[New] Petsmount: Petsmount will be added to the game! You can get them in 2 ways: either via an in-game quest (level 35), or by buying them via the Shop. The Petsmount are creatures you can ride and you will not only move faster, but also to acquire additional stats (just like the Pets). Here are the essential information to know about them...

Petsmount basics:
  • The Petsmount will occupy a new "Petsmount" slot in the equipment interface.
  • A Petsmount can only be equipped if the character has the "Petsmount Permit" (quest item) which you will get at the end of the quest "A Petsmount?" available in Astrub at level 35.
  • It is also with this quest that you will be able to get your first Petsmount, but you can also go through the Shop to get one (different model).
  • Once equipped, you can get on and off your Petsmount whenever you want.
  • It will give you a movement speed bonus of 25%, 50% or 75% as long as you will ride it.
  • Just like the Pets, it will not be visible in combat.

Equipping a Petsmount:
  • Equipping a Petsmount will make you ride it automatically.
  • You will be able to create a shortcut to get on/get off more easily.
  • It will only be visible when you get on it, it will then also make your Pet disappear but your Pet will return when you stop riding your Petsmount.
  • The bonus offered by your Petsmount will remain active as long as equipped, whether or not being ridden by you.
  • Disconnecting the game will make you get off your Petsmount if you were riding it.

Petsmount HP and level:
  • Like Pets, the Petsmounts will have a life gauge, a level and you will have to feed them.
  • The rules on this subject (HP, meals, dying in combat, etc..) are the same as for the Pets.
  • The maximum level of a Petsmount is 50.
  • First Choice Kibble, Growth Kibble, Super Growth Kibble and Osamodas Powder can be used on them.

Cosmetic customization:
  • A Petsmount can be customized in the same way as a Pet. It will have a cosmetic inventory that will be unique to it and you can change its costume at your convenience.
  • You can obtain Petsmount customization (whether the Petsmount was obtained via the quest, or the Shop) in the colors of your nation. There will be one different "skin" for each of the four nations. To obtain this skin you will need to complete a quest from the Owl of your nation. The requirements are to have a nation, 500 Citizenship Points, 2000 Kamas and have completed the quest "A Petsmount?”.
  • Other customizations will be obtainable form the Shop and can be equipped on the Petsmount of the Shop only.

Petsmounts Availability:
  • The in-game quest will allow you to access a Trained Dragoturkey of Precision (+40% single target damage / +25% movement speed), or of Range (+40% range damage / +25% movement speed), or of Destruction (+40% AoE damage / +25% movement speed), or of Melee (+40% melee damage / +25% movement speed).
  • The Shop will give you access to either a Drago-Steed of Precision (40% single target damage / +50% movement speed), or of Range (+40% range damage / +50% movement speed), or of Destruction (+40% AoE damage / +50% movement speed), or of Melee (+40% melee damage / +50% movement speed).
  • Zaaps will now automatically be learned when a player obtains the minimum level of the area in which is located the Zaap. It will, however, always be possible to learn them before reaching the level of an area just like it is already the case at the moment. This change will facilitate the access to all areas without the need, for example, to complete the main quest of an island.


Modification of how Osamodas manages the amount of summons they may have in combat:
  • Osamodas's Blessing will now give +2 Control at maximum level.
  • The Osamoda will be entitled to have a total level of summons in combat according to the following formula: Character Level + character Level * Control /8. For example, an Osamodas can have two summons of his level in combat with 5 Control on his equipment items and his passive at maximum level, which will give 1 + 5 + 2 = 8 Control. He may prefer to have three summons representing 2/3 of his character level in combat with the same amount of Control points.
  • In return, and for better management of the maximum amount of Control that a player can get, the "exotic" equipment items will lose a Control point. These items will have their other values ​​rebalanced. Details are available in the "Items" category of this update changelog.
  • Therefore the maximum achievable Control via equipment items will be 6: Breastplate + Helm + Epaulettes +Belt + Weapon + Pet.

  • Bombs: Because of an incompatibility between the CMC damage and the localised damage, we were forced to remove the possibility to do localised damage from the bombs.


[New] Reconnecting in combat: If you log out or exit the game while your character is in combat, it will return to the battle when reconnecting. Caution: Monsters continue to play their rounds during the time your character will be disconnected from combat. Despite the different tests that were done (including beta), if we see problems with this new feature, we will disable it to ensure a maximum of playing comfort. We also plan to improve it compared to its current version: you will be kept informed of these developments as needed. 

