1. World

  • Kama Minting Machines have been disabled on all game servers. Although this feature is appealing, it is exploited too much by ill-intentioned people, which meant we had to monitor it closely and prevented us from focusing on other aspects of the game. The achievements linked to this mechanic will be modified later.
  • Closing the game client during a teleportation transition (black screen) no longer causes an "infinite loop".

2. Miscellaneous

  • Access to the Ogrest FR 1 and Ogrest FR 2 servers is no longer restricted to accounts with early access.
  • Logs have been added to identify the issue preventing a small percentage of players from logging in to a server (maximum number of IP addresses reached).
  • Java version updated to correct certain situations where the game was closing for no apparent reason.

3. Moderation

  • Automatic message moderation has been implemented in certain chat channels.