Petsmount will be added to the game! You can get them in 2 ways: either via an in-game quest (level 35), or by buying them via the Shop. The Petsmount are creatures you can ride and you will not only move faster, but also to acquire additional stats (just like the Pets).

Adventure islands

Drago-Express and Phoenix: Following the addition of the mounts and in order to enhance the interest, many Drago-Express locations will be changed or added or deleted. However, our goal remains to still centralize the means of transport (Drago-Express, Zaaps, etc.) as much as possible to the “Key” locations of the game. These changes will not affect the Nations at the moment. 


Relic’s fragments: Obtaining relic fragments relic outside of a Hardcore dungeon seemed a little too rare for us, therefore we will change their rates from 0.1% to 0.2% on normal monsters, and 1 % to 2% on the normal boss. While it remains low but we must remember that this is an extra method of obtaining them (in addition to the Hardcore mode dungeon and related achievements) and that there is no threshold of PP required for these fragments, allowing those whose gain XP solo or small groups to obtain them too.

Reconnecting in Combat

If you log out or exit the game while your character is in combat, it will return to the battle when reconnecting. Caution: Monsters continue to play their rounds during the time your character will be disconnected from combat. Despite the different tests that were done (including beta), if we see problems with this new feature, we will disable it to ensure a maximum of playing comfort. We also plan to improve it compared to its current version: you will be kept informed of these developments as needed.