Reprieve will no longer trigger for Enurado monsters



Kamamile will no longer give Clobbver midway through its evolution, but a Kamamille Flower



Lazer room in the Enutrof temple

  • Sidekicks will no longer be allowed in the fight
  • Security safes will no longer have Speed bonuses

Cledus ‘Onist
  • All classes: Class passive specialties that give HP will no longer be randomly taken into account for the HP of a Totem
  • Rogue: Surprise Shot will no longer deal disproportionate damage with the buff Kamastyle
  • Ecaflip: Double or Quits will no longer be usable in the fight against this boss
  • Solitude: The MP boost of this state will increase more quickly (+1 MP every 2 levels instead of every 3 levels) which means +3MP at max level (instead of +2MP)


The Agiots will give +41% Fire damage instead of +31%

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Neneko88 - Member - 10 July 2014 21:06
thank you for fragment change..wonder if it makes any real difference though
thank you for legendary weapon recipes

no thank you for removing drago express just because people want mounts.
Nox16 - Member - 10 July 2014 21:28
never mind i didnt read that right i thought you said a seal could be used 3 times.
Gynrei 10 July 2014 21:30
Sabi|2014-07-10 19:00:00Following the addition of the mounts and in order to enhance the interest, many Drago-Express locations will be changed or added or deleted.

So they're going to make us have to run more... so that we'll be more enticed to buy mounts?

Fragments change will do very little for me because HC is still far superior. But it's a nice increase none the less.
cbunny - Member (+) - 10 July 2014 21:32
Sabi|2014-07-10 19:00:00Legendary items recipes: The amount of ingredients in these level 100 recipes and requiring a Craft Seal will be divided by 3.
Level 100 weapons made ​​with a Craft Seal: These items will become an ingredient taken into account in the crafting of level 150 legendary weapons.

This means all items with craft seals, not just weapons? Right?
What if the number of materials is not divisible by 3?
I'm working on the Imperial Pyrotech Belt, is why I ask. For example, what would happen to 10 Clergymen Belts? Will numbers round up, down, or will it vary per item/material?

Thanks for the heads up, I can estimate my count for now.
TommyTrouble - Member - 10 July 2014 21:35
But... the lv 150 Weapons are really trashy, compared to their lv 100 counterparts. Is there any way we can convince you to keep the 2 Control on the Hammer, as well as buff the CMC Damage on it, for the lv 150 variant? Otherwise, it's not really possible to consider it an Upgrade.... Normally, I'd expect 50 levels later, an improvement in the weapon.

Thanks, Sabi! Stand up for the Summon Osas! We heart you!
Sentrayak 10 July 2014 21:37
Thank you people for wanting mounts. Now getting from one place to another takes loads more time considering some drago-expresses are removed. <_<

Oh by the way I'm really hoping sram revamp comes now.
Celay01 10 July 2014 23:53
Will you give my 10 pets which you stole 2,5 months ago?

Should i wait next year?
JoolsX 11 July 2014 05:38
Wait, wait.

Since when were mounts a thing? Last I heard they were focusing on other things..
OminousFantasy 11 July 2014 06:01
"Following the addition of the mounts"soo... are the mounts to be added this patch and just forgotten in the changelog? or are they gonna change dragoturkeys before their addition, which doesn't make much sense?

either way changing those is kinda just a big inconvenience. though I guess as long as they don't move real important ones like in front of zaaps/boats/dungeons it's not too bad
ThyHolyOverlord - Member (+) - 11 July 2014 07:47
Please tell me Ankama's going to remove the transport stuff and add mounts at the same time this time. I wouldn't like it if you only remove certain mechanics with a promise to give the replacement mechanic soon.

Anyway i hope i notice the effects of getting relic drops!