reinforcing and increasing your sense of progression... Discover more in the "Details" tab of this changelog.

Speed, Locks/Dodge and Resistances Revamp

Now the speed bonus will appear every 3rd turn and will be identical for all classes. Lock and Dodge will obey a deterministic system; being Locked will not make you skip your turn, but you will know in advance how many AP and MP you will lose when you will want to free yourself from a monster! Finally, the resistance system will be simplified to be more understandable.

Extensive Items Rebalancing and Drop System Revamp

When you will drop an item after combat, it will appear as "unidentified". When double clicking on it, the elements related to damage bonuses and / or resistances will be randomly generated. Important: For the items that you already have in your posession and the ones you have crafted, you will be able to chose the bonus that you would like! This bringing a rebalancing of many items. This leads to a rebalancing of many items. Add to that all the drop rate of items will now depend on the level of the items, rather than (almost) only for its rarity. Similarly, all drop thresholds will be removed from the game. This will include fragments of ancient relics. More information is available in the "Details" tab.

Dungeons Machines

The Machines are back! Each dungeon will make use of this system again, which will offer you 10 tokens after a victory against a boss. These tokens can be traded for dungeon equipment items reducing the randomness linked to drops.

New Astrub

Revamp of the zone with new scenery, new quests, basically... A new begining!

Otomai Disciples and Mercenaries Posts

Each region will have a Mercenary Post with five unique quests for each zone. These evolutionary contracts will allow you to rediscover the region, with solo and group goals! The Otomai Disciples will come strengthen the already exciting Hunter camps with their presence and will add new ones in areas of each nation who do not yet possess any. What a great way to add more background and spice up your adventures…

"Easy" Dungeons

We have implemented in-game the "hardcore" mode a little while ago, now discover the "easy" mode! It will be available on all level 5-30 dungeons (from right-clicking on their door) and will allow you to discover them more easily in solo mode (basically with only 1 or 2 Sidekicks).