Here are the changes that will be implemented on Friday 20th of June 2014:   


Drop: The drop rate on the characters and the Sidekicks returns to normal.
State: When multiple times states are running on a non-combat character, they will no longer disappear randomly during a disconnection.
Respec for the Masqueraider class: Following the modifications on the AP /MP abilities, a respec of the spells and abilities will be offered to the masqueraider class via the "A Classy Restat!" system. Please noteExceptionally this respec will last a week instead of 48 hours. Any player who has invested 2 Ap or 2 MP will be required to do the respec. Indeed the AP / MP will ne longer be taken into account if they exceed 1 AP or 1 MP. To all characters that already have a respect quest running (the level 30 quest or the collect resource , if you are at the last step with the Jonk (I’m ready to see Master Kano to redistribute my experience!), completing the new Respec quest will also complete your current one. If you want to benefit from your current quest, we invite you to visit the instance before the June update. This way, you will stay in the instance and therefore will be able to operate a new Respec.


Manhunt / Reprieve: These two challenges will no longer be present together.

Divine Dimensions

Ingloriom: It will no longer be possible to get stuck in Ingloriom without any options to continue the main Srambad questline.


Local Color - The Doubtful Contract (pending localisation): It will no longer possible to remain stuck in battle with the Spotted and Hiding states at the same time.
Meet the Dime Enutrof - Funds Pockets (pending localisation): It will no longer possible to remain stuck in battle with the Spotted and Hiding states at the same time.
The Hunt - Cut Short / On the File Blade / unharmed (pending localisation): The description of these three quests has been modified to indicate the exact location of where they take place. The quest marker was also updated to match the name or area in the world.


Larventura: The dungeon will be accessible again to players non-subscribed. 


Mangelame (pending localisation): Fragments of this relic will no longer be obtained from the Haven Worlds.
Epic items: One epic item can be equipped at a time. If following the game update of 17/06, your character was equipped with several legendary items which have epic, the statistics of these items  will be invalid, therefore you will have to unequip them.