• Costume slot: It will be unlocked for you to retrieve any costume that you may have equipped your Sidekick with. It will not however be possible to equip another costume with this slot. As a reminder, the Sidekicks cannot wear costumes.
  • Combat: A player who has more Sidekicks than available spots in a fight can no longer join.

Ultimate Bosses

  • General: Following the removal of the Ultimate Bosses quests (which allowed to restrict  the access based on  player level) and the redesign of the Xp curve we will implement a new access rule:
    • Excarnus: The character must be level 55 minimum to enter
    • Milkar: The character must be level 65 minimum to enter
    • Black Crow: The character must be level 80 minimum to enter
    • Magmog: The character must be level 90 minimum to enter
    • Dragon Pig: The character must be level 100 minimum to enter


  • Guard quest  "Joining the Ranks": The description will be clarified to explain that you will need to reach 100 Citizenship points or get more points if you are already over 100 Citizenship points.

Wild Estate

  • Environmental quest "The Excarnate": It will now validate correctly.

Chillberg Island

  • Nileza's Vault's chest quest: It will now be interactive.
  • Missiz Freezz:  The edges effects associated with the arrival of Multiman in combat have been  corrected, and the combat against Missiz Freezz can again be done properly.

Wabbit Island

  • Mini-Lenald: Will no longer heal all the fighters when they perform a Critical Hit with the spell Jutsu Wisdom.

Haven Worlds

  • Kwismas Soil: It will now be working correctly.


  • Smithhammer: Given their high drop rate, the drop rate will now be divided by three.

Experience System

Following your feedback on the new experience system, we have identified the cause of what appears to have given you problems:

  • When high level characters were trying to give XP to their lower level characters, the penalty applied to the characters considered  as "mules" was too important to compensate for the time gained fighting against monsters of the same level as the mule. If we tried to compensate for this by increasing the level of monsters, this time it would be the combination of two factors (monster too hard + muling) that  would prevent to obtain a correct experience.
  • Note that this was not visible with a Multiman since his experience at the end of combat depends on the level of its master.
  • The characters below the average level of their team are no longer impacted by any penalty.
  • For example a level 40 character can fight with a level 100, 140 or 200 character without a penalty, only the average level of the monsters will matter.
  • The experience gained by a player at the end of combat will no longer depend on the allies levels, nor the total level of the team or even the total level of the opposing team.
  • We also changed the way the factor decreases on the easier and harder monsters in order to make the  group search a lot easier.