Changes related to Lock on certain Bosses: The following Bosses will no longer pass their turn after a Lock (they will lose all their MP instead) Spectrex (normal and hardcore), Sugnuf (normal and hardcore) and Solkrupt (normal and hardcore). Cledus 'Onist, the future boss of the Enurado dimension will be affected too.

CMC damage: They will again be taken correctly into account.


Nations Bonuses: The damage bonus to nations will be changed to +20% damage to all elements, including +20% per area. This will balance the nations regarding different possible builds. Indeed, some dual elements were losing up to 25% of damage if they weren’t affiliated to the right nation. In addition, this will increase the interest of satisfying all ecosystems areas of the nation, since those who previously only offered +5% were neglected.

Adventure Islands

Drago-Express and Phoenix: Following the addition of the mounts and in order to enhance the interest, many Drago-Express locations will be changed or added or deleted. However, our goal remains to still centralize the means of transport (Drago-Express, Zaaps, etc.) as much as possible to the “Key” locations of the game. These changes will not affect the Nations at the moment. 

Srambad: Explanatory messages of the "Pickpocketing" minigame will be changed to better explain the rules and subtleties.

Shushu Dimension:
  • [New] Flaxhid Sanctuary: The Shushu Dimension will see its second dungeon opened, the Flaxhid Sanctuary! This new dungeon will allow you to get your hands on 10 legendary weapons and 1 epic, 1 costume, 4 Shushu Smokenmirs, 1 Shushu Emblem, 1 set and 1 relic. Note that the hardcore mode of the dungeon and his achievements will be available upon its release.
  • [New] Guild of Hunters: Hunters arrive in the Shushu Dimension! Their camp will give you access to new daily quests, and also to a quest that will give you an epic item as a reward!


[New] Minimum level requirement: a minimum recommended level is already indicated on each of the dungeons of the world. From now on, it will require that your character has this minimum level to enter the dungeon. This information required minimum level will be indicated on your Dungeon Finder, but also on your world map, and on the door of the dungeon. 

Tormentor Pit
  • Heals done during a resurrection of a class will no longer be canceled (examples: Mummification, Faking it). 
  • Addition of a new achievement: "Kill 5 times the Boss" which will allow you to get the mini version of him.


Solkrupt the Shadow-Eater:
  • His HP will increase from 21,000 to 25,000 maximum HP, will gain +150% resist and 2 MP in Phase 2. These 3 changes are intended to make him a little more resistant and less easy to "Shield" in Phase 2. You will now have to manage him in several turns while strengthening the fact to have to use Shadow Globes to survive.
  • Upon transition to Phase 2, Solkrupt (normal and hardcore) will become invulnerable until his next turn. This will prevent him from dying before playing, or if already too weak.
  • When a Sacrier will cast Assault on Solkrupt, it will no longer make the pull and push effects produce a visual bug.
  • In phase 2, at each turn of character, Solkrupt will now make all players who were not, up to 1 HP maximum. This will apply, for example to an Enutrof after a "Faking It" during phase change, etc…
  • Solkrupt will no longer launch the feedback "makes the Shadow Globes explode" if there is none present to detonate. The damage taken from a Shadow Globe will now be shown as: -500 HP (Shadow Globe).
Longblade Trainer: When the Longblade Trainer will be resurrected by a Resurrection Mark he will no longer attack the player who is causing damage to a Bulldagger ennemy.
Zwombbits: They will only be able to earn cell edge bonuses (incrementing the All-Consuming Hungew state) once per turn.


The Pikamachinist (Forfut):  Pikamachu the Striped Bow Meow will now have the right visual, and will therefore be more difficult to see...
Nations environmental quests: The minimum level of these quests in the 50-60 level areas will now 45 instead of 50. 


Wily: Will no longer be triggered against the Bilby Queen.
Reprieve, Manhunt & Focus: These challenges will be mutually incompatible. 
Doubled & Tripled: The states of these challenges will no longer trigger when a monster kills a member of the players’ group. 
Incurable: Will no longer fail if the value of Heals on the target is 0. 
Focus: Will no longer fail if the HP loss on a non-designated target by the challenge is 0.



Legendary items recipes: The amount of ingredients in these level 100 recipes requiring a Craft Seal will be divided by 3.
Level 100 weapons made ​​with a Craft Seal: These items will become an ingredient taken into account in the crafting of level 150 legendary weapons.


