• Respec: Performing a respec with Master Kano will no longer cause to loose ability points obtained via a scroll.
  • Spells Auras: They will no longer stack and will not remain visible after combat.
  • Movements: The characters will walk again when out of combat. 


  • Die Alright: It will properly rebound in the case of a critical hit .

  • Inversion: The effect of the spell will be permanent until reactivated .
  • Feca Shield: The armor damage absorption will be displayed properly in green, minus for the spell Shovel Shaker which will be corrected in the future.
  • Untouchable: This passive will show the increase of Lock outside of combat.
  • Crashing Wave: It will be possible to activate the armor via Crashing Wave if the character is placed on a glyph. 

  • Gobgob: The fifth slot of the Gobgob will be usable. 

  • Mummification: The spell will function correctly on an Osamoda, who had died while he was still under the effect of Possession. 


  • Equipment Items: Trying to equip a costume on a Sidekick will no longer delete it.


  • Tourmentor Pit: Sidekicks will be able to be healed in this dungeon.


  • Shu’Far: The Shustuft Crust Dimension Clan Member will be correctly named Shu’Far. 


  • Wevolt!: The quest will validate for the entire group participating in combat.
  • A Roaring Trade in Well-Guawded Seeds: This Hunter quest will be triggered by talking to Valentin Fay.
  • A Roaring Trade in Gobball Totems: This quest will be modified, it will now ask to bring Wild Wool. Its name will be changed to: A Roaring Trade in Wild Wool. 


  • Costume: Costumes will be a priority again over the Insignias. Althought this fix isn't global and some of the costumes may still remain under the insignia.
  • Tormentor Costume: It will have the correct visual on a female character.


  • Inventory: A right click on stacked items will no longer change the quantity to 1.