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GodIsWithUs - Member - 17 January 2014 16:30
It would also be interesting to see if Osas can capture them, since everyone suspects Osamodas to have created them:

"Legions of demons are staring at this world as well... Whether it's true or not, they're said to be created by Osamodas himself, who's one of them! Tall and small, major or minor demons, they're all hurrying to the edge of the Universe. Naturally, they can't cross the limit. All demons know it. A pact was sealed between gods from here and demons from there. And this pact forbids demons to invade the Universe spelled with a capital 'U'..."

The Dofus Era - Found Fragment IV
saphiLC2 - Member - 17 January 2014 16:33
Yep, as i predicted... multimen will require a key to do a dungeon, and i know they wont recover their HP after a combat as soon as you figure out how, the [ ? ] symbol in the MM window have a text saying thats temporal afterall... sadly for you, ankama, MMs are premium items purchased with real money so you cant just [Text Removed] CHANGE THEM AS YOU WANT, I WANT MY MONEY BACK. As always, releasing nice things and a nerf that makes you look bad [Text Edited]... grats
GodIsWithUs - Member - 17 January 2014 16:44
Since I think pushback damage and resistance are really the only stats missing from Wakfu that are found in Dofus, I am very intrigued by these new equipment stats since it sounds like there will be brand new ones exclusive to Wakfu.

Also, I am interested in how the equipment levels for the "elite" dungeons will work. Will the equipment level be static and always have equipment at like 120 no matter if your highest level member is 120 or 200? Elite dungeons seem fun, but if there is no sufficient reward for being a higher level no one will do it. No one will want to fight level 200 monsters for level 120 gear. Hopefully the gear level will be level 200 if you run it with level 200 characters. If the equipment level does not scale to the level of the group, people are just going to view this as another way to slow the rate of dropping gear.
ZeraKoN - Member - 17 January 2014 16:56
*goes right to "Shushu Dimension" update description like "omg omg omg omg omg omg"*

Uh... there will be a bugfixing on Zwombbit dungeon, right?...
everat 17 January 2014 17:08
ZeraKoN|2014-01-17 16:56:44*goes right to "Shushu Dimension" update description like "omg omg omg omg omg omg"*

Uh... there will be a bugfixing on Zwombbit dungeon, right?...

I second that question. Also, when will we receive information on the sidekick leaving combat in the group display bug we've been experiencing for over a month now?
hoornvlies 17 January 2014 17:22
Fix Zwombbit Dungeon.

Not in the february update but ASAP.

You can't have an endgame dungeon completely unplayable for 1 month, let alone 2 months.
dirkuss 17 January 2014 17:36
no craft/drop rates revamp? pretty disappointing.

I guess the xp thing is pretty good.
RaVeN-Fifteen - Member - 17 January 2014 17:44
I actually love this update... The only thing I'm worried about is if the player has to use 2 keys when their MM glitches out & enters a dungeon fight, kicking out another player. Even if that MM isn't even in your group.
ThyHolyOverlord - Member (+) - 17 January 2014 18:01
Please don't make "Elite" equal to "time consuming" sad
Purrr 17 January 2014 18:34
What about the Players from Amara? Will the bonus for secondary characters work if my high level chars are on amara and the lows on Remington?
When will you finally make a serverchange service for the chars? You did it for the test server so dont tell me its not possibel ! Dont let the ppl who want tho change servers down sad