Rebalancing of "exotic" Control equipment items following the changes affecting the management of the Osamoda’s summons, the following equipment items will be modified as such:
  • Celestial Tofu Cloak: +45 HP, +3 Block, +10% Damage, +22%CMC Damage, +8 Resist.
  • Ratty Riot Shield: +122 HP, +22 Lock, +4 Block, +17 Resist.
  • Eskarina's Hammer: +1 AP, +1 Control, +194 HP, +6% CH, +45% Damage, +35% CMC Damage.
  • Kwoac's Leg: +1 AP, +1 Control, +196 HP, +28 Lock, +6 Block, +35% Damage, +25% CMC Damage, +15 Resist.
  • Seawater Neckpiece: +1 AP, +25 HP, +3 Wisdom, +16% Damage, +15% CMC Damage.
  • Amufafah: +30 HP, +14 Dodge, +16% Fire Damage +16% Earth Damage + 3/6/9/12% CMC Damage.
  • Alpha Predator Amulet: +58 HP, +14 Lock, +14% Water Damage, +14% Earth Damage, +9% CMC Damage, +5 Resist.
  • Dragolyre: +1 AP, +55 HP, +20% CMC Damage, -15 Resist.
  • Guardian Amulet: +21 HP, +14% CMC Damage, +4 Resist.
  • The Celestial Brooch: +1 AP, -50 HP, +2% CH, +10% Damage.
Ush's Cards: Due to the presence of "exotic" MP, the Ush's Cards will be changed to Legendary from Epic. Its characteristics will be increased as followed: +1 AP, +1 MP, +80 HP, +15 INI, +25 Dodge, -5% CH, +40% Damage & +15% Damage from the back. 

Relic’s fragments: Obtaining relic fragments relic outside of a Hardcore dungeon seemed a little too rare for us, therefore we will change their rates from 0.1% to 0.2% on normal monsters, and 1 % to 2% on the normal boss. While it remains low but we must remember that this is an extra method of obtaining them (in addition to the Hardcore mode dungeon and related achievements) and that there is no threshold of PP required for these fragments, allowing those whose gain XP solo or small groups to obtain them too.

[New] New epic items:
  • Kimono of Srameureux*: (level 160 Breastplate, to be obtained as a drop from Solkrupt the Shadow-Eater at 0.2% chance and Solkrupt the Reaper at 0.4% chance): +1 AP, +217 HP, +50 Lock, +7 Block , +42% Damage, +39% Resist. 
  • Saint Turastil*: (level 100 belt, linked to the account, to be obtained as a drop from Vampyro at 5% chance if you have accomplished the "Castle Wagnarstein" achievement): +1 MP, +121 HP, +29 Dodge, +2% CH, +22% Damage, +10% Resist.
  • Trool Warrior Quills*: (level 80 epualettes linked to the account, to be obtained as a drop from El Pochito at 5% chance if you have accomplished the "Final Troolhunter"  achievement): +1 AP, +55 HP, +12 Dodge, +1% CH, +16% Damage, +8% Resist. By equipping these epaulettes, the character will be limited to a maximum of 11 AP.
Epic items statistics increase rebalancing:
  • Vizion Dagger: +1 MP, +129 HP, +30 Dodge, +2% CH, +40% Damage, +20% Damage from the back, +1 Spell level (all elements).
  • Emiwlet Amulet: +1 AP, +1 Range, +1 Control, +144 HP, +2% CH, +40% Damage, +30% CMC Damage, +30 Resist.

Mortal Wood: The rare version of the Elderberry Wood will correctly display a halo of stars.
Enutrof Prospecting Candy: It can now be stacked in batch of 999 (instead of 99).
Makabra Wand: It will give +1 Range starting at its level 50.


[New] Inventory – Account Chest: You can now access an "account chest" from your inventory. It is a common chest to all characters of the same account and server that will offer 10 available slots.
[New] Notifications of content depending on levels: After gaining a level we will now announce the content accessible to you via a notification (islands, dungeons, areas, features, etc...) and also the places where you will find them. 

Private messages: they will be correctly displayed.

  • The territory information will no longer be displayed when opening the Drago-Express map.
  • The locations of all the Drago-Express will now be displayed on the world map, but will remain grayed out if you did not saved them. 


Environmental quest monsters: Environmental quest monsters that allowed to loot items will be visible in the website’s encyclopedia. The concerned monsters are: Sir Urh the Withdrawn*, Raval Disciple*, Ancestral Spirit, Troolgodyte, The Zombowabbit, Wambo, Lenaldix and Fhenris the Lone Boohemoth. The four challenge monsters: Snowfoux Archer, Snowfoux Brute, Snowfoux Guard and Snowfoux Tracker will be affected also.

*Localized words pending changes.

Updated 18/07/14