• Respec: Foggernauts and Eniripsas will correctly receive their respect.
  • Animal Guard, Rocky Foot, Deadly Nightspade, etc.: The duration of effects applied on a target that already played its turn will now work correctly.
  • Fusillade: Will now work correctly.

Ultimate Bosses

  • General: It is currently possible to try defeating an Ultimate Boss more than 3 times per week. We are aware of this issue but haven’t found a solution yet. Until then, we implemented a new monitoring system of the ingame logs that should allow us to investigate this issue. Note that the limit of 1 win per week remains active.
  • Dragon Pig: Its invulnerability will no longer trigger at each turn.
  • Magmog: Will no longer need to be cooled at each turn.


  • Nun Chukapi: When talking to Donalangelo, you will now be able to get the key if the quest is not completed, or if the key disappeared before the quest was completed.


  • Kamas: The Kamas stored on each Nation owl has now been added to the corresponding Jonk.
  • Stuck characters: They will now be automatically teleported back to their Phoenix. If they don’t have one of if it is stuck, they will be sent back to their Nation respawn point. If this one is also stuck or if they don’t have a Nation, they will be sent back to their class respawn point.
  • Amakna, Brakmar and Respec instance: Amakna and Brakmar characters leaving the respect instance will now correctly appear in their nation.


  • Wild Estate
    • The old island will be removed for good.
    • Bworkball game: Winning a game with an attack will no longer grant XP and Kamas at the end of the game.
  • Bilbiza: The welcome kiosk will be working again.

Al Howin

  • Howin Heaven's Name...?: Headhunter will now complete correctly.
  • Headless Chafer Skull: Will no longer drop once the quest is completed.
  • Diabolic Al Howin: To resolve issues with this quest, it will be reset and now ask to complete the 4 following achievements: Craft 3 Evil Lollipops, Eat 3 Evil Fishcakes, Kill 5 Al Howin Gobballs and Kill 5 Al Howin Ghouls. Note that this quest is not completely fixed and some of you might still experience issues with it.


  • Rank levels: A member will no longer be able to grant a rank that is equal or higher level than his.


  • Gathering: We are aware of a bug where an ore, plant or tree gathering does not generate an item in your inventory. Unfortunately we were unable to trigger this bug internally. We will keep investigating until a solution can be found.


  • Tofuhouse (Amakna): Its door will no longer be recovered by the Celestial Piwi entrance.
  • Wild Gobball Dungeon: Characters and their Haven Bags that are still in the old Wild Estate will now be teleported to Astrub next time they log in.


  • Bworks: They will now reproduce.


  • Justice League & Whisperer Costumes: The will now be tradable.
  • Quest inventory: It will no longer be possible to store more copies of an item than what the quest requires.


  • Character deletion: Since the update of November 12, it is no longer your secret answer that is asked to delete a character, but the character name instead.
  • Politic chat: Will now be working again.
  • Getting an item: A message will appear in the chat again when an item is acquired.
  • Preview feature: Rings, weapons and belts will display correctly.


  • Installing the game with a folder path containing apostrophe ( ' ) characters will now work correctly.
Comments (296) Comment on the forum...
ThyHolyOverlord - Member (+) - 21 October 2013 15:14
Lovely although im a bit worried about the Almanax thing. I hope it stays accessible for everyone.
Will the villages be replaced with the designs we saw earlier?

Either way its something to look forward to smile 
S48GSII - Member - 21 October 2013 15:58
>>Buildings cost rebalancing: The kama cost will be reduced and the resources cost increased

Nooooo sad(((

Guild hail lvl 2=2 mil kamas+8mil resource.
Mine 2 mil kamas FASTER then 8 mil resource...

Please low resource cost,and kamas...but do not increase resource...
Merriden - Member - 21 October 2013 18:38
Buildings cost rebalancing: The kama cost will be reduced and the resources cost increased.


I don't believe there is a single guild on any server that struggles with the kama cost while swimming in excess resource points.
Kikuihimonji - Member - 21 October 2013 18:45
Cool! Bworks will finally arrive at Wakfu!

I am also happy seeing that you keep changing Foggernaut after he got it's revamp, wich gives me hope that you will do the same for Sadida, once you get time for it.
Niddhoggy - Member - 21 October 2013 19:06
I am in agreement with Kikuihimonji.

Oh, Sadidas need some divine touch too.
GodIsWithUs - Member - 21 October 2013 19:06
Hopefully you add Captain Amakna's Academy to the list happy.
EniWayPossible 21 October 2013 19:07
I read in a QA that the difference in kamas will be refunded when they modify the HW prices. Can we get an update on that?

Edit: Can we also get more Haven World rights, like allow to move a building but not destroy one, etc.
MiniMikeh - Member - 21 October 2013 19:16
This looks very promising! A lot better than what I was expecting wild estate to be when you guys all voted for it.

But this is for november ; _ ; what about al howin??
RaZept 21 October 2013 19:26
can ankama add/fix deposit log in guild bank log too? it only show withdraw atm.
Nox16 - Member - 21 October 2013 19:38
cool shiz