• Due to some of the last changes, it was decided to provide a new complete spell and abilities reset. A new quest will be started automatically as the one that started when you first logged your characters in. All characters will receive it. Note that the countdown has been extended from 10 hours real time to one week real time
  • Summons will now correctly target characters that are under the PvP state
  • All spells with a limitation per targets can no longer be cast without one (Rascalry, Scara Wings, Collision, Light My Fire, Lashing Arrow, Volcano, Bubble, Fecammer, Psykosis Flask, Motion Sickness, Craps)
  • Boohowl now correctly deals damage on a critical hit
  • Animations and visual effects of the fire spells have been fixed
  • Whip no longer deals extra damage to the summons on a critical hit
  • Magpie no longer heals all summons on a critical hit, but only the targeted one
  • Prime of Life no longer alters characters moving ability
  • Burning Arrow now has the correct critical hit damage
  • The Blindness state application chance with the Blinding Bomb on a normal hit was changed (30% instead of 70% at max level)
  • Burning Bomb now applies Burning correctly
  • Boombot now normally hits a 9 cells creature (and no longer 9 times)
  • Bloodthirsty Fury no longer stacks
  • A Sacrier under Clinging to Life can now correctly use the combo Motion Sickness/Assault
  • Life Transfer can no longer be cast under Clinging to Life, the HP loss of the Sacrier takes no resists into account


  • Flaming Carpet: Value of the critical hit has been corrected (33 instead of 30)
  • Feca Staff: Value of the critical hit has been corrected (115 instead of 100)
  • Fecastopheles: Fixed damages of the spell on armors and glyphs
  • Volcano: Fixed damages of the spell on armors and glyphs
  • Sadist Mark: Value of the critical hit has been corrected (67 instead of 70)
  • Invigorating Word: Value of the critical hit has been corrected (67 instead of 61)
  • Renewing Word: Value of the critical hit has been corrected (24 instead of 27)
  • Constitution now takes the PvP HP into account


  • The quest “Super Kano Smash Boulz” in the Kanojedo will now complete correctly
  • The “Super Merry-o Brewers” quest one week cooldown can no longer be bypassed
  • [Moowolf] Players will now correctly loot the Bell in the Moowolf quest
  • [Moowolf] Players not owning the Bell will no longer receive the dialogue as if they did when talking to Georgiana Marni in the Moowolf quest
  • [Moowolf] All players will now complete the last quest when Moowolf is killed, and not only the one who dealt the last hit
  • Players will no longer receive quest chat messages that don’t concern them
  • The timer will no longer show up on the window of the “Restate of Emergency” quest, once this one is completed
  • Players won’t get a message saying that they started a quest when completing it


  • The Dhreller Gray XIII no longer stays stuck on the 5th step of his journey in the Mount Zinit Chapter 2
  • Eniripsas of Destiny now correctly heal their allies
  • Fixed the animations of the “Were-“ summons of the Moowolf


  • Players will no longer loose the key if they don’t join the fight againt the Gobbalrog
  • The Invisible item purchasable for 25 bronze tokens in the Consumables Machine has been removed
  • Using the rudder in the Black Crow quest will no longer trigger a dialogue for all the gemlins around
  • The Key to the Reserve was available twice in the Consumables Machine. The one costing 5 silver token was removed
  • It will no longer be possible to loot quest items for the UB quests with the Pouch


  • The level of the Gobbalrog craft recipes was changed from 105 to 100
  • Recipe of the Emerald Ikiakit was changed to make it easier to craft


  • Guild Leaders now have all the rights, including kama withdrawal


  • Fixed the quality of the videos on the login screen
  • States De Darm and Prisoner are now correctly applied when a player changes server