This Brand New Adventure Island intended for players level 115-135 and will open the doors of its first area at the next update. The second area will be availablestarting April 4th. More information can be found on this dedicated devblog.

New Exploration Locations

From now on the powers of the three game artifacts (Anti-Excarnal-Totem Scepter, Bow of Pwodding and a 3rd artifact obtained on Saharash Island) will give you access to many new exploration locations scattered around the World of Twelve, and with each concealing chests with Kamas and experience. 

Hardcore Mode

On March 18th, you will be able to rediscover certain dungeons of the game in their (more difficult) "hardcore" version. This currently only applies to the Saharash and Shustuft Crust Dimension dungeons.

In addition to an interesting challenge, "hardcore" dungeons will bring you the following: more experience, relics fragments associated with the monster family (1% from the monsters and 10% from the boss, where the monster family provides only a very low amount of fragments: 0.1% from monsters and 1% from the boss), and a low chance of getting the relic from the boss directly. 

Pet System Modification

The following modifications will be done to the system as followed:
  • Rebalancing of the pets rarities (previously the balancing of the pets did not take into account their rarity).
  • Rebalancing of the pet bonuses (they will also all have a +60 HP bonus).
  • Rebalancing of the in-game pet drop rate.
  • Rebalancing of the time required to level up a pet to its max level (will now be 50 days). The pet will now gain 1 level per meal and can be fed one time per day. It can still level up to level 50 maximum, and only meals will allow it to level up (no longer from combat), the meals will also stay the same as before.

New "Secrets" Tab Additon to the Passport

A new "Secrets" tab will appear in the passport. It will list the various artifacts of the game obtained from the Wabbit, Wild Estate and Sahararsh Temples, and their levels of achievement. Charccters who have already obtained these artifacts (and completed the corresponding quest) before the March 18th game update will receive the "quest version" of the item at their first change of area (via Boat, Zaap, Teleport of Scriptures, or entering an instance).
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Rokugatsu - Member - 05 March 2014 16:46
50 days to lvl pet to 50lvl is so good... It takes forever now.

And I love the healing changes, but what about +healing gear and spells? Like Expert Healer? Would be nice if it would change to +40% dmg so all the branches would benefit... Fire and Air need a little dmg buff at the moment and that change would make it perfect.
JerryDB - Member - 05 March 2014 16:49
Ambassador's Wing: Resurrected players during the combat against Missiz Freezz will again pass their turn properly.

Good however the problem wasn't just Resurrected skipping their turns its everyone and when I say everyone I mean everyone. There was no single cause apart the boss fight itself.

Same with pet changes pretty happy.

The general damage adding to healing is a long overdue change biggrin time to get a grou's axe.
Seguchi-sama - Member - 05 March 2014 16:51
We do not need faster pet leveling system if their bonuses are suffering due to this change.
What we do need is more powerful and worthy pets.
Draco-mal-fuchi 05 March 2014 16:56
Sabi|2014-03-05 16:00:00Smithmagic: “Healing” Runes: Due to changes in healing (see "Combat"), these runes will no longer give healing bonus, but will give a damage bonus to all elements.

If already have a equip with max upgrade (weapon and ring) for example, what is the max value of damage (10 of all damage) if i use already full perfect rune ?

or need re upgrade again for see the new value ?

what happen is i change the all damage for other bonus using a smithhammer ?

Karakedi 05 March 2014 17:07
Seguchi-sama|2014-03-05 16:51:02We do not need faster pet leveling system if their bonuses are suffering due to this change.
What we do need is more powerful and worthy pets.


Nobody asked for +60HP on pet's, why all these nerfs? All pets need buffs no nerfs!!
Gynrei 05 March 2014 17:13
Seguchi-sama|2014-03-05 16:51:02We do not need faster pet leveling system if their bonuses are suffering due to this change.
What we do need is more powerful and worthy pets.

Agreed. Easier pet leveling is nice, but not at the cost of their stats. If you nerf pets and make them easier to level you haven't improved them.

I really hope the drop rates on pets is significantly improved. I know some people that have spent ages trying to drop the Bilby pet and Yech'ti'wawa pet with no success. It was so bad i assumed they were bugged and didn't exist.
Taku- - Member - 05 March 2014 17:26
What's the point of modifying pets at this stage of the game? Is that +60 HP gonna make a difference, or is the lessening of damage going to actually ensure better balance somehow?

Maybe try finishing one revamp before starting on another.
exponentialrage 05 March 2014 17:27
Pet system Improvement -1 crit and -3%dmg for a moofly is not an improvement, neither is -20% harvests for a snoofle or -15 ini for an angora, etc. I hope some pet values are rethought, they were not overpowered at all. I'd be interested in seeing what the yechtiwawa pet and milimoowolf are like now though, maybe it will just have to be a case of moving to rarer pets.

The heal change is really good, it will certainly help a lot with hybrid healers.

Any information on the drop revamp promised months ago? Any chance we can get our PP back until ankama have time to actually add that?
TaoZen - Member - 05 March 2014 17:38
it seems wodents only provide +60hp and no more cmc? or is that a visual bug?Summoner osa's need cmc and they won't be happy. And some sadidas like cmc, too.. although I invest primarily in dmg there..

"pet improvement" ? LOL

Pets need no nerf.
We need no +60hp on pets.

Did Grou think this up?
Rokugatsu - Member - 05 March 2014 17:46
I thought the pets would be buffed, not nerfed. Come on guys, they are already quite weak, why nerf?