1. Combat

  • Finishers properly play at the end of combat.

2. Classes


  • A glyph is shown to mark the position of Raining Arrows.


  • The Tremblor state is no longer limited to 500 levels.


  • Damage suffered through Bloodthirsty Punishment at end of turn or when it is disabled is no longer considered to be a Flame Return.
  • Flame Returns suffered because of the Wakfu Pact and Burning passives ignore Armor, the barrier, and Block, like the others.


  • The Cog inflicts appropriate damage based on the caster's level.
  • Symmetrically switching places works properly.

3. Monsters

  • Ysorpel no longer summons two cupboards when she dies from indirect damage during her turn.
  • Enca can apply a Vital Link to the same target two turns in a row.
  • When a Miss Ugly suffers melee damage, Ydalipe properly switches places with her if the conditions are met.
  • Damage inflicted by the Misses Ugly is properly localized.
  • Ereboria archmonsters' items can be obtained from Stasis 3 with Sire Flexington (along with the corresponding archmonsters).

4. Items

  • The recipe for the Vital Strength II sublimation is available.
  • The recipe for the Paradoxical Influence II sublimation requires boss resources rather than a quest resource.

5. World

  • Crossing the bridge in the "Goomy's Family's Gone II" quest works properly.
  • The Miss Ugly Tower dungeon is restricted to groups of three players.
  • During the Misses Ugly end-of-combat cutscene, dialogue lasts longer.
  • Activating a stele in the Miss Ugly Tower dungeon gives a single level of the Prospecting and Wisdom Bonus state instead of